Camila Alves out in Malibu on Friday

01/20/2008 at 02:49 PM ET

Model Camila Alves, 25, was spotted out in Malibu, CA, on Friday. Camila and actor boyfriend Matthew McConaughey, 38, announced earlier this week that she is pregnant with their first child, due this summer.

Check out all the photos at Flynet.

Thanks to CBB reader Susan.

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Chloe on

Wow, she is showing already!

gabriella on

I think she might be further along than 3 months, more like 4-5 months IMO.

Pam on

I agree, she’s got quite the belly on her already. I wonder if Matt made the announcement because she’s showing, not because she’s 3 months.

poppy on

wow, what a gorgeous dress.

Lola-Bella on

She looks like she’s four months. But I guess every woman is different. I have no clue because I never been pregnant.

tink1217 on

she looks about 4 months to me. How long have these 2 been together??? Is she the one he met while living in the travel trailer???

dana on

I say a boy.. that belly if very low.. I don’t know much about her.. is she a famous model or something?

Lilybett on

He’s not still living in the trailer is he?

Cheryl H on

She looks more that three months!? I think she looks five or six. If I remember right it seems you look wide at your waist and then pop out front,around five to six months. I can remember liking when I popped because I no longer looked fat!She is a model and should have been able to hide this bump for longer if she was only three months along?

nani on

She became more famous ( even here in Brazil) after she met him. But to me they are together for at least one year or more. However for obvious reason she seems to be much more talked about in US than here, even when the talk is about models.

I am happy for them tough

brannon on

wow. nobody should get to look like that AND have Matthew’s children. very unfair. she is stunning (and I agree – she looks much further along than 3 months but being as they were so excited in their announcement, I can’t imagine them “lying” about how far along she is? could be throwing off the bump watch paps OR maybe she just looks bigger because the rest of her is so tiny!)

Dawn on

Matthew’s mom says in the new People that she has known since November that Matthew and Camila were going to have a baby so she may be four or more months along. It looks like they waited till Camilla couldn’t hide the fact that she was pregnant anymore to announce it.

iluvallbabies on

Hmmmm is that also an engagement ring I see on her finger? 😉

Simply stunning.

brannon on

I think they stated that this is a “love child” and they are against the idea of marriage? (I could be wrong? – basing this on an interview where his mom asked if they would get married and he responded?)

Nicole on

She is SO much further along than 3 months!

BrangelinaLover on

My mom’s teaching partner is due in May and she looks to be about that size. If not even a little smaller. I guess each women differs, but I do agree with the other posters that she is about 4-5 months along!

That’s going to be one beautiful baby.

CelebBabyLover on

Nicole- Not neccesarily! Camila doesn’t seem to be a very big person, so I’m guessing she’s one of those women where the belly has nowhere to go but straight out. 🙂

That said, I do believe that she may be four months along. Matt said that the baby is “three months growin’ in her womb”, which techincally could mean that she is currently in her fourth month of her pregnancy.

Stephanie on

Most women begin showing around 18-20 weeks, which would be about 5 months. It is not physically possible for a woman to have a baby bump in the position that Camila’s is in before then; the uterus doesn’t go up that high underneath the belly button until 5 months or so. She is definitely at least 5-6 months pregnant.

terri on

She does look further along than 3 months, maybe she is or maybe she is just built that she will show quickly.

Kat on

Not fair…tall, thin, gorgeous, and the most adorable belly, with adorable clothes. I hope she gets hemeroids. Not really…ok I do. I’m jealous.

But really, she’s so freakin cute!!!

Ilona on

I agree with most of the posters here that she is further along than 3 months.
Yes, she is beautiful but I doubt she’ll be able to go braless for too much of her pregnancy! Not being mean (or jealous) but it might get uncomfortable.
Also you don’t want to poke anyone’s eyes out either 😀

K on

I think she has a great figure, cool clothes and Matthew, but I don’t find her that pretty at all. Don’t get me wrong, she’s attractive, but for him I picture someone striking. I also agree that she’s around her 5th month.

stacey on

yeah i agree she looks a lot further along than what they’re letting on. its most likely to get the paparazi off thier back.

isa maria on

She could be bloated? I thought I started showing at around 9 wks but it was all bloat I seriously looked 5 months pregnant.She looks great. Weird that Jessica Alba is further along but looks tiny.