Terri Irwin and Bindi at Australia.com gala in Hollywood on Saturday

01/20/2008 at 09:21 AM ET

Terri Irwin and daughter, Bindi Sue, 9, attend the Australia.com Black Tie Gala to celebrate GDay Australia Week in Hollywood on Saturday night. Bindi’s father is the late Australian Steve ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Irwin.


Photo by Bauer Griffin.

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Sinsane on

Gah, Bindi looks so much like her father (R.I.P.) It’s amazing.

And Terri is absolutely gorgeous!

Mommy to Princes on

Terri looks absolutely stunning – the best I have ever seen her. I have been following the Croc Hunter for years with my boys 7, 8 1/2. I am so happy that their family has been able to move forward through their pain and keep their heads up. She is a wonderful mother and role model to her children. Also, Terri does an excellent job of teaching Bindi age appropriate-ness in clothing/activities when all little girls around her age want to be so much older looking and grow up so fast. I wish them all the best.

Marlene on

Bindi looks more like her father each day. Terri looks so beautiful! We always see her in the zoo clothes and she looks so different in this picture.

missloUiSiAna on

WOW x’s 10 Terri!! She looks amazing! I’ve never seen her dressed up, WOW again lolololol

lil Bindi looks like her daddy sha baby!

Nausicaa on

Wow, they both look gorgeous!! I love sweet little Bindi beyond reason. After reading Terri’s book, “Steve & Me,” I was very impressed with how they raise their children. They really value communication. I thought, No wonder they have such a sweet, intelligent, mature daughter. They’re model parents, definitely.

Wow, I just realized I’m talking as if Steve is still alive. I keep forgetting he’s gone.

Lizzie on

They look stunning. (they’ve come a LONG way from the crocodile swamps!)
Congrats to them for continuing Steve Irwin’s amazing work

Sarah F. on

Wow, I’ve never seen Terri look like that! Amazing!

Kim Greenman on

Wow, Are they not two of the most beautiful people? I cannot believe how much Bindi looks like her dad and I can’t believe how beautiful Terri is! She looks great! Bless them both.

Tan on

wow Terri looks fab.She looks like she’s never had kids.Bindi is just adorable.

Loralee on

These two look absolutely beautiful. I love how Bindi’s dress is age appropriate.

Stephanie on

It’s so weird to see them in anything other than khaki! They both look beautiful.

SJ on

Really nice to see Teri out of the khakis. She looks good.

Hea on

Oh, so pretty! Both of them. 🙂 Steve would have been proud.

tink1217 on

They both look gorgeous! LOVE Bindi’s dress!!!

Rachel on

Terri looks amazing and Bindi is a beautiful little girl. I love how Terri has continued to live life with her children as it would have been lived with Steve… I’m sure he would be so proud!
They are such a beautiful family!!

J.M. on

Bindi is getting so big!! It’s nice to see them in something other then their usual Khaki’s!! Terri looks beautiful and so does Bindi. I bet Steve is just smiling down from heaven at his two gorgeous girls.

Andi on

Wow I didn’t even recognize Terrie. I was scrolling down really quick and stopped last second because of Bindi. They look reallly good.

amy on

Teri looks GORGEOUS! I have never seen her out of khakis…who knew she had such a fantastic figure!

Christine on

VaVaVaVoooom! Terri looks gorgeous! I have never seen her out of her khaki’s before. Wow.

Bindi is the image of her Dad!

amelita on

Wow! Terri looks smokin’! I’ve never seen her like that before. And Bindi looks sweet. LOVE this family!

jenny on

Hubba Hubba, Teri!!! So great to see her embracing her feminine side, even if just for an evening.

Lola-Bella on

I adore them. They should dress up more often.

gabriella on

Bindi looks just like her dad.

terrichelle on

Gorgeous! Both of them.

Sasha on

Gosh they look beautiful & this is happy/sad. How hard it must be for Terri. Terri, be strong, don’t lose too much weight! Hope they are able to continue Steve’s great work for as long as they desire and are always surrounded by love & support.

Natalie on

awww beautiful girlies!! 😀

Bindi looks exactly like her father! i think Robert looks more like Terri though.

such a beautiful family! Steve would be proud. 🙂

CTBmom on

I agree with all the comments, Terri looks gorgeous and Bindi is a doll, she favors her dad so much.

Debbie on

Wow, Steve would be proud of his girls, they look gorgeous!

Kathy on

Terri Irwin is the image of pride, graciousness, dedication and love of family. She and her daughter are absolute role models for mothers and daughters and all women everywhere. Terri Irwin is stunning in her gown and Bindi is just as lovely in hers. It is my belief that Steve and Terri’s life together was just the beginning of Terri Irwin’s mission in this world.

MMM on

Hubba Hubba Teri. She looks great! She looks like Lucy Lawless with her blonde hair.

theek on

i am like come to you city

Carolina on

Well, I don’t speak english so good.
They’re both look so beatifuls, they’re look like a princess. Terri is so gorgeous, Bindi look so sweet.

Steve is happy in heaven Terri.

You’re my hero.