Paris Hilton excited to 'spoil' Harlow Madden

01/21/2008 at 04:31 PM ET

Like the vast majority of our readers, Paris Hilton is loving the name chosen by Nicole Richie and Joel Madden for their new baby girlHarlow Winter Kate, 10 days.  Nicole, says Paris, "always knows what’s cool before it happens."

It’s the coolest name ever.  I’m like, ‘That is the coolest name, oh my God!’ I wouldn’t even think she would have thought of that. It’s a beautiful name.

The 27-year-old — who has been friends with Nicole since childhood — added that she is "so excited" to become ‘Auntie Paris’.  Of Harlow, Paris says,

I’ve sent her all these presents. I’m going to spoil her!

Harlow is the first baby for Nicole and Joel.

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brannon on

I am in no way a Paris fan – but I wouldn’t mind having her spoil me 🙂 Bet that baby has the cutest things ever!

Daria on

I love the name Harlow, I bet she’s a gorgeous baby too.

Lauren on

“It’s the coolest name ever. I’m like, ‘That is the coolest name, oh my God!'”

Oh my God. I stopped talking like that in, like, 8th grade.

Sorry. It was too easy.

Annina on

Paris is still defining the word “eloquent”, I see. :p I guess I don’t dislike the name Harlow, but I don’t think Harlow Winter Kate has much of a flow to it. Nevertheless, I wish her and her parents all the best.

Robin on

Auntie Paris can spoil but I wouldn’t dare let her babysit! Still anxiously waiting to see what she looks like! She will be a trendy baby that’s for sure!

marcie on

Harlow is a cute name but Nicole Richie doesn’t deserve the credit for the name. Patricia Arquette named her baby girl Harlow over 4 years ago.

gabriella on

Paris and nicole are very close, so no doubt paris will spoil and love that baby. I can’t wait to see little harlow.

Nausicaa on

I really hope that at least one adult in Harlow’s life knows that spoiling a child does not equal love.

ang on

she is a gorgeous baby & joel is right- she looks just like her mom =)

patricia night on

I hope Paris will never get a chance to be around this beautiful baby

lis on

that was very sweet of paris 🙂

I can see her totally getting into being “auntie paris”.

Laura on

Patricia Arquette’s 4 year old daughter is named Harlow, so Nicole certainly didn’t think of it first in the celebrity world. Looks like Patricia is the trendsetter, not Nicole…

Chris on

I don’t think anyone really said Nicole was a trendsetter for naming her infant Harlow. I think it’s a beautiful name and had heard of it first when Patricia Arquette named her daughter Harlow.
I’m still anxiously waiting to see baby Harlow though!

CelebBabyLover on

marcie- Actually, Patrica Arquette named her daughter True Harlow. In otherwords, Harlow is actually her daughter’s middle name. People seem to forget that for some reason. Or does Patrica’s daughter go by Harlow?

stephanie on

I find it more likely that both Patricia and Nicole got the name from classic actress Jean Harlow. Beautiful name.

Dani on

I think what people mean is not just the name Harlow, but the whole name: Harlow Winter Kate.
Its the combination that is cool/trendy part. I think the name is very romantic name.

besides, i don’t think there should be a “competition” on who first thought/named their kid Harlow…how ridiculous.

lulusass on

I thought Patrica Arquette’s daughter was Harlow Olivia Calliope…? Therefore it would be her first name.

Beattie on

I’m sorry, but calling your baby Harlow – which will always seem uncomfortably close to Harlot for my liking – 4 years after Patricia Arquette did it is not groundbreaking. It’s an ugly name and I hope to god they call her Kate instead.

sarah on

im pretty sure patricias daughter does go by harlow. i like harlow madden. it has a nice ring to it.

legemc on

lulusass you are right. CelebBabyLover, True Harlow is Joely Fisher’s daughter.

legemc on

ang, where have you seen a picture of harlow?

Sarah’s note: She mistakenly thought she saw one in an Australian magazine, but it was one of the photos from their Richie Madden events where they were holding babies.

brannon on

Joely Fisher – True Harlow. Two Harlow’s in the kindergarten class in my school. Obviously becoming more popular. It really doesn’t matter. Adorable name.

Elizabeth on

“I wouldn’t even think she would have thought of that.”

Hello – backhanded compliment anyone? Ouch.

Morgan on

Sarah, when i saw the comment by “ang” i too thought “how the heck would she know??” BUT if you look at her email, it comes up as “angela cook”. Not sure if it is the same one, as it is a common name but Angela Cook is a very well know baby photog in LA. Maybe Nicole and Joel had some baby pics done?? If so maybe we will get to see one someday!!

Sarah’s note: She emailed the tips box with what she thought were the pics yesterday. This Ang is from Australia. 😉

Doreen on

I too was wondering how/where did she SEE Harlow’s pictures?! LOL I know for sure that CBB would be ALL over that!

Morgan on

Ahh! Wishful thinking! Im just dying to see that baby 🙂

ang on

lol,i click back on this thread by accident and people are talking about me.god, how do celebs do this all the time?i know no one!!! i’m just some chick who’s fed up with magazines posting news with pics which aren’t actually related to it.

jaQ on

vast majority likes this name? REALLY? i’m in no way trying to be nasty, but i do not like this name at all. however, winter and kate? love them! 🙂

in any event, i’m sure this will be a gorgeous baby, and i too want to be spoiled by auntie paris! lol

CelebBabyLover on

About ang thinking she saw pics of Harlow- Thank you, Sarah, for clearing that up! In doing so, you also cleared something up for me. See, yesterday, I saw a photo on cover of Star magazine of Nicole holding a baby girl (at least I assume it was a girl, judging from what she was wearing).

I immeditely thought, “Why in the world would Nicole and Joel sell pictures of Harlow to a tabloid like Star?” I also know that there haven’t yet been any paparazzi pictures taken of Harlow.

Now that I have read the comments on this post, I realize that, more than likely, the picture that I saw is one of the same ones that ang saw in that Australian magazine. 🙂

tamara on

why are so many celebs having babies is it a fad? some of these celebs are going to be at least 60 or more before their kids are adults what’s that all about.