Jennifer Lopez still pregnant — and shopping

02/01/2008 at 03:57 PM ET

Forget those rumors, Jennifer Lopez is still pregnant.  The 38-year-old was spotted shoe shopping on Thursday, January 31st at Scoop in Greenvale, New York.  When her 30-minute visit was over, the mom-to-be had purchased six new pairs of shoes and was overheard saying she needed more comfortable shoes as her feet were swelling.  She and husband Marc Anthony expect their baby (or babies) any day now it appears.


Photo by Startraks.

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Tessa on

Never been pregnant myself, so a question to you who have been: would she really be buying shoes if she could be in labor any day now(and go trough the trouble she faces with all those paps out there!)? I mean, does she really need them, if the baby (or babies) is gonna arrive soon? Do your feet stay swollen after the delivery? Quite curious now :). Thx for the answers!

EllaB. on

Was she buying shoes for her or for the baby/babies? The bag say Scoop kids.

Sasha on

Six pairs, lucky!

PSB on

Who shops for shoes this late in their pregnancy? Your feet will either grow a size or shrink back, but these shoes will most likely not be useful. I can understand a pair of sneakers or sandals to ride out the rest of the pg, but fashionable shoes seem ridiculous. I never got why Katie Holmes did this every day of her pregnancy.

Mis on

She is always covered up, she really dosen’t want us to see how large her belly is growing. A real fashionista!!!!

Tricia on

Katie Holmes & JLo are multimillionaires, and aren’t particularly shy about spending money, so why balk at dropping a grand on shoes you may never wear again after you give birth? I personally think it’s a waste, but hey, it’s their money.

And as to the swollen feet, my experience (and of course, everyone’s different) was that my very swollen ankles/feet were back to normal in a week (wish I could have said the same about my waistline! 😉

brannon on

The last few days before my son was born all I wanted to do was shop – “last chance syndrome.” She looks great! Can’t wait to see what she has – and names!

Fallon on

Can’t wait to see if she has one baby or two, boy or girl, and the names. I agree she covers up her belly a lot, you really can’t see much. So happy she is finally becoming a mom, she has wanted it for awhile.

PSB on

True Tricia – maybe if I had the money I’d drop 5K on shoes from Scoop a week before giving birth, as a little “pick-me-up”. Actually, I know I wouldn’t b/c I’m too practical – but maybe these are the things that make JLo happy? I’d rather go diamond shopping :> I think I spent the last week on my pregnancy beached on the couch.

Jody on

My last week of pregnancy, I most definitely wouldn’t want to be out shopping. All 5 of my pregnancies, I wanted to stay in bed in my PJs because I felt like a gigantic beached whale! On the other hand, if Jennifer feels up to it, she should go shopping! Anything that makes an uncomfortable, impatient “mommy-in-waiting” happy! Maybe she’s trying to go into labor! I had moments where I’d get some energy & decide to walk, walk, walk .. trying to go into labor .. complete desperation! =) I’ve been there, done that (but not spent THAT! lol)

nika on

In regards to the rumour, i reckon maybe she had some sort of scare and was checked in for a couple of days.

Five days before i had my daughter, i had some bleeding. The hospital decided to keep me in for 3 days as a precaution.

The press probably got wind of her being at the hospital and ran an extra mile with the story.
I guess it looks like she’s about to “drop” any day now and they reckoned they’d have a good chance of being right.

pink.lioness on

It’s not said that all six pairs of the shoes she bought were in a larger size for her swollen pregnancy feet. Maybe Jennifer bought one pair of comfortable shoes, and then saw some others she liked and bought them in her “normal” size? After the delivery of her baby or babies, she most likely won’t be able to shoe-shop for a little while anyway, so it’s understandable that she wants to make the most of it while she still can.

Karen on

I can’t remember seeing one picture since this pregnancy was announced of Jennifer Lopez showing her belly. Besides the concert pictures that went around when everyone was speculating that she was pregnant, has there been any picture where you could clearly see her belly?

melissa on

Jody ,that’s the diffrence between what a regular person like us that would do VS a Hollywood Diva .The more I hear and see about Jlo’s life ,the more I realize why Ben chose Jennifer Garner to be the mother of his chldren.I think he made a wise choice.

Mousie on

This doesn’t look like a recent picture.

Her face is so thin compared to the pictures from her baby shower last week, and her hair is darker.