Michelle Williams releases statement: 'My heart is broken'

02/01/2008 at 01:56 PM ET

Actress Michelle Williams, 27, has released a deeply personal statement in regards to the death of her former fiancé and father of daughter Matilda Rose, 2, actor Heath Ledger.

Heath, 28, passed awaylast Tuesday the 22nd of an accidental overdose of anxiety medications, sleep aids, and a pain pill that were prescribed to him. In a statementthrough Heath’s rep, Michelle — though normally intensely private –shares,

Please respect our need to grieve privately. My heart is broken.I am the mother of the most tender-hearted, high-spirited, beautifullittle girl who is the spitting image of her father.

All that I cancling to is his presence inside her that reveals itself every day. Hisfamily and I watch Matilda as she whispers to trees, hugs animals, andtakes steps two at a time and we know that he is with us still.

Shewill be brought up with the best memories of him.

Yesterday, Mara Buxbaum, Heath’s publicist, released her own statement, begging the media to stop speculating.

Certain media outlets’ attempts to exploit and profit from his death is shameful and in the poorest of taste. We implore the media and the public to let this grieving family bury their son in private and with dignity.

Much of the tabloid reporting is inaccurate. This fabricated story ofMichelle Williams attempting to bring Heath Ledger to rehab is just onelie among many.

The speculation is heinous. Let this family grieveprivately.

Thefamily is currently in Australia, where a funeral for the actor isplanned for later this week. For a look back at Heath as a father,please refer here.

Source: Reuters


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Melissa on

I feel so bad for her. Everyone should just leave her alone. It must be hard for her that Matilda looks exactly like Heath but i am sure in the future it will bring everyone happiness when they look at her.

cv on

Bless your heart, Michelle, and bless Heath’s family. So so sad…I still wish we could turn back time and things would have been different. I’ve been watching all of Heath’s movies…he was incredible. But more incredible is looking at pictures of him with his daughter, and with Michelle, and what a beautiful family they were, and the obvious love between them all. Godspeed, Heath, and God Bless You Michelle and Matilda. She is a beautiful tribute to Heath and a wonderful part of his legacy.

Karen on

Wow, such a beautiful statement. I really wish the media would follow that first sentence. The poor man is dead, his families hearts are broken, and all they do is drag his name through the mud based on rumors. Thanks CBB for respecting his family and remembering him the way he should be remembered.

tink1217 on

Ugh, so gut wrenching. I just ache for Michelle and Matilda. That little girl is the picture of her father. I hope she does somehow remember her daddy. I am sure everyone will make sure she has memories of him if only in pictures.

Mimi on

My heart breaks for Michelle and Matilda. I keep thinking of that sweet little girl on her father’s shoulders, and I just want to crumble. It sounds like the family is taking strength from little Matilda right now, and I think that’s amazing. I hope they continue to seek strength in her, and her in them, as she grows. Heath has left a beautiful legacy for them all.

Melanie F. on

Wow how beautiful and heartbreaking. I pray that the media will respect the families wishes also.

MJ on

My heart bleeds for Michelle and for Heath’s family. Matilda is at an age where she doesn’t understand what is happening, just that everything in her world is different. The best thing for Michelle to do is look at Matilda the same way that she did before Heath’s death. That way Matilda will never be saddled as “a replacement of her father” or “a way to keep him alive”. Let her know how amazing her father was and what they did together (because she won’t remember). But she is probably having a hard time. Children sense the emotions of those around them, and her world changed in a second. Let Matilda be Matilda and in time she will show traits of her father, as all children do, recognize those, tell her that they are similar to her father’s and that he left her with something, but never see her as Heath’s daughter, just as herself.

Harley on

My heart aches for his family, especially for his daughter. The clan has been left with such a wonderful gift of Heath’s life that will continue to flourish in this world. Matilda will always be able to see just how much her father loved her. Whatever the circumstances of anyone’s passing, it doesn’t make it any less heart-wrenching. Cry your eyes out as much as you want and let no one tell you that you will get over it…you only get through the loss, never over. I pray for peace of mind and strength for the family.

emily on

This is just heartbreaking. However, there is some comfort in the idea that he will live on through little Matilda. I think it is so important that Michelle emphasized that she will be brought up with the best memories of him, especially with all these terrible rumors (drugs, etc) circulating.

Lisa on

It’s just heartbreaking how personal Michelle’s statement is. Such lovely words about her daughter. I do hope media does stop hounding them and causing such terrible news about Heath. When Matilda is old enough to read these reports could be even more devastating for her.

