Jessica Alba on cravings, changes, and the celebrity baby boom

02/01/2008 at 10:27 PM ET

Jessicalba00099_cbb_2Jessica Alba has a good thing going. Her personal life is on the right track — she’s engaged to Yale grad Cash Warren (Oui, he’s fluent in French too!) and expecting their first child in May/June. At the same time, her career continues to rise as she promotes her latest film, The Eye, one of many she’s had out this year. The 26-year-old actress sat down with People this week to delve into her pregnancy in-depth.

Click below for the highlights, including finding out she was pregnant, her cravings, changes in her body, feelings about being part of the latest baby boom, and more.

On finding out she was pregnant:

I found out I was pregnant in September. I was shocked! [laughs] It wasbizarre and amazing. Cash was shocked too. It was a total surprise. Itwasn’t what we were thinking about, it just happened. We thought,’Okay, let’s do it!’ We were both really happy. But it was jarring atfirst, because we knew the rest of our lives would be different now.

Cash, 30, adds,

We’re about to embark on the biggest journey of our lives, and I can’t wait.

On her body’s first changes:

Withintwo weeks of finding out I was pregnant, I went from a 32B to a34D. I was like, ‘Wow, where did these come from?’ It was instant. Itwas great, but it was shocking.

It’s more like something is taking overmy body. You can’t believe you have something inside of you that’sgrowing. It’s the most incredible thing in the world, and at the sametime, it’s very emotional and bizarre.

[After suffering from all-day sickness in the first trimester,] I’m finally enjoying being pregnant.

On her belly:

I’m finally showing! I can’twait to have a really big belly. It doesn’t feel weird, it feelsnormal. Gaining weight is natural and it’s what’s needed for the baby.

Cash talks to the belly! But I feel far away, so I just put myhand on it and that’s how we connect. [I’ve felt flutters, but no kicksyet.] I’m excited to meet this baby. I think it’sgoing to be the best thing in the world. We feel super-blessed.

On a brief break in their 4-year relationship over the summer:

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. It was private.

Cash remarks,

The bumps have given us the confidence to take this challenge on.

On her pregnancy workouts and eating habits:

I do everything completely differently. Now I just do walking and stretching, treadmill,stationary bike, yoga, or Pilates instead of running and weights. I don’t have the staminaanymore. But exercise keeps me grounded and makes me feel both healthyand happy. And it’s supposed to make giving birth easier. Anything thatmakes that easier, I’m all for it!

I’m also eating every 4 hours. Before I gotpregnant, I wouldn’t be hungry to eat that much. Now, if I don’t eatanything, I get tired and cranky. It’s like, there’s somebody here whoneeds food! My body isn’t mine anymore, and I’m okay with that.

On cravings:

Lemonade. I drank a lot ofcoffee, so I’ve replaced it with lemonade. Everything smelled sostrong. I had to cut out meat and cheese, but I really craved lemons.

On being a part of the latest celebrity baby boom:

You go through life, getting engaged, having a baby, and you never think it’s going to be something your friends read about!

Jessica and Cash expect their baby in May or June. They know the sex, but are not sharing.


Source: People, February 11th issue, p. 58-62;  Us Weekly, February 11th issue, p. 84.

Photo by Andrew MacPherson.

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Natalie on

wow, the bump looks alot bigger in that pic! it’s so cute!

i’m so happy for her and Cash!! they’ll make amazing parents! 🙂

tan on

I really love her as an actress.I really am happy for her and Cash and I’m glad she’s starting to open up about how she feels about her life changing. I think it calms everything down when you’re a little open or else you have a frenzy like what Jlo is going through.

Fallon on

She has popped out. I think she will give birth in may, and it will be a boy.

kim on

Finally a baby bump!!!

Jen on

She looks great! 😀

c on

I think she’ll have a girl in June. She is glowing in that picture.

