Miley Cyrus legally changes her name

01/28/2008 at 10:18 PM ET

Destiny Hope Cyrus is no more.  The 15-year-old has legally changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus.

The Hannah Montana star has been called Miley since she was a baby.  The nickname originated from her father, country singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, when he realized that his little girl smiled all the time.

Since then, Miley is what her family and friends have called her.  Miley decided that since everyone knew her by that name, that she wanted it to be legal.  The singer chose the middle name Ray because she wanted the same on as her father.

Source: ET Online

Thanks to CBB reader Sarah.


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EK on

OMG I love Hannah Montana but I am really surprised she actually changed her name wow!

M on

i dont see why it matters,i mean having it made legal.. she is known to everyone as miley already..but okay….

Lara on

There’s hope for all the horribly named celeb babies after all! Millicent or Camilla would have been even better, of course, but it’s a very nice change.

Lisa on

OK! I hope she dosn’t turn into a Britney Spears. I don’t see why the name change was necessary. I call my son Boo-Bear..hope he dosn’t get it legally changed when he is 15.

Jillyen on

I agree,what’s the point? she has gone by Miley since she was a baby,why did she have to make it legal? why would her parents let her change her name when she’s only 15?

halifaxhoney on

She should’ve kept her original name. I think I was watching Ellen and Billy Ray explained why she was named Destiny Hope in the first place it was really sweet. I know I wouldn’t have been able to change it if I was her.

taryn on

Why wouldn’t they let her change her name, if she’s never gone by the name she was given at birth? It’s hardly a big deal, now is it really? Obviously nobody calls her anything but Miley, so why not make it legal? Saves hassle on passports, etc etc later in life.

Jess on

I’m guessing it’s a real pain to go by one name but legally have another. I have people in my family who have this problem & complain that it can get annoying. I personally want to be called by what my name is, seems alot easier to me & makes more sense.

Andria on

My question to the previous posters is why NOT make it legal? If that is the name everyone knows you by, why deal with having to use another, totally different name on legal documents? If I had always gone by “Miley” it’d be kind of weird to have “Destiny Hope” on my drivers license, etc.

meghan on

seems to me the point is that when you get older, you have legal documents. it makes sense to want them in the name she is known by. how confusing and weird would it be for her to have a license with destiny on it? i didn’t even know that was her name- what if she got pulled over by a cop who knew her. talk about confusion! it makes sense to me, good for her.

Lisa on

It just seems that these days there are several celebrity kids, specifically the girls (since they get more press time) that get a lot of leeway in the way they act & dress. I agree with Jillyen about being surprised her parents let her change her name at 15 years old. Some people go by their stage name their whole careers without changing their names legally.

Lissette on

I dont know that much about her but I had no idea her real name wasnt Miley.

Nicole on

Lara: How would Millicent or Camilla be better when they call her MILEY already? Other than making her sound like an old lady, I don’t think they’d be ‘better.’

I don’t see the big deal either… the whole world calls her Miley. And if her family had no issue, which I highly doubt, then who cares?

Mara on

I guess I don’t have a problem with her doing this. Since she has never gone by her given legal name, this probably makes it much easier to do certain things instead of explaining why she is Miley and not Destiny. Plus, she never looked like a Destiny to me!

brannon on

I’m sure it gets confusing with all the legal documents and paperwork she needs to sign. My father was named Walter but called “pete” from the day he was born. (Wanted to name him after a relative but call him what they wanted!) He got tired of explaining this story and decided to make it legal. I’m sure this will be much easier for Miley. (IMO Miley is a much cuter name 🙂

J-Lin on

Well at least her real name was normal and her new name is normal. Good thing she didn’t change it to Hannah Montana!

Oda Mae Brown on

My uncle changed his name legally at the age of 12 back in 1957 from Jeffrey to Alexander. He HATED the name Jeffrey and loved his dad and grandad’s name…so he changed it. I see nothing wrong with it. I don’t know why some of you take issue with children changing their name. It’s THEIR name, not yours. And by the way, Destiny Hope is a terrible name. Read the book “Freaknomics” and you can figure it out yourself.

Meeshell on

good for miley. why have your legal name be something no one ever calls you? isn’t that the point of a name in the first place? Miley sounds much better than Destiny Hope.

Elizabeth on

I think the point is that it’s not a stage name, it’s the name everyone (including her parents) calls her by. I don’t blame her for wanting to ditch the hassle, and if her parents don’t have a problem with it, why should we?

robyn on

I was named Robin when I was born. In kindergarten, I started spelling it Robyn (gotta love kindergarten psychology. I was being called names like “Robin Red-Breast” by this kid, and as soon as he saw I was spelling it with a Y, he stopped calling me names…). All of my school papers were spelled with an I (the official ones). When I went to high school, I applied to an arts school, and on all the admission paperwork, I put a Y. However, during my sophomore year, the registrar noticed that all of my legal documentation spelled it I, and said that if I wanted my diploma to reflect how I’d been spelling my name for the past 12 years, I’d have to legally change it. So we did.

So with that said, I can’t help but wonder if Miley has the same sort of situation going on – having gone by Miley since she was a baby, there aren’t very many people who know her given name (I didn’t), and would just like it like that for reasons such as legal documents (driver’s license, passport, etc.).

kemp on

i didn’t know miley wasn’t her birth name! learn something new everyday! i prefer miley to destiny.

lis on

I have to agree with the people that said it isn’t a stage name. Her dad came up with the nickname Miley. I don’t see this being disrespectful to her parents at all, considering they came up with and have been using the nickname since she was very small.

