Halle Berry sports new a new hair do as she leaves Four Seasons

01/21/2008 at 09:16 PM ET

Actress Halle Berry sported a new do as she left a Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, CA on Sunday, January 20th.  The 41-year-old and her boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, expect their first child in March.

Halle recently discussed her fears about giving birth.  To read, click here.

Source: Page Six

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brannon on


Ilona on

I love her new hair! and I can sympathise with her advanced state – I remember getting that big as the due date neared, not much fun. Still she looks like she’s handling it well.

PSB on

Sadly, not even the gorgeous Halle can pull this haircut off. Maybe it’ll look better from the front? I’ll reserve judgement, but on first glance – me no likey.

Other than that, she looks amazing. Pregnancy really becomes her.

Lani on

It seems that her tummy becames bigger overnight

Lani on

I think she is wearing a wig for a disguise from the photogs

Kim on

She looks cute, but, does anyone know what happened to her hand? It looks as if it were burned…..Poor Thing!

Shantale on


Speaking of her hand… it’s henna tattoo.

Heather on

Kim, actually, I clicked on the photo to enlarge it and it actually looks like Halle has henna on her hand! Zoom in, it looks beautiful!

Jadine on

She has henna on her hand.

gabriella on

I can’t tell if I like it too much yet, but her outfits are always cute and I can’t wait to see her baby. I have a feeling her baby is due Feb

Lisa on

@ Kim
Its a henna tattoo:)


Dont think that hair suits but having a baby can take alot of the body. her hand looks painted with that thing that weird people do

Rye on

Honestly, not my favorite hairstyle on her. I think it ages her a lot. But, she is still cute. I am surprised at how big she is though! She looks like she is ready to pop and she still has 2 months left??? Wowza. I am betting boy all the way with this one.

NIta on

Love the hair. It is perfect time for her to get a carefree look. She is carrying that baby well too.

Kim on

I LOVE her hair! It’s adorable! She looks great considering how close she is to delivery day. I predict it’s a girl.

Principesa on

Not my personal favorite but face it, people: she could be bald and still be gorgeous.

FC on

Yep, Henna tattoo. And, honestly, I think I like the henna tat more than the hairstyle. I think I’d have liked it better if it was curly and pixie short. Works better that way on her, or long and curly. This in between just isn’t working…but she’s still cute, I agree.

LA Shark on

Love it, love it….love it!

jewel on

eww… don’t like

Beattie on

It’s clearly a wig. Nice try Halle but it didn’t fool the paparazzi like you hoped.

BostonMom on

Looks like she went and got a dramatic “pregnancy haircut,” which they always tell you NOT to do! I am 8+ months pregnant myself, so believe me, I understand the urge to do something different as a pick-me-up. But I resist the urge! Still, I don’t think her new ‘do looks too bad — I actually like her best with short-cropped hair (like when she won her Oscar), so maybe she’ll go back to that. I’m also thinking that maybe the long hair was actually extensions and she got sick of maintaining them in pregnancy?

I do find it very interesting that she is clearly wearing maternity clothes now after pronouncing that she wouldn’t. Women should be careful about what they say early in pregnancy…there is no way to know what your body will be like!

Lindsay on

When did Whitney Houston get pregnant?

MMM on

I thought this was Whitney Houston at first. I think it may be a wig!

crimpe on

Boston Mom, I couldn’t agree more. I groaned at the “no maternity clothes for me” almost as much as her assertion that she was able to change her type of diabetes (dangerously ignorant for the public and annoying for anyone with type 1 diabetes). I am due with my fourth when she is, and I am as big (sadly no boobs though). I think she looks terrific!! I also fell victim to the drastic haircut while pregnant with my daughter and was miserable, however I love love love Halle’s hair. I love the big curls, it is probably more manageable, and she might be nervous to go short if her face is getting rounder. OR it could be a fun wig!

Renee on

Crimpe, I have read about Halle Berry and the diabetes quote you are referring to but reading it again makes it seem like a journalist error than her actually saying that. They always say don’t believe everything you read. Since I doubt you have actually talked to Halle in person, I would say you have a question mark about what she said in that interview. Interviewers can make any one’s statements sound the wrong way.Halle is a smart woman and usually very careful of what she says. Somehow I’m still shocked people are bringing up her maternity comment. I think she was just joking. Some people need to get a sense of humour

crimpe on

Hmm, Renee, I would think that if Halle were misquoted on such an important issue that she would at least have made a correction through her publicist. You can watch and hear her tell James Lipton on Bravo that she has “weaned herself off insulin” and is no longer type 1 diabetic. Look it up. And I think her assumption she’d sail through pregnancy wearing regular clothes WAS hilarious! Come on, celebrities are not perfect.