Alison on

What a touching statement…it brought tears to my eyes. I’m still shocked about this all, and when I see pictures of Heath, I feel like he’s here, and it kind of stuns me when I realize he’s not. It’s surreal and sad and I can’t seem to find the words. 😦

Natalie S. on

After reading Michelle’s statement, i’m so touched and my eyes were filling up with tears. My heart goes out to the Ledger family and especially to Michelle & Matilda. I felt like bursting out in tears when I read what Michelle said, that she (Matilda) hugs trees and hugs animals, and that he’s still with them ~ I believe it! God bless them all.

Megan on

Reading this just makes my heart absolutely break…my thoughts, prayers and heart go out to Michelle and that beautiful little girl who is definitely daddy’s little girl. I cannot even imagine what this pain is like–ESPECIALLY in the middle of the freakin tabloids posting everything that comes out of their mouth…

And her statement–you see and feel how much she was absolutely in love with Heath–and still to this day…and that poor little girl–how lucky to have a mother who will do everything she needs to do to bring her daughter up in the right way…Heath would be proud and is no doubt smiling down on them from heaven…may god bless that little girl and her mother and keep them safe and help them heal…and PLEASE may the media leave them alone…they’ve been through enough–LET THEM GRIEVE…

God bless Michelle and Matilda

Callen +3 on

That was a very beautiful statement. I completely respect the fact that after their break-up. They still had respect for each other and did everything to keep their personal life out of the media. Growing up Matilda will be able to see that her parents tried to have a positive relationship, they were completely unselfish when it came to their daughter. And I think its sad that during a terrible time people still find ways to disrespect those who have passed and their family. My prayers are with Heath’s family.

uggamugga.blogspot.com on

I, probably like most people, cried when reading her statement. You can tell it is so sincere, and I can just picture little Matilda sharing her secrets with the trees. I pray this family has strength to get through each day and eventually takes comfort in their lovely memories of Heath. My prayers continue to be with them!

erica alayne on

Her statement was so beautiful, and straight from the heart. I can’t even fathom what she must be going through right now, and how much it is taking for her to stay strong for her little girl.

I know that they had been broken up, but I just always got the feeling that despite not being together, they still loved each other very much. They shared a daughter, and a lot of history. That just doesn’t get erased. I can’t help but wonder if their story together would have truly been over, if Heath wouldn’t have passed.

It’s still just so shocking and sad.

FC on

I just hope her she, her family, and Heath’s can find peace. I can only imagine how she feels trying to deal with Heath’s passing and trying to grieve while having the media tearing into your life. It’s bad enough when it’s a private matter not under some microscopic lens of the media.

Bless the entire family.

daphneesmith on

Oh my God that’s a beautiful and heart-wrenching statement. How he is in Matilda’s actions everyday…wow. I hope the media will have the decency to leave Michelle, Matilda, and their families alone to let them grieve this great loss. That little girl has a very handsome, talented, and loving angel watching over her.

Crystal on

This almost made me cry, its so sad. That was a beautiful statement.

Kristen on

So sad that Michelle has to release a statement like that because of the constent media/papparazzi. It is however a beautiful statement. My heart goes out to all of them.

J.M. on

I was wondering if she was going to release a statement and I’m surprised she did so soon. My heart still breaks when I think about Heath and the fact that he’s not here. I wish Matilda, Michelle and their families the best and I hope Michelle is brought some comfort when she looks into her daughters eyes to know that she got the best part of Heath right there in that child!

Ericka on

wow that was so sad and truly touching. I wish their family nothing but the best and I hope they can grieve in peace.

kate on

There are no words to express how Michelles statement has touched me.

God bless her and Matilda.


rhian on

How heart wrenching but such a beautiful statement. God bless little matilda who is so obviously getting her mum and the whole family through the most difficult time in their lives.

Katie on

I got a lump in my throat just reading this. My heart breaks for Michelle and Matilda… Michelle expressed her grief and sorrow so beautifully and I just pray that their families can continue to heal during this extremely difficult time. It is beautiful to see how much love she still has for Heath, and I know he will continue to live on through Matilda. God Bless.

Kelly on

On the contrary, I think that Matilda’s strong resemblance to Heath will make it easier for them. It keeps him alive in her. They still see him in her. Two years ago, one of the most amazing men I have ever known was killed suddenly in a car accident. He had married his wife two years earlier after being together about 5 years prior to marriage. Apparently, 2 months before his death, he expressed interest in the fact that he wanted to try having children. She wasn’t ready. As I said, he died two months later. At his funeral, she expressed her intense sorrow and regret that she hadn’t been ready at the time he asked her to have a baby because she now wished and prayed that they had a baby whom he could live on through. When someone dies, the suffocating absence of the deceased and the silence that remains is deafening. Having a child keeps a part of him with you always.

