Jennifer Garner and Violet at Vincente Foods yesterday

02/01/2008 at 09:14 AM ET

Actress Jennifer Garner, 35, takes her daughter Violet Anne, 2, to Vicente Foods in Brentwood, CA on Thursday.


Photo by Pacific Coast News.

Ecco_plumViolet wears Ecco Kids Glow in Old Rose/Red Plum ($66). 

Ptru12787667reg She carries a My First Purse ($13).

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Mimi on

Love Violet’s little purse…she’s looking so big these days!

claudiazz22 on

Violet Anne is a precious little girl, but I don’t think we need to see a pic of this poor kid every day. I don’t think we should encourage the photogs’ to hound this family. Come on, she hasn’t changed since yesterday or the day before—ease off on Jen and family!!

Trisha on

Does anyone think Jen is Pregnant I Do

Melissa on

Violet is carrying a ‘My First Purse’…my daughter has the same one and she takes it everywhere – it comes with a toy cell phone, keys and even a debit card!

kendrajoi on

How cute is Violet with her purse???? Makes me wish for a little girl! I have a boy and the boy toys and clothes just aren’t as cute! And such a big girl- I can totally see both Jennifer and Ben in her.

Crystal on

I love how Violet is carrying her purse…too adorable! And to the poster above…what makes you think Jennifer is pregnant? Just curious.

Ashley on

I LOVE that Jen hardly ever has Violet in a stroller. I am sure it would be more convenient if she did, but it just always reminds me of how much she adores Violet.

Jory on

I hope that she is pregnant! I can’t wait to see this couples have another baby!!! Violet is sooo adorable. Could you just imagine a little boy like her?!?!

Emily on

“I LOVE that Jen hardly ever has Violet in a stroller. I am sure it would be more convenient if she did, but it just always reminds me of how much she adores Violet.”

Putting a child in a stroller vs. carrying them is not an indication one way or the other or how much a person loves their child. There’s nothing wrong with putting a child in a stroller.

everyrose05 on

I think Jen might be pregnant. She has been carrying Violet pretty high lately. Just an observation.

Lauren on

Much as I enjoy seeing the photos of these two, the number of photos of the two of them in recent months has really gone overboard. The paparazzi now come right up to them and literally surround the car, photographing Jen putting Violet in her car seat. I watched a few videos of Jen and Violet on x17 after someone posted a link yesterday, and the way they follow Jen everywhere and shout at her (and other celebs) is harassment. And based on the videos, photos posted here where people say she looks so unhappy and wonder what’s wrong with her, and her angry expression in this picture, Jen is clearly annoyed. I enjoy seeing photos of celebrities and their kids as much as the next person, but if that’s what it takes to get a picture, I’d rather not see it.

elidh cross on

i think jen may be pregnant it would be so nice for violet to have baby sister or brother

Emily on

Lauren: I saw the video too, and it was disturbing. After watching that video I can certainly see why Jen has looked unhappy in a lot of recent pictures.

d on

Lauren, I agree with you. As much as I love seeing these two out & about, it seems the paps are starting to cross the line. They can’t even take a quiet trip to get groceries! I can’t imagine having to deal with that intrusion. Jen has always seemed to be very tolerant of the photogs, but enough is enough. In response to Emily’s comment, I do not believe Ashley meant anyone loves their child any less if they put them in a stroller. We should not judge each other on this, because what works for one mom may not work another, and that’s okay! If I had photogs in my face all the time like Jen, I’d probably want to keep my child as close as possible to me too.

susan on

Lauren – I could not agree with you more. The only sites I will look at are this one and People, because they both do not post pictures of people who are shielding their children. I mean, who shouts at a woman with a baby, especially if they don’t know her? I can understand why some celebs lose it and smash a camera. Violet is the sweetest little girl I have ever seen, and her mother the most doting – and I love seeing them, but it just doesn’t feel right to pry, does it?

