Halle Berry out running errands

01/23/2008 at 10:31 PM ET

Actress Halle Berry, 41, runs errands today in Universal City, CA.  She and boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, expect their first child in March.


Photo by Fame.

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Lauren on

Whoa! Girl popped! Though she’s stylish as ever, I have to say that the hair does her zero favors. Her hair before looked so healthy and gorgeous. This has got to be one of those “mush brain” pregnancy decisions you hear about.

PSB on

Are we sure she’s really due in March? I’m a tiny woman who got really big at the end, so I understand everybody carried differently, but something about Halle looks like she’s in the endzone of her pregnancy, not 6-10 weeks away from her due date. I remember when she announced she was pregnant she looked way farther along than she said she was. Also, maybe she got her new haircut because she knew she was not going to get the chance to run errands like those for a while?

Honestly, she looks great, but she looks about 38 weeks to me. Any chance she’s lying about the date so she can have some privacy?

Sarah’s note: There’s definitely a chance. The March due date is based on her saying she was 3 months when she announced. BUT from the beginning the tabloid In Touch has said she’s due around Valentine’s Day.

Anca on

She is definitely having a girl!! Look at how high and how round her belly is!

Deb on

Mush brain pregnancy things? How about I want to be able to take a shower and run my fingers through my hair, hair???????? Maybe she just wanted something simple, more simple then a boring up do.

c on

No one believed Naomi watts’ due date.. so anything is possible.

j on

Wow – she looks beautiful, but look at those shoes! They look like they hurt!

Sara on

If she is not taking care of her diabetes she could always be measuring ahead because of that.

sage on

Wow, she looks great. I can’t wait to see their baby.

Natalie on

Halle has diabetes?

and I’m not loving her new haircut, i liked her hair better when it was long and straight, it made her look younger IMO.

i always thought if your belly was up high, it was a boy no?

gia on

i think her long hair was probably extensions, so she probably just took them out. i love her with either the longer straight hair with bangs or the adorable pixie cut she used to have…her face is too pretty to be covered with all those curls. she looks like she is due way sooner than march!

PSB on

Sara that is true, forgot all about the diabetes.

However, I had NO idea the tabs were saying she had a due date around V-day. If it’s true, I can’t believe I pegged her at 38 weeks! (I’ll hold off on actually patting my own back until the baby is born)

gianna on

I think she is due around Feb, not march IMO. My mother thinks she is having a girl, and I think boy, so we will see. She is all belly though, her arms and face look thin still.

Rye on

i am still not digging the hair on her. but, she’s still as gorgeous as ever. i think she is having a boy.

Becky on

Thumbs down on the hair. And, her tummy looks a lot like Nicole Richie’s tummy, about 3 weeks before the birth of Harlow. She seems to be all baby. And no swelling, which is really fantastic.

She’s obviously taken could care of herself. She looks fabulous.

Deb on

How you are carrying does NOT say what you are having. I was carrying high and ended up having a boy both times…. THE HIGH and low doesnt say anything! Its a Myth!

Preston on

Deb is right. Each woman’s body is different and it’s your body type that determines how you carry a baby. The baby’s sex has nothing to do with it. The only way to know for certain a baby’s sex is to see it on an ultrasound.

Vanessa on

It’s amusing how people still believe pregnancy myths, LOL

G-Girl on

Halle looks absolutely georgous! Her hair looks perfect, lots of curls for lots of fun. Hopefully she doesn’t have to put too much time in it to get it so pretty. The whole idea is to keep it simple, it’s perfect for this time in her life. She is glowing and her skin looks awesome. I am so happy for her. She deserves nothing but the best! In a minute, everyone will have that same hair style!!!!

Max'sMom on

I think for sure a boy, her belly is so high & upfront. For girls, its low & wide.
That’s just my opinion. lol

E on

I think her hair looks great! It may not be the most flattering haircut, but personally I think she has the face to carry about any style off. She has looked nothing but fantastic her whole pregnancy. She sure has had that glow! 😉

c on

If she has GD, then that due date is even more believable. Could care less for the hair, she’s glowing nonetheless.

Elizabeth on

Anyone else remember her saying she was going to wear regular clothes into her third trimester? Wonder how that plan is working for her.

Callen on

Whao Halle! She may be do in Feb. All women do carry differently. She says she is due in march, she may be. Im pregnant with my 3rd and im due at the end of march. And let me tell you my belly never grew so fast in the first and second with my other kids. Fortunately the bump growth has sorta slowed down. or else I would have toppled over.

Dominique on

Wow you guys really are rude to women with curly hair!

her face is too pretty to be covered with all those curls


IG on

Halle was diabetic before she got preganant.

crimpe on

I love her hair. It looks fun and natural and unforced. I am due in March with my fourth and am carrying the same way. Yes, Halle swore off maternity clothes early on in the pregnancy but she has had to eat those words for months now. Ah, the hubris of celebrities. That said, look at those arms! Those legs! She looks fantastic. I would imagine that she has GD since she is very vocal about her diagnosis of Type I Diabetes. Of course, she has gone on camera claiming to have cured herself of Type I and is insulin-free, having graduated to Type II. Perhaps she was misdiagnosed with Type I, because there is no cure.

latina on

She probably just wanted to keep her stylish look during her pregnancy…maternity clothes have come a long way. And with today’s fashion, you can get a way with not wearing them ….most of the blouses and shirts today look like baby doll tops or maternity shirts….

Jill on

As previously mentioned I believe her long hair could have possibly been extensions and she took them out and this is her real hair. Either cute!

Campbell on

She surely has popped. Now Halle really looks pregnant and so very beautiful. But who would expect anything less from such a gorgeous lady. As far as her hair, Halle can just about carry off any style, BUT I do agree w/ gia that her face is so stunning that it’s a shame to cover it w/ all those curls. Now about those silly myths: not a word of truth in the one about how a woman “carries” revealing the sex of the baby. Rubbish. There is absolutely no biological or scientific facts to corroborate such a thing. I am small and carried my first different from the other 2 simply because he weighed more(nearly 10 pds). I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a woman carry as “low and wide” as I did when I had my son!!lol. Guessing is fun, but let’s make sure we all understand that is ALL it is. Doesn’t mean shouldn’t all still guess away!!

Leigh on

I think she has gained some in her thighs. I believe she is going to have a girl. But like others have said….just gotta wait until the baby gets here to know for sure. But it is fun guessing and hearing how everyone uses the myths:)

m-dot on

She has really popped! She looks great. By the way CBB pals…that’s a wig she has on now, and that was a weave she had on prior to this. I guess she just wanted to sport a cute curly do for a a few days.

Mary on

Wow, Halle’s belly popped out overnite. And I almost forgot Halle had diabetes. So she’s at greater risk for pre-eclampsia. I’m sure she is taking great care of herself and her baby. I hope it is a girl. She’s gonna be just gorgeous, I know. I can’t wait.