Sam on

Wow. I almost never comment on here, but after reading this, I felt I had to.

That was honestly so beautiful, Michelle put it so eloquently and you just get this picture of little Matilda whispering to trees and hugging animals. It’s so cute that it’s these types of things that liken her to Heath, you really get the sense of him as a terrificly great guy (which, according to all those who knew him, he really was), and you really wished you knew him, too. It’s heartbreaking that Michelle has lost this man that she obviously still had great love for, and Matilda won’t get a chance to grow up with her dad.

I hope the media will keep their distance and get it through their thick skulls to leave this poor family alone to grieve and honor in their way this man whom they loved so dearly. Honestly, the press can be so ridiculous sometimes, it’s disgusting and disheartening.

Bless Michelle, Matilda, Jake, and all the rest of Heath’s family and friends.

Jessica on

absolutely touching yet heartbreaking.

Michele on

That is the saddest thing I have ever read. It is so easy as a “regular” person to get caught up in the media attention these celebs bring. You forget he was a real person to real people. A brother, father and a friend. I wish the best for that little girl, Matilda, and I can only hope that the media will not see dollar signs with this story. I hope they see that little girls face when they decide what garbage to run on their shows.

Lesley on

What a beautiful heartfelt statement from Michelle. I hope that everyone bears in mind that what they say and print about Heath Ledger may be read by his daughter someday. I really respected the father that Heath seemed to be. He never seemed hesitant to express his adoration of his daughter. I feel so badly that she has lost him.

Elizabeth on

This may sound crass, but how can her heart be broken when they were over as a couple for quite a while? IT doesn’t make sense.

Elizabeth on

That is an honest and eloquent statement and I hope that the media respects their privacy as Michelle has requested, especially since she has divulged so much. Hopefully the media will see that she has given them their story with this statement and will leave them be.
God bless Michelle and Matilda.
Rest in peace, Heath.

Jen on

It’s just disgusting how someone started rumors and Heath and Michelle and how they battled his “drug addiction”. What’s even more sad is how people will pass this news on without even paying attention to if it’s true or not.

Michelle is now to the point of pleading people to leave her and her families alone with the mourning. It’s very sad that it had to come to that. 😦

Caroline on

Awww…what a beautiful statement it breaks my heart.”His family and I watch Matilda as she whispers to trees, hugs animals, and takes steps two at a time and we know that he is with us still. She will be brought up with the best memories of him.”


I can’t imagine how she feels right now, my heart breaks for both Michelle, Matilda, and all of the families and friends involved in this. What a miserable thing to have to go through, and with the whole world hanging all over you.. I couldn’t imagine. I wish all of them all the peace in the world, both families and that little girl are living proof that good, decent, loving people still exist. Bless them.

Christine on

Still makes me so sad 😦

Tina on

Thank you for posting such kind words and images on your site when most are only posting rumours and lies.

They were lovley together.

A family.

Rest in peace, sweet prince.

ally on

That is absolutely heartbreaking. I feel just awful for Michelle, Matilda and Heath’s family. My heart aches everytime I think of what they must be feeling, especially with the media prying into every possible private moment in Heath’s life. I pray that Michelle and Heath’s family find the comfort and peace that their hearts so need during this time of sorrow.

Pam on

That was really beautiful and said what needed to be said. The media spectacle has really sickened me.

Peace be with Michelle and Heath’s family at this time.

anonymous on

I hope the paparazzi does respect her wishes and let her and his family grieve in private. Having lost both parents I know anything can set off your memories and grief and to have to do it in the public eye is horrible. Heath and Michelle did their best to shelter Matilda from the camera’s so please remember this is what he would have wanted for the family to be left alone!!!

Prayers are with you Michelle, Matilda and Heath’s family. I was very touched by the family letters and found myself crying at night at such a loss.
The rumour mill makes me sick, let him rest in peace, he’s not around to defend himself anymore.

