Tyra Banks showers Jessica Alba on her show

02/01/2008 at 12:32 PM ET

On today’s Tyra, Tyra Banks surprised mom-to-be Jessica Alba with a baby shower. Grand Avenue Baby and MomLogic organized the gifts including a Valco Baby Stroller, Cariboo Classic Bassinet, Bel Bambini toys andclothing, Stride Rite shoes, Svan Bouncer, Timi and Leslie diaper bags,and more.

Tyra also spoke to Jessica about her new film, The Eye, her fiancé Cash Warren and impending motherhood –- including her new sensitivity to smell, whether she will find out the gender of the baby and how her body is changing especially her “new boobs.”

Of the surprise and the gifts, Jessica said, 

This is the best stuff.  This is what I have been going online and saying, ‘I want this and that and this’…exactly!!

CBB Reader Taylor told us that Jessica told Tyra that they do not know the sex of the baby, however, this episode was pre-taped — Cash and Jessica did find out the sex after the taping, as she confirmed to David Letterman on Monday. Also, she told Tyra that the baby will have a little bit of everything because Cash’s dad is African-American, his mom is white; Jessica’s father is Mexican and her mother is white. She also wears pregnancy Spanx.

To see what Jessica received, click Continue Reading.

Photo courtesy: Warner Bros./Michael Loccisano

Gifts Jessica received include:

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AStar on

this was pretty thoughtful of Tyra! It seems Jess got some REAL great stuff!

ItsMe on

I’ll never understand why celebs get so much free stuff when they make so much money. I mean, if Tyra had just given Jessica a stroller I wouldn’t have said anything. But look at all that stuff. Maybe Tyra will give free stuff away to pregnant women in need?? or a woman’s shelter?

Alana on

The Timi and Leslie link is missing the last “i” in “Timi,” so it leads to the sale of Corvette instead of the company. This comment doesn’t need posted, just wanted to let you know if no one else had.

Bek on

I’m sorry but she wears spanx? Why? She is so tiny to begin with. I seriously think she does have body issues and tries to play it up that it is the media who fabricates the stories.

Lo929 on

Yeah – I agree with Itsme – the rich just keep gettin’ richer! It’s not fair at all for all of the pregnant women who don’t have a lot of money – Tyra should’ve given stuff to them! It actually makes me sick!

cv on

I SO agree with you, ItsMe. Makes me cringe, when these very wealthy and financially capable stars are given everything under the sun, and so many women/babies/families go without. Argh!

MB on

What is spanx? I’ve been wondering that for awhile. Also, maybe Jessica will donate many of the items? I believe Nicole Richie did that, to kick start her foundation, and I think other celebs have done that too. And yes, sometimes I think wow celebrities sure get a ton of stuff, but I guess if you are rich and have rich friends, they are going to give you nice things.

meeshell on

yeah, she needs to donate it to charity. just a crib or just a stroller would have been one thing, but all of that loot for one already wealthy woman is ridiculous. and to glorify it on television? tyra is such an oprah wannabe.

Natalie on

yeah i saw it this morning, Jess is so cute!!

but i disagree with ItsMe, i think it was really thoughtful of Tyra to give Jess all these things. I mean yeah she’s rich but that doesn’t mean shes not worthy of getting free gifts. I’m sure she will put all these wonderful things into good use… rather she keeps it or not.

oh and Spanx are amazing, can’t live without them lol the purpose is basically to suck your tummy in. I’m just as skinny as Jess and i still wear them, i don’t necessarily think it’s a body issue thing… it does give support… i actually prefer it when it’s that time of the month, cuz i don’t get as many cramps when i’m wearing it. There could be alot of reasons why Jess loves spanx…

MB on

where does one go to buy spanx? do they cover just your stomach or are they like a unitard sort of thing?

rachel on

I wonder if Tyra/her show actually purchased the gifts or if the individual companies donated them in order to benefit from some free advertising. Either way, it does some rather ironic that those who can most afford to buy these things for themselves get all the freebies.

Natalie on

MB, I think if you go to any store that sells bras and stuff, you should be able to find them. I even got a pair at Walmart i believe.

and they come in different looks, you can get ones that look like shorts, they cover most of your thighs as well, or you can actually get ones that look like tights. there’s alot of different shapes that they come in, thats why i love them lol

they even have pregnancies ones as well, Jess actually talked about it on the show, they give you more of a shape but the tummy area is a bit more loose so you’re not pressing on the baby.

Elyse on

You can go to spanx.com and buy all their products. They have just about any body shaper you could ever need. 😉

Lisa on

I’m glad that many of you said what I was thinking. Why don’t the companies and Tyra donate to women who need these items? Yes, it is very nice that they give away their products to the famous people so that “regular” people can see the famous people using them and then go and buy them but there are people out there who need help too.

