Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller takes girls to the zoo

01/21/2008 at 10:52 AM ET

Actor Charlie Sheen, 42, and fiancee Brooke Mueller took his daughters Sam, 3 ½, and Lola Rose, 2 ½ to the LA Zoo on Sunday in Los Angeles, CA. Mom is actress Denise Richards.


Photos by Bauer Griffin.

109395_613 The girls are wearing Stride Rite’s TT Pandora shoes ($50).

2bfreehoodie Both girls are wearing 2 B Free hoodies.  This exact design is not listed on their website, but very similar ones are listed on ebay.

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tink1217 on

those two girls are so adorable. They do not look very happy though. Not like when they are with Denise. Sam looks more at ease than Lola does. It must be so tough to blend a family. When I remarried my ex gave up his parental rights and my new husband legally adopted the kids so we had no contact with the ex at all and still don’t. I can’t imagine the confusion we would have had otherwise…especially with my daughter.

Emily on

Why do we never see Charlie holding Lola?

I also find it a little hard to watch them standing there posing like that, it just feels wrong in the environment of a zoo.

Lisa on

These 2 little ones are really cute but I have to say they are never smiling. I seem to think that their mother has little to do with it.

Natasha on

Those 2 girls are such girly-girls! You can tell they’re gonna have some nice clothes in their teen years haha

Lauren on

I don’t think the girls look any more or less comfortable than when they are with Denise. They always seem a little tense/on-edge, which I guess is to be expected considering their family situation. But they’re definitely growing into their looks, and I love their hoodies! Anyone know where they’re from?

jenny on

I just think it would be so difficult to see photos of another woman holding your child. Maybe it would seem less painful a photo to look at if Brooke was just holding Lola’s hand? I think you have to be really respectful of each other during the blending process and I am not so sure that is what is going on here.

Tara on

The girls look very unhappy! That’s the first thing i noticed. However thats not to say it’s because they are with their dad, maybe they are both just a little tired or grumpy. There’s probably pics of them smiling too.

They are such beautiful girls! And i LOVE the way they are always dressed

Lisa on

Nice to see them with their dad and his girlfriend. Hopefully they do not need to be supervised. We always see the girls with their mom. Do they live with their mom?

Sara on

I thnk they look the same as always: Cute, but a little on-edge. I’m sure it’s because there is a camera in their faces.
Anyway, the first thing I noticed is their feet. They’re huge!!

Jen on

I also think it odd that they are posing at the zoo. I have heard that some celebrities actually contact the paparazzi and let them know where they will be so they can be photographed. I am wondering if Charlie arranged this photo op so Denise would see his happy family?!

Angel on

People have said before that Denise calls the paps when she’s out with the kids. I think Charlie did the same thing; it looks like he’s throwing it in Denise’s face the way he is posing with them. The girls sure are cuties though.

Sarah’s note: Yes, there was a note at the photo agency that the photos were taken with Charlie’s permission.

Kristin on

Gosh, this has to be painful for Denise to see. Her ex-husband and his new arm candy playing “house” with her sweet little girls. It makes my heart ache for her.

Mireillea on

Angel, I have to say I have never seen Denise posing the way Charlie is with them here when she is out at some day out with the children.

Yes she has brought them to a few child orientated events as charlie has to, but I don’t believe Denise is that calculated when it comes to the children. These pictures above, however, look really sad and staged to me. On top of that I have just seen a picture of poor Sam on and she looks really in distress.

I have to say I dont think Denise was lying when she says that the children get very upset when they go to spend time with Charlie and it takes her a few days to calm them down afterwards. They do look really upset to me I hate to say.

PSB on

Angel, I SOOOO agree. These photos look staged. Brooke is wearing a ton of makeup and looks like her hair was blown out for the occasion (of going to the zoo??)

I think both Charlie and Denise do this and I think it’s disgusting. It’s especially disturbing to me to see all of the heavily made up Brooke playing mom in pictures that have been circulating lately. Is she doing this to boost her own profile? There were pics on CBB the other day of just her with the kids. She’s not famous and I doubt the paps follow her when she’s out alone. She obviously called them to take her pic. They’re kids, not props!

Tracey on

I know from experience that in a split it’s much easier for the new ‘partner’ to befriend the youngest. The younger the kid is, the less ‘guarded’ they are. So it’s not surprising that Brooke is always the one holding Lola. It’s just more natural for Sam to request her Dad over his gf.

amanda on

ok i normally wouldn’t comment on something like this, but after reading these comments i couldn’t help myself – you all have it backwards! living in LA and being “in the biz” (hate that expression), denise richards is notorious for calling the paps and staging photo ops. notorious! it’s like a running joke here. if charlie sheen did it for once, then good on him. from your comments siding with denise, apparently she got what she wanted – a skewed view of reality biased toward her. and good lord, how can any of you know why the girls look a bit grumpy?? they could just be tired from a day at the zoo.

Bella on

This whole family creeps me out, these girls are just stuck in the middle. I don’t think Charlie is the good guy he would have us believe he is.

legemc on

I think the pics are cute and the girls don’t look upset to me. They aren’t smiling, but they don’t look sad or angry or anything to me either. If toddlers are really upset about something they will let you know. I think if they were really uncomfortable around Charlie and Brooke they’d probably be screaming and crying and not letting them carry them. They also don’t look staged or posed to me, just looks like a normal family outing. As far as these pictures upsetting Denise…I’m pretty sure I saw some pics of Richie Sambora with the girls at one point too, but I could be wrong.

