Nicole Kidman: 'I just want to have this baby safely and happily'

01/31/2008 at 11:27 AM ET

Nicole_kidman Although she’s just four months pregnant with their first baby together, actress Nicole Kidman says she and husband Keith Urban would "really love to have a big family."  First things first, though!  Says Nicole,

I just want to have this child safely and happily, and then we will see…I’m so happy at the moment, I couldn’t ask for anything more really.

Nicole added that she’s looking forward to one of the many perks of pregnancy — a bigger bust size!

Being pregnant, I’ll have bigger boobs. That’s one of the many good things I can think of that will come of it!

Nicole and Keith, both 40, expect their baby in July. 

Source:  Herald Sun

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Sheri on

CBB – Please don’t forget to mention Isabella and Connor in your posts. When I first read this story I thought, “what a slap in the face to her adopted children,” that she does not acknowledge her kids with Tom as being part of her “big family” plans, but then I realized the quote was taken out of context … I hope Isabella and Connor are getting all the love and attention they need from Nicole and Keith, and Tom and Katie. It can be hard for adopted children to feel “connected” with their parents, especially when a biological child arrives!

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with Sheri. In a post like this, Connor and Bella should be mentioned. For example, you could have said, “the new baby will join Bella (or Isabella, whichever you prefer) and Connor, Nicole’s children from her marriage to Tom Cruise” (personally, I don’t think it needs to be mentioned that they’re adopted).

All of that said…I’m surprised Nicole expects to be able to have more children, given her age. Maybe she is considering adopting a few more, though?

Sarah’s note: Yes, we talk about siblings in the original pregnancy announcements, but not in news pieces.

Elizabeth on

I think Nicole is great and hope she and Keith have a happy, healthy baby!

Jen on

Why is it when it comes to the Kidman-Cruise kids, there are comments where people want (sometimes act more like they need) the kids to be mentioned in every Kidman, Cruise or Holmes topic? There are other celebs here who are expecting and nobody says squat when the other siblings aren’t mentioned in follow up posts about expectant families.

The article is about a couple of Nicole’s comments, I honestly can’t see how this could be a slap to their faces, the is nothing wrong with the article. Tom, Nicole and Katie don’t make a big deal about Isabelle and Connor being adopted, they seem like a loving happy family without making that the end all be all of the family, why do others worry so much about these kids?

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- I can’t speak for the other commentors, obviously, but I personally am not worried about Bella and Connor. The only reason I agreed that they should be mentioned in this post is because I thought that, if they were mentioned, that might help ward off more comments like Sheri’s (please be aware that I am not criticizing Sheri’s comment in any way).

That said, ITA with you about people always being worried about Connor and Bella. I also don’t understand why people seem to think that Nicole never spends time with them (not saying anybody said that in this particular post. It’s just that it has been said a lot in other Tom/Katie and Nicole/Keith posts). From what I have read, they spend holidays and at least part (if not all) of the summer with her.

The main reason we don’t see them photographed with Nicole very often is because Nicole is extremely private, and tries to avoid having them photographed when they are with her (BTW, if anyone’s wondering, I have read this several times in various reliable magazines).

Anyway, I’m sure Connor and Bella will adjust just fine to their new sibling. After all, they’ve been through the whole “parent and step-parent having a biological child” once before…When Suri was born. 🙂

All of that said, I wish Nicole and Keith the best of luck with their baby…and for some reason I feel that they will have a girl.

Sheri on

My comment was simply because of Nicole’s comment that she wants a large family – As a mom to 3 kids myself, to me she already has a large family.

I applaud Nicole for keeping her private life private, and doing her part to keep her kids out of the public’s eye.

Fallon on

Her comment about wanting a big family, maybe she is hoping to have anther bio child soon after this one is born. As for conner and isabella I think in general they spend more time with tom and katie, and I think now that nicole is having her bio child, it will be even more so.

Paul Mulgrew on

I am pleased she now has her own child and is happily married again. She still looks good for her age. Nice white tennis shoes. She has done well for her age.