Tori Spelling shops at LA's Petit Tresor for Liam and baby #2

01/25/2008 at 01:07 PM ET

Torispellingcsh35369cbbjpgWith the news of Tori Spelling being pregnant with her second child just settling in for most us, she’s wasted no time shopping. Picking out stuff for baby #2 and Liam, of course! She recently stopped by West Hollywood’s baby mecca, Petit Tresor and checked out some baby furniture and scooped up some clothes and a blanket.

BigbrolilsisAmong the stuff she brought home was a huddybuddy Big Brother/Little Sister and Big Brother/Little Brother gift set (left, $43), it would appear that she’s guarding the sex of this baby very closely! Fleece_silk_trimShe also picked up a Robbie Adrian Organic Cotton Fleece With Satin Trim Blanket in natural color (right, $116).

Petit Tresor was one of Tori’s first shopping spots when she was pregnant with Liam. After being spotted there the press picked up the story and ran with it.

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kemp on

congrats to tori & dean! just saw that their show was renewed too. i look forward to more pregnancy craziness from them!

ang on

she wouldn’t know the sex yet anyway, would she? petit tresor needs no publicity, but loves it anyway! the onesies are very cute, nonetheless =)

angelbaby33 on

I am due on July 17th and am currently 15 weeks and 1 day. We got an 85% chance that it was a girl about 2 1/2 weeks ago. A lot of OBGYN’s are having their patients do an ultrasound around 13 weeks (cannot for the life of me rememebr the name of it but they check for the thickness behind the neck of the baby and combined with bloodwork, can give you a good idea if your baby will have down syndrome, etc. ) Most of the pregnant woman I know have also had this ultrasound done and gotten 85% -100% confirmation of the sex of their baby. My 3 other children who were born in 2002, 2004 and 2006, I had to wait until the normal 18-20 weeks ultrasound to find out the sex.

CelebBabyLover on

angelbaby33- Your comments confuse me! I’m pretty sure that I read somewhere that the, ahem, male or female parts don’t even form until sometime after 12 or 13 weeks (which is about what you would have been when you had your ultrasound). Does anyone know whether this is true or not?

Sarah’s note: Not sure about the ultrasound bit, but they can tell you quite early with chromosomal testing if it’s XX or XY. Julia Roberts knew what Hazel and Finn were at 9 weeks, she has said.

KM on

Why would she buy two gift sets (one for a boy, one for a girl)? Waste of money, even if you’re rich, IMO. =)

gianna on

Yea she is pregnant, probably just waiting a few more weeks until she is further along to confirm it.

ang on

i did see a confirmation but not sure who she confirmed to. u don’t need confirmation though-i saw a pic of her on a rival site(sorry CBB!!)taken yesterday and she looks big for 4mths, but what do i know? LOL.

angelbaby33 on

I know it is confusing! The parts themselves are not fully formed yet but an experienced ultrasound tech can see these 2 lines in an ultrasound (not sure if they are bones or what!) but if the 2 lines are completely parallel it is almost always a girl and if the bottom line is straight across and the top line is crooked or tilted up one way then it is usually a boy. More people are having the ultrasounds done early because of that one test and the techs can usually give you a good indication of the sex due to those 2 lines. I am not sure of the link but I know that there are a few websites that show the different lines so you can see what I am talking about! 🙂 So far not one woman that I know who has had the earlier ultrasound done and been given an idea of what the baby is has been wrong. So it seems to be pretty accurate!

brannon on

Lots of celebrities buy things for each sex and then donate the items they don’t need to charity 🙂 If you have the money, sounds like a fun way to spend your pregnancy shopping and do some good at the same time 🙂 (Though I get so attached to little things I love that it would be hard for me to give them away – I have stuff for a baby girl and no chance of that happening anywhere in sight 😦 )