Renee on

Why get upset at Jessica for something Tyra did? Most celebrities did not wake up rich. They worked just as hard as anyone else to get money. Should rich people also refuse other gifts too like at Christmas or birthday ones as well? I think it was a nice gesture by Tyra.

Sarita on

I don’t think Tyra gave these presents to Jessica, it’s the companies that give them.
I don’t agree with it either.

Lisa on

It is incredibly nice to give her all of those wonderful baby things, but it is a little over the top. It’s just for ratings though..ridiculous.

Liz on

Jessica Alba may donate the items or give them to friends. Don’t assume that just because you are rich that you are greedy. My friend is pregnant and wealthy–I’m talking about the top 1-2% of the population–and I give her gifts and plan to give her a shower with a registry. She also gives me lots of things for my baby and gives lots of money to charity! Don’t make assumptions!

Fallon on

Yea I found it weird someone as thin as jessica wears spanz in general, she probably just wears it now because she is pregnant. She was super tiny before the pregnancy, and didn’t need it lol. As for the gifts, I don’t care they were presents giving to her for her first baby. May she enjoy it, there are some nice stuff she got. Ellen gives a lot of baby stuff on her show too celebrities too.

CelebBabyLover on

Natalie and Renee- ITA! Are those of you who are saying you don’t think Tyra (or the companies) should have given Jessica the gifts trying to say that celebs shouldn’t ever recieve gifts just because they’re rich?

Celebs deserve gifts just as much as us “regular” people do! And like Natalie, Renee, and some of the other commentors have pointed out, Jessica may give some, or all, of her gifts to charity, or at least to friends and/or family. Also, for all we know, Tyra or the companies that make the gifts Jessica recieved (since we don’t know for sure if it was Tyra or the companies that actually gave Jessica the gifts) also donated some money and/or products to charity as well.

Gia on

It makes me cringe seeing her get all that stuff.

Tyra could have instead given Jessica just one of the gifts and then to celebrate her pregnancy give away other baby gifts to pregnant women in the audience. All who would probably be in much greater need of them.

kimberley on

yes celebbabylover they derserve gifts too, but how about ONE suprise present and maybe a donation to a childrens charity in her or even the impending babies name? not everything has to be material and its a way of giving back to the people that helped make her fortune in the first place (watching films, buying merchindise ect)…..surely she will want to pick out her own taste of furniture, pram for her firstborn anyway.

Steph on

Yeah, I don’t agree with Tyra on this one. Yeah, she’s still a pregnant woman and everyone deserves free stuff but we’re talking about over 20 different baby items for a woman who has done multiple movies this year!

A better way to have done this (and even for the companies to get their name out there) is to have had a show about woman who actually NEED that stuff. Woman who can’t buy their babies activity gyms and leather diaper bags because they’re focused on keeping food on the table every night. Woman who are going to work until they give birth and then be back at work ASAP because their work doesn’t have a good maternity leave plan. There are many, many woman like that out in the world. Heck, stop by a pregnancy center and you’ll find dozens.

I just think Tyra could have used her celebrity in a better way.

I’m not bashing Jessica about this at all because I don’t know what she’s going to do with the baby stuff and it really isn’t polite to tell Tyra “No” to all this nice stuff. It was thoughtful of Tyra but unnecessary, in my opinion.

magenta on

I think this is a wondeful gesture from one friend to another. Tyra and Jessica work hard for their money. They don’t have to give anything away to charity. I hope Jessica and her new baby enjoy those gifts as much as possible. It’s not Tyra’s or Jessica’s responsibility to support pregnant-women-in-need. While stuff happens, if you know you can’t afford a baby and get pregnant anyway you should not be looking for a handout from celebrities just because “they have so much”.

Taylor on

I agree with Magenta. You can’t get mad about one person being nice to another person. This was just one friend giving the other friend some baby gifts to welcome their first child into the world. Just b/c they have money doesn’t mean that their friends can’t give them gifts. Gracious!!! Besides, how do you even know what Tyra or Jessica donates to charity??? Maybe she will donate the gifts, or maybe either or both of them donate a lot of money to charity already — maybe they do it under the radar to avoid having self-righteous ppl make statements about them and then say they’re not giving enough or could be giving more. You never know the whole story, so you shouldn’t judge. Just let her be happy in celebrating her first pregnancy and enjoying this happy occassion.

terri on

I didn’t know about Cash’s ancestry. Well this child will definitely have a vey rich and diverse background – and a beautiful mother!

Sarah on

Sorry if this offends but I fully agree with Tyra for giving her gifts, and on the fact of whether she deserves them or not…why not? she has worked hard for her money and I’m sure both Tyra and Jessica have done thier bit for charities etc over time.

I agree there are women out there who NEED this stuff more but whos to say if they deserve it more or not? I think Jessica should enjoy the gifts and not worry about what other people think.