Kendra on

I think she is due in the end of May or maybe the first week of June. I mean if she found out she was pregnant in September the due date can’t be further along than June 7th. Right?

Sanja on

I always find it funny how many people having sex are shocked when they get pregnant. Must not have been listening in biology classes, lol.

tink1217 on

I “heard” they were spotted at Petit Tresor buying “boy” things so I guess we’ll see. Maybe she is trying to throw off the media! I think girl too, but who knows! She looks amazing!

Lola-Bella on

I think she will have a girl in may.

Amy on

I’m betting the baby is due in May. She said they found out in September. I’m expecting June 13th and I didnt find out until October (a week before my missed period). Her belly has really appeared 🙂

MB on

I’m thinking it’ll be a boy for some reason. As for giving up meat and cheese, is that something doctors suggest, or just some things that seemed to make her ill so she stopped eating them?

Sarah’s note: In the first trimester, the smell was making her nauseous, so she had to give them up for a bit, but now that she’s in the second trimester she’s fine.

Pam on

She looks great. The boob thing happened really quickly with me too. That’s how everyone knew, actually, because I jumped from a large A to a small C. When I finally told people at 11 weeks, they were like, ‘ Duh, you either got implants or are pregnant!’ 😉

Ann on

I’m guessing a May due date as well, since I’m due in May and I found out in September as well. But I’m a bit thrown off by her not feeling the baby kick yet? I started feeling real kicks quite a few weeks ago. She looks to be about as big as I am.

J.M. on

I am going with end of May baby girl.

Cait on

Tink, I heard the same thing. Jess and Cash were spotted buying an “I’m a boy” onesie and supposedly they bought the nursery furniture in an all blue theme. I’m going to guess boy sometime in May.

Pam on

But we saw photos of them crib shopping at The Little Seed, too. I take everything from Petit Tresor with a huge grain of salt, they’ve been known to lie and put out press releases in an attempt to draw attention to themselves.

Steph on

She looks so great. I love how open and honest she is about her pregnancy and how open she is to the changes her body’s going to go through. I really love Jessica Alba and was excited when I heard she was pregnant. I can’t wait to see what she has!

tink1217 on

Pam, that is exactly what I was thinking too…about Petit Tresor. I am actually hoping she has a girl!

Allie on

I think it is great.. that she is Pregnant.. and right at the same time I am.. Im due in June.. with my first kid. Hopefully it all goes well …

Doreen on

I too just find it SO odd that these celebs ‘just so happen’ to get pregnant and are shocked! LOL I mean duh what DID you THINK was going to happen with unprotected sex?! 🙂

andrea on

when i was pregnant, i thought that it was the greatest thing in the world except for the sickness right up to 4 hours before i had him. i found out that i was pregnant in early october and had my son 10 days late on june 20th, 2007. but i have to agree with a few people. not feeling the baby kick at this stage of pregnancy is kinda odd. i felt my son when i was about 4 1/2 months along. but i dont know for sure cause i do know that all of them are different. but what my predictions are: last 2 weeks of may, and that she is going to have a little boy. she looks like i did when i was about 5 months along.

FC on

I read the entire interview straight out of the magazine earlier today. I thought Cash talking to Jessica’s belly was so cute. I wonder if he throws in a little French here and there too? The thought of him doing that is even cuter–sexy even. 😉

First time I’ve seen her with her newly grown out bump! Those dresses sure do some nice camouflaging of her new figure. But she looks cute with her baby bump! 🙂

ThBoogeqq on

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freinds mom to lick my balls ?

like you can get nigh up with here milf ?


Any spoon out where should i go ? Any website you can vouch for ?

Allison on

I think she is due in the end of May or maybe the first week of June. I mean if she found out she was pregnant in September the due date can’t be further along than June 7th. Right?

Kendra, it’s funny that you said that, Jessica’s baby Honor arrived exactly on June 7!

emily on

i cant belive jess still is the best looking clebe even when shes pregnent