Every once in a while the name the children receives, no matter how well thought-out and beautiful, just isn’t quite the perfect name for the person. That’s obviously the case here… so why wait till she’s 18? Make it easy – she’ll never have to go through the hassle of changing her driving license (though I imagine she’s got a passport already)… it’s just easier to get all the legalities straightforward as soon as possible.

finnaryn on

Maybe for the average 15 year old, this might seem silly, but you have to take things case by case. I think a lot of the posters are right that there are legal documents involved that most 15 year olds wouldn’t normally have. I know from previous news stories that Miley has a credit card and a passport (Disney had short clips about her trip to London and Paris). I am sure she is also signing contracts, along with her parents. Not to mention the autographs she signs. Having only one name to sign to everything will be much easier.

Teddy on

My legal name is also totally different than what everyone calls me, and it is totally a pain. It can catch up with you in unexpected ways. I went on a high school journalism trip, and the teacher who bought the plane tickets knew what my real name is, but she knows me as Teddy, and it didn’t even occur to her to buy the tickets with my real name on them since she had never once referred to me as that, which would have matched my driver’s license. It was a real pain to make sure that I was allowed to get on the plane since my tickets didnt’ match my ID. We also went on a senior trip to DC and I very nearly didn’t get to go into the White House for the same reason. The only reason that I don’t legally change it is because it doens’t sound right with my middle name, which I do really like. It does get to be quire a pain though. Every teacher I’ve ever had, I’ve had to correct about my name, and whenever name tags are pre-made for an event or something, I always end up having to fix mine. I don’t blame Miley a bit forchanging her name. It’ll make things tons easier for her. If she changes her mind later, she can always change it back.

Chicki on

Miley Ray Cyrus is TOTALLY her stage name (kinda rhymes with “Billy Ray” doesn’t it?), but many stars do the same thing – is the main concern that people feel she’s too young to do so?

iheartme on

No, actually, I don’t think Miley Ray/Billy Ray rhime at all… If that is what she likes and wants to go by, I don’t see why it is a big deal. I don’t go by my given name either and I changed it legally at age 18. I don’t understand why this is apparently controversial to some.

Julia A on

I don’t see what’s the big deal abou Miley changing her legal name. I legally changed my name when I became a US citizen. My birth name is still very much a part of my identity. Just because my birth name is not on all the official documents does not mean it has lost its meaning to me.

Josie Kay on

OK….here’s the real way that they came up with “Miley”. When she was little she was always a happy baby, Always smiling, so they called her “SMILEY”. This is a direct quote from both Miley and Billy Ray. By the time she was offered the part of Hannah Montana (She originally tried out for the part of Lily) What can I say…I have a 9 year-old son with a crush and a BUNCH of nieces and nephews :0) they decided to shorten SMILEY to MILEY and the rest as they say is history.

I think that she looks like a Miley and even on Hannah Montana, her name is “Miley Ray Stuart” (I heard Billy Ray call her that in the Episode…Ready Set Don’t Go.) So Miley Ray Cyrus just seems to fit. My niece is named Destini Brooke and she looks like a Destini to me. Miley just doesn’t look like a Destiny. I know her parents named her Destiny Hope because they thought that she was going to be someone special in the world but if they aren’t pitching a hissy over it…why not let her? She’s always going to know WHY they named her Destiny Hope…they nicknamed her Smiley…which turned into Miley..and I believe that she has the support from her family..not to mention her “Aunt Dolly”

Sorry about the LONG post….

~~Josie Kay~~

My daughter's daddy on

My 7-year-old daughter is a big fan of Destiny Hope Hannah Montana Miley Ray Cyrus, by any name. Last Christmas, she asked for LOTS of Hannah Montana stuff…and did you notice, anything with that name printed on it sold like mad! Personally, I would think that you’d want a different stage name from your real name in this day and age for privacy and security reasons, so why not keep your given name, keep it secret, and make up a nom-de-entertainment? But you know, it wasn’t my decision, and I’m sure her parents had to be involved and approve…I mean, where can a minor change their own name legally by themselves? And when you get right down to it, considering the kind of trouble our starlets get into any more (think of Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney, Lindsey, Paris, etc.), a simple lil’-ol’ name change is no real scandal, so I can’t see any reason for outrage. So far, she’s been a fairly decent role model for my daughter, and THAT’s what I’m concerned about. If that changes, then I’ll be outraged. Given that her father apparently consented to it, we should all butt out, because it’s none of our business. (We should just be thankful he didn’t change his own name to “Achy-Breaky Cyrus” in honor of his big hit. Now that would have been an outrage.)

justathought on

i have read all on how she got the name miley and it is a cute story however miley is a hawaiian name and is correctly spelled maile i have a daughter name mailei and i spell it deifferent also however when i people learn her name they question if i named her after hannah montana and the truth is i got the name from the elvis movie blue hawaii and it meaning is for the flowers tradionally used to make lei’s so i just wondering if her and her parents new her name actually of hawaiian decent

Miley Cyrus on

Its so sad how one can just part with the name given to them by mommy and daddy.

Miley Cyrus on

Its so sad how one can just part with the name given to them by mommy and daddy.

anna on

wow i wonder y she changed her name wat i heard was that she disliked that name.