Jennifer Garner and Violet at Brentwood farmer's market on Sunday

02/03/2008 at 11:25 PM ET

Actress Jennifer Garner, 35, takes her daughter Violet Anne, 2, to the farmer’s market in Brentwood on Sunday. Jennifer entertained Violet with a dollar bill, snacks and by tickling her throughout their afternoon. Dad is actor Ben Affleck, 35.


Photos by Flynet.

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Violet_affleck_mr_fp_196071cbb Violet_affleck_mr_fp_196072cbb Violet_affleck_mr_fp_196087cbb Violet_affleck_mr_fp_196092cbb_2

GeckoViolet rides in a Bugaboo Gecko in black ($679).

Juicyquiltedbomber_2 Violet is wearing Juicy Couture’s Quilted Bomber Jacket in cognac ($245).


Violet is wearing Ecco Kids Jack Adventure in Espresso/Espresso ($76).

In her hair is a Clip Fairy strawberry barrette ($4).

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kendrajoi on

Ha ha she’s in a stroller! And as cute as ever!

fallon on

Their both so cute, and always happy looking

MMM on

Is the Bugaboo hard to push one-handed? It looks like Jen is struggling in some of the pictures (I know she has a bag in one hand). Her wrist looks like mine does when I push my Zooper, which pushes terribly. I am asking because I am on my 3rd stroller and can’t find one that pushes easy. Any suggestions???

Mandy on

Violet is adorable! She has just about outgrown her Bugaboo!!!!

Megan on

Oh goodness…look at that grin…I love this family. I love the little tickling and Violet giggling, that is just too cute. And her carrying the flowers that are almost bigger than her…haha and the dollar bill…this little girl is just too cute and you can tell with every single picture we see of her with her parents, they simply adore her–the whispers and the tickles and just the LOVE you see with the three of them…::sigh:: adore them…

Stefanie on

She is really too big for a Bugaboo by now. I heard they are pretty small. The pics are cute and show true love.

Kristin on

Adorable as usual……I just love my Gecko!!

sharon on

they are just too cute together 🙂

malibustacey on

MMM; I often need to push my Bugaboo one-handed, whilst holding my three year old’s hand. I find it really easy, much easier than any previous buggies I’ve had (I also have a six year old so had the same issue last time around!)
My daughter is aged 1 and weighs 20lb and it’s no problem at all. This is one of the things I love best about the Bugaboo!
Hope this helps!

charsmom on

MMM – we have a Phil & Teds stroller that is AWESOME! It pushes so easily, has an attachment that turns in into a double stroller, has a large basket underneath for storage, colapses nicely … so many great features! I would serioulsly recommend “test-driving” one if you get the chance!

I love how Jennifer is such a normal mom … if I didn’t know who she was she looks like any other non-celebrity mom in her jeans and parka shopping at the market. LOVE HER!!!

Jen on

MM I had the gecko and didn’t find it that easy to push one handed. The Mountain buggy is a breeze, I can walk the dog and push one handed no problem. HTH

malibustacey on

Hi again, I should have said, ours is a Cameleon! Sounds like the Gecko not quite as easy, Jen.
I also have a Quinny Zapp and it’s not at all easy to push one handed even though it’s much lighter than the Bugaboo.

k on

I have the Bugaboo Cameleon and it is wonderful! So easy to push – with one or both hands

Patricia on

MMM, I also go grocery shopping with my baby and the Graco stroller is very light and easy to push while I’m carrying the bags, I love it!

CBB, thank you for posting more pics of Jennifer and Violet. They are so adorable. Jennifer always looks so “normal”, so down-to-earth. I love the fact that Violet wears the same shoes all the time until she outgrows them.

Jasmine on

Jennifer Garner is one of my favoirte celeb moms. She has so much fun with Violet you can see how much she enjoys being a mom and how happy Violet is.

Amy on

How many times do we need to see Jennifer Garner at the farmer’s market and grocery store? It seems like every single day there is another picture of them. How about only posting it if there is a real story about them?

Colette on

I don’t often post on Violet topics at the risk of sounding like a parrot but I just have to – this family are beautiful.

I saw Juno recently at the scene at the mall where Jen is playing with her friend’s little girl made me think of her with Violet and it was just beautiful. Perhaps my highlight of such an incredible film.

I love that jacket Jen always wears, it’s so normal!

Luciana on

Princess Vi is getting cuter everyday…
I love Jen & Violet together.. it looks like they’re always having a great time..

Allie on

i’ve seen in several pictures of violet recently that her teeth look messed up. they look kinda of buck toothed. am i the only one that has noticed this? i’m not saying that it’s taking away from her beauty, because she is a GORGEOUS child. i’m surprised that people haven’t started an uproar because she still uses a pacifier (since every thing every other parent does is wrong). and if they want to continue to give her a paci, more power to them!! i’m just wondering if her pacifier use could (i know it could be hereditary) be causing it? and if it is, when her baby teeth fall out, will they grow in normal? or will she have to have braces when she is older?

Kristin on

I love my Gecko. I use it one-handed everyday walking my daughter and Boston Terrier. I never have a problem. It’s so light and sturdy!

Rachel on

Awww, she is such a doll. On the Bugaboo… I always thought that was supposed to be a nice, roomy stroller for kids. I mean at that price a child should be able to ride in it for a long time! The weight limit on our $150 Graco is 50lbs and my 3-year old godson has way more room than that. Seems a real waste.

Allie on

i asked a legit question. i don’t understand why it didn’t get posted?! i seriously wanted to know the answer. sorry if you thought it was meant to stir up trouble (even though i’ve been on this board for the past 5 years, and have seen people post SNARKY pot-stirring comments, and you guys allowing it by approving their posts). but whatever, thanks for your time. 🙂

Rosy J on

Thanks CBB for the latest pics of my favorite mom an daughter two. Violet is such a blessing for her parents. It is evident in all those photos. Love them.

legemc on

Poor Jen, looks like she got soaked in the rain.

PSB on

Violet gets more gorgeous every day.

FWIW – I have a bugaboo frog and it’s really easy to push one-handed.

tamara on

MMM I have a BOB and it’s unbelievable, it pushes like a dream.


I think they look just alike she is just sooooooo cute. IM a huge fan of jennifer garners i love all the movies she plays in