Mireillea on

Nonsense Amanda. What you have said is categorically untrue and truthfully Charlie is the one doing his darndest in this instance to stage his photos; too bad Sam didn’t play along for him as TMZ proves.

Denise looks after those children day in day out and in all reality you still very rarely see them unless its in a controlled environment. As for calling ”paps” I dont believe that for one second of Denise for multiple reasons. You only have to look at the pictures above to see what Charlie and his fiancee are up to.

As I said before, the children were both definitely upset, as TMZ has proven and CBB has RIGHTLY chosen not to publish (thank you CBB)

Pam on

As someone with a sister in law who works at E!, I agree with amanda that it is well know that Denise does arrange photo ops. That being said, I have no issue with it because from what I see I believe she’s a good mom — however, in reality we cannot judge as we don’t know what goes on with Denise OR Charlie. I will just say that the girls are beautiful and leave it at that.

FC on

I don’t see no big difference in how they look. It could be that it’s just one of those days…they’ve had plenty of them when they’ve been out with their mother, and there have been photos of them with Denise where they don’t seem very happy or in some sort of mood. So, I’m not going to say it has anything to do with them being with their dad and Brooke. And what does it matter who is carrying which child? That’s beside the point.

It’s unfair to say that the girls looking seemingly somber is all because of Charlie and him possibly setting up a photo op, when I know there’s been times that Denise seems to have done/has done the same thing. So pot, kettle…

Only thing I think is funny is that lopsided grin on Charlie’s face. He’s given better smiles than that one…lmao. 😛

Anyway, the girls do look cute in their hoodies.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

If we could focus the comments on the girls instead of Charlie and Denise, that would be great. Seems most posts with Charlie usually end up getting closed, and I’d like to leave this one open if we can. Thank you.

brannon on

Well said – personally, the girls look tired – exactly like my son after a day at the zoo! They really are beautiful children! And I think it’s great that they are making an effort to focus their time with the children on an activity they will enjoy – not a press event or business thing – just a day together as a family. As far as posing, I think I would rather pose than have photogs chasing me down? Seems safer for the children. Catch more bees with honey and all that…

sushi on

hey everyone, sorry for what i’m about to say, but i have to say it:
Sara (cbb editor) is right. I thought cbb was just a blog where you can comment on how pretty babies are etc.. not about the stupid relationship between their parents ( which is by the way none of our business).
You’re saying that charlie (or denise) (or brook) calls the paps and let them know where they are so that some pic can be taken, you are also saying how stupid this behaviour is, but commenting on this is even more stupid, don’t you think?
maybe if people would stop talking about what may have happend beetween charlie and denise, the girls could look happier.

i adore charlie sheen, and the Sheen family ( martin and emilio), i also think that denise is one pretty ladie, and i just think that Sam and Lola could have a much better life if people would stop commenting on their parents’life. After all, who here has met charlie or denise to have the right to tell how they spend time with their daughters?

Lilybett on

I think it’s most likely the girls are looking uncomfortable because there’s a media scrum in front of them. There are just as many shots of them looking the same way with Denise. To think anything else would be pure speculation about relationsips we know nothing about.

Robin on

I think that these two little girls are beautiful and that both parents need to put aside their differences for their sake. Charile and Denise are divorced and while the circumstances aren’t ideal I would want my ex. to be engaged to someone who would be good to my girls. I think that Brooke is trying her best and that what happens between Charlie and Denise should remain private. Even though these girls are very young they obviously can pick up on the tension. Where’s Granpa Martin Sheen? Let him come and babysit for awhile!

Mary-Helen on

Why do those poor children always look so sad when they are with him? They are such lovely little girls and it would be nice to see them smiling more. I love pics of them when they are with their mom because they are smiling and they have such beautiful smiles.

gabriella on

I don’t know why everyone thinks denise or charlie call the paps, to get their pictures taken. We are on on a site called celebritybabyblog that consists of tons of celebrities out with their children, that alone lets you know how many pictures paparazzi gets of celebrity children on an everyday basis, especially in places like CA. If it wasn’t for paparazzi taking pictures of celebrities with their children doing the normal things like running errands, shopping, taking their kids out,etc a site like this would never exist lol. Back to the pictures, both sam and lola are adorable kids.

Sarita on

I just knew when I saw the number of posts people had found something negative about these photos but there isn’t anything negative about it!

If you think children always walk around with a big smile at the zoo you obviously don’t have children yourself. The photo on TMZ shows a perfectly normal child too.

The kids look cute and I’m sure they had fun at the zoo once the paps left.

ggg on

This is such a great site. I visit it a lot just to see pics. I feel as though I am being intrusive looking at the photos, but the babies , toddlers and children are adorable and it makes me smile. I just cannot get other the neg. remarks and I really think cbb should do away with the comments section.

Sarah’s note: We’ve considered it in the past.

ggg on

I am sorry I know this is about the kids, but Denise is in talks to do a reality show with her two girls. Charlie is trying to stop her and now they are going back to court. Please do not post this. Your send a tip is not working

Jen on

I agree with some people here that those girls look unhappy especially Sam who is old enough to understand the situation.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

We’re continuing to get unpublishable comments so I’m going to close this up. Thanks to those who participated respectfully.