Kirsty on

The bit that saddens me the most atm is the papparazzi and media speculation. I live in Perth, which is the most isolated capital city in the entire world. We dont see alot of paparrazzi or security but this week the city is in lockdown mode. There is police everywhere, bits of the city are blocked off and its all because of the influx of media for Heath’s funeral. How disgusting is it that they wont even let his family bury him in peace? 😦

Cait on

I still cry anytime I see something about him. I almost don’t want the toxicology reports to come out on Tuesday. People seem to forget that his daughter is one day going to be grown and she’s going to look back on this stuff and see what was said about her father. It breaks my heart to see some of the absolutely HORRID things people have posted. Regardless of his cause of death, he was still an amazing human being and he should be respected as that, even in death.

Michelle’s statement was heartbreakingly beautiful and it makes me even sadder that she had to publicly ask the media to leave her alone. I really sincerely hope you’ve found peace, Heath, even if some people on this earth can’t let you rest yet.

PSB on

I cried when I read this and I NEVER cry at this sort of thing. Poor Michelle and Matilda. My heart aches for them.

Barbara on

My heart and prayers go out to everyone in Heaths family. And Friends as well.

kemp on

so perfect & classy michelle. i’m still not over the shocking death of heath.

Hayley Cook on

This is just so sad. I can’t imagine how she must be feeling. Despite all the rumours about Heath and his drugs use, one thing that cannot be disputed is the fact that he was a loving and devoted father. Bless them all.

Maya on

Michelles words about Heath Ledger and their daughter Matilda was beautiful, but also sad. It seem like they shared the same believes,because when he predicted his death a few months ago he also said: “Its OK for me to die now, because I will live on in her”. Its good for the family that Matilda looks and acts so much like her father, as long as they see that shes her own person, not only a mini me of Heath Ledger.

MamaAlice on

beautiful, sad and touching words…What a great woman Michelle…
I hope her and Matilda can get over it, my prayers are for them

Christina on

It is so heartbreaking to read Michelle’s statement. I know Matilda will always know that her daddy loved her. I cried when I heard of Heath’s death and even now I’m still in shock of it all. I just hope that the media will leave the family to grieve in peace and stop all the rumors and speculations. It makes it all the harder to morn. Remember Heath for good things and the wonderful person he was.

Devon on

I feel so sorry for Michelle, Matilda, and the Williams and Ledger families. To lose someone so young, to circumstances so unreal, and the fact that there is a child involved is heart-breaking.

As someone mentioned in a previous post, it might be easier for the families since Matilda looks so much like Heath. I disagree with that; it’s only going to make it that much more difficult. My cousin was 28 when she gave birth to her son. 6 days after he was born she had an aneurysm, and 7 days after that she passed away. Now her son is 2 and a half and is very much his mother’s son. He looks so much like her, that when my aunt was looking at pictures of her daughter, his mum, he looked at them and said “That’s me! That’s me!” Once he walked through my mum’s door, with his hair braided back (he has long hair), my mum started crying because she swore it was her niece walking through the door. Everytime we look into his beautiful face, we are reminded of the one person who is missing out on everything that this beautiful boy has brought to our lives. It is wonderful to know that she lives on through him, but it is a hard to have a constant reminder of what he will never have.

I have so much respect for Michelle and the task she has before her. It is more difficult than anyone could imagine. She seems to have a strong support network with her family and with Heath’s and they are all determined to ensure that she will always know who her father is and how much he loved her.

Jasmine on

I am so heartbroken over this gut wrenching news about Heath Ledger. A life cut so short it’s so unfair. It just goes to show that you have to treasure every moment with friend, family and children. Never take it for granted. My heart and prayers go out to Michelle and Matilda. I hope that they will some day find peace. God Bless them!

CelebBabyLover on

My heart just broke for Michelle, Matilda, and Heath’s family and friends when I read this. It makes me absolutely sick knowing that the media is disrespecting the family by publishing all sorts of horrible rumors and speculations right now.

What saddened me the most was when, just a few days ago, I discovered that, according to the cover of this past week’s issue of People Magazine, even they are discussing the drug and rehab rumors (the front cover reads: “Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, the Untold Story. Their love gone wrong over drugs. The truth about Mary-Kate Olsen. His fear of losing daughter Matilda”).

People is the only celeb magazine that I trust and believe 100 percent. To see them write about the rumor of Heath being on drugs greatly disappointed me. However, I was just on their site tonight, and they have posted the statement from Michelle. That makes me feel a bit better, and perhaps they will issue a correction or even an apology in the next issue.

Anyway, all of that said, like several previous commentors have said, someday Matilda is going to grow up and know how to read. Doesn’t the media realize how hurt she could be by all of these rumors about her father?

IMO, they (the media) have crossed the line this time. They have gone too far, and should be ashamed of themselves!