BostonMom on

I agree with Lauren. Give them a break. I am sure that Jen carries Violet because she is trying to keep her close while the paps circle around. I would do the same thing with my 2-year-old. This blog prides itself on being celebrity-friendly and not posting nasty comments, etc. So I think that along those lines, it should curtail publishing pictures of this duo a bit, as well as any others that are harassed literally on a daily basis as they try to do regular activities like grocery shopping. We all know what Jen & Violet look like and we don’t need to see a picture of them every single day. That poor child, she did not choose this life for herself and may well be creeped out when she gets older and realizes she was photographed every day and that what she was wearing and playing with was scrutinized on each occasion. Some people say thing like “Oh, Violet is always smiling and doesn’t seem to mind.” But she is just a child and has no concept of privacy invasion — and, sadly, the paps in her face probably also feel normal to her by now. But that doesn’t make it right.

Ann on

I also think Jennifer Garner might be pregnant because she kind of has a little bump in some pictures. She is thin now and possibly thinner than usual (don’t mark my words, I am only guessing) which might be due to morning sickness but also has a rounded tummy. I agree that she might be using Violet as a shield but I am 100% sure she has her this close because the paps are just INSANE now.

I agree that Violet takes over both of her parents: Ben’s face shape, lips (both parents combo). Jennifer’s eyes, dimples and maybe nose?

Desiree on

I feel bad for them. Paparazzi are skeezy. They cause unsafe situations too! Ugh. I’m a photographer and to use my clients on my website I need their permission and model releases. How the paparazzi can get away with what they do, is beyond me. I also dont know how they sleep at night.

Janet on

I don’t think Jen is pregnant, she’s scheduled to shoot two movies back to back, the first starting later this month. After she’s done filming both films I could see her planning to get pregnant then, but not now. She hasn’t done a film in a while.
I have however noticed she has been looking really thin and sad lately. I know this is not the place to bring up rumors but there have been whispers about Ben lately.
I hope Jen is okay, she’s one of my favorite actresses and I’ll always support her movies.

Rosy J on

I think when Ashley at 11:03 made the comment about Jen showing her devotion to Violet by carrying her was most likely in response to some insensitive person asking if there was something wrong with Violet’s legs as to why Jen was always seen carrying her. It seems like a lot of trouble to bring a stroller for a trip to the market, the gym and some of the other errands they do. Allowing her to walk is not an option with the paps following. She can’t walk fast enough to get away from them, alas her mom carries her. I saw a video of her walking in NY. It was adorable. She is the cutest baby. I think she has her little purse at that time. PRECIOUS!

Renee on

There’s a picture of Ben and Jen together on people, so I think they are okay but there could be the usually issues that pop up in marriages. I do think this family is so adorable but I agree, sometimes the paparazzi goes too far

Fallon on

I don’t think jennifer is pregnant, in fact she has looked skinner lately and she has 2 movies lined up very soon. I hope there isn’t any marriage problems with ben and jen, they are my favorite couple and both have looked very thin and stressed lately. Violet is so darn cute, she looks just like jen to me and I love her holding her purse.

Lisa on

Violet looks so cute with her little purse. She is just adorable. But, I have to agree with some of the posters on this board that the paps are intruding on their life too much. It is sad.

mbev1234 on

It’s always so great to see pictures of Jen and Violet. It must be so hard having to walk with the paps following your every move. I would have to carry my daughters too around all the photogs because they would get trampled- while walking they always stop to look at something – like an ant.

Ann on

Well, Jennifer Garner was pregnant with Violet when she was filming “Catch and Release”; actresses film while pregnant, so it’s not unusal. However, if she’s not pregnant, maybe she is that think because it’s a role-serving thing. Note that when women have a child and go back to their original weight (prior to having a baby), they look extremely different and possibly under-weight. The body fat-muscle shifts and the difference in appearance is drastic.

As for whispers about Ben, I’d hate to contribute to those rumors by addressing or passing them along anywhere. They don’t deserve it, neither does Violet.

CelebBabyLover on

Fallon- ITA! I also distinctly remember Jennifer mentioning sometime this past winter or fall (I can’t rememeber which), that she and Ben do not plan to add to their family for awhile, as she wants to work for awhile (as another commentor pointed out, the movie she is scheduled to start shooting later this month will be the first movie she has done in quite awhile).