Tiger Woods receives support from family during statue unveiling

01/21/2008 at 07:37 PM ET

Golfer Tiger Woods, 32, received support from his mom Kultida Woods, wife Elin Nordegren Woods, 28, and daughter Sam Alexis, 7 months, during the unveiling of bronze statues resembling Tiger and his father, the late Earl Woods. The statues, which are inside the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim, CA, were revealed today in a ceremony.

Source: Yahoo! News

Picture_1 Sam wears Janie and Jack’s stripe sweater jumper ($48).

Janiejackredshoes Sam is wearing Polka Dot Trim Shoe from Janie and Jack ($38).

Jellycatbungliepig Elin is holding a Jellycat Bunglie Pig ($20). 

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Lauren on

Sam is beautiful! She might have the cutest cheeks I’ve ever seen. Great looking family, and her grandpa would be so proud!

margo on

What a gorgeous family

Megan on

Wow i think I just fell off my chair…Sam Alexis is STUNNING…the first thing you notice of course is the hair in that first picture–freakin ADORABLE…but that second picture, you see how truly GORGEOUS she is…that beautiful skin and those HUGE stunning eyes…she is the perfect combination of her gorgeous parents…WOW I can just sit and stare at these pictures…

Oh and I have to agree that grandpa Earl would be so proud of his family…::sigh:: no doubt he was with them today…adore this family!

Mari on

Beautiful baby and a very lovely family. 🙂

Annina on

She is easily one of the most beautiful celebrity babies I’ve seen. I love those cheeks and big dark eyes! What a cutie. =)

Kimber Christian on

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope we get to see her more often!

brannon on

Stunning. Whole family is stunning! Baby Sam is just gorgeous as are mom and dad. Papa Earl is a very proud man today and no doubt, with them in many ways.

Chris on

She has the most beautiful eyes! She easily ranks as one of the cutest celeb babies I have ever saw;)

Sasha on

Wow, seriously cute baby!!! Congrats again to Tiger & Elin!

Jacob's mom on

looks like she is wearing the stripe sweater jumper from Janie and Jack. cute girl

gabriella on

Sam Alexis is a beautiful baby, she looks just like her mother IMO. Same features like her mom. Tiger looks a lot like his mom, I noticed in this picture. Elin is so beautiful.

PSB on

They’re all so gorgeous, I don’t know where to look first.

Claire on

Does anyone know what the stuffed animal she has is? I think it is gorgeous.

Michelle on

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful little girl!

Margot on

She’s a gorgeous baby, and is certainly going to be a stunner when she grows up.

It does kind of annoy me, though, that they didn’t call her Samantha. Sam is a boy’s name, or a nickname for a girl’s name, but it’s certainly not a girl’s name unto itself. It’s not really fitting for one who is going to grow up as beautiful as this little girl is going to.

Ditto to Charlie and Denise, by the way.

Aidan on

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions of course, but I think that’s sort of unfair. I mean, in the same vein, one could argue that Sam is “just” a nickname for both Samuel AND Samantha, and not really a name by itself.

Just because the vast majority choose to make a name masculine doesn’t mean it can’t be just as cute, successful, etc, as a girl’s name.

I don’t want to start an argument or get gender sociology, I just wanted to give a different viewpoint. Being female with a predominately male name, I just had to defend this pretty baby’s name. Those eyes! So big! She’s grown a lot since we last saw her. 🙂

NIta on

She looks like gramdma. Smile

Carly on

I am sure they called her “Sam” because that was another nickname that Earl called Tiger when he was a young boy. Or it may have been a nickname of Earls. Can’t remember the story exactly but I know the name Sam had some family significance. Maybe they didn’t like the name Samantha?!

Colleen Evans on

What an adorable girl and a gorgeous family! Congrats again to Tiger and Elin!

rebecca on

with the stream of unusual first names im glad to kno that Sam is nothing out of the ordinary in America, altho it wouldve been nicer if it were a little more feminine but its definitely no Shiloh or Harlow (thankfully, no offense), its a common name. this girl is gorgeous, she knocks all the other celebrity babies out of the ballpark, i hope shes blessed by God

Lilybett on

I think it’s interesting that Sam seems to look like whichever family member is holding her.

Aleah on

Sam is gorgeous! What a cutie!

Hea on

God, some people are so fixated with gender… Sam is a pretty name. It’s a bit of a unisex name. I love it.

The girl is GORGEOUS. Elin looks beautiful as ever.

Sarita on

She is very pretty. I have also considered Sam for my daughter. I don’t like Samantha though, so she would have been “just” Sam too.

Becky on

She does look a lot like her mom. But, she’s got that fire in her eyes, like her dad. Whenever I see her with Grandma, its always very nice and warm. Nothing can replace Earl Woods, but I imagine that having this beautiful baby girl in the family goes a long way into taking some of the sting out.

Tiger also has a teenaged niece who is an up and coming golfer. She’s quite lovely as well. Very long wavy hair and caramel colored skin.

CTBmom on

What a beautiful little girl! I think she’s a lovely blend of both her parents.

yaosa on


She is a perfect mixture of both parents and I see a lot of her mother in the second pic.

She also looks like a very happy baby!

Best wishes to them!

Carrie Jo on

I think Sam looks a lot like her grandma. Beautiful baby! I’m glad we finally get to see more of her.

Doreen on

Such a CUTIE pie!!!

J-Lin on

Beautiful little girl.

I wonder what will Tiger tell her when she is faced with a racist situation. I have been very disappointed in him taking a stand against racism and off-color remarks made in the media and having his reps call it a “non-story”. Tiger prides himself on being a role model, and this was a perfect opportunity for him to speak out against racism. Young kids that look up to him face these challenges everyday. I would love to say that Sam will live in a world where racism will not exist, but I doubt that seriously. I wonder if he will tell her its a “non” issue.

Maria Loi on

Very happy baby! May God bless Tiger and his family. I hope to see more pictures of his family.

Maya on

I got back to work and stopped commenting on this site, but I just had to say what a beautiful baby she is!

momof3inpa on

Oh my, yes, she is such a gorgeous baby! Not surprising though with those 2 parents!!

(however, I’d love to snip that piece of hair hanging down her face)

kemp on

what a beauty! perfect blend of her parents. love her dress- hope the website has it in my daughter’s size- thanks for posting the link for it.
i’m laughing at all this “sam” talk- i know several samuels and samanthas & they all go by “sam”- it’s become a very unisex name- like dana, michael, courtney, tracy, etc…
maybe tiger & elin and denise & charlie don’t like the name “samantha.” my daughter is lili, and a stranger (!) once got very snippy with me when she found out it wasn’t short for “lilian.” first of all- MYOB! and second of all- i don’t like that name. i’m not gonna give my kid a name i don’t like just because i like the sometimes nickname for it.
and her dad is named tiger for crying out loud! 🙂

Poor Golfer on

This is really cute .. “best of luck ” Tiger .