Tom Cruise takes son Connor out to dinner for his birthday

01/18/2008 at 02:39 PM ET

Actor Tom Cruise, 45, takes son Connor out to dinner at The Cut restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA to celebrate his 13th birthday on January 17th.  Mom is Nicole Kidman.


Photo by Flynet.

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MH on

it is very refreshing to see tom cruise take his other children out on the town!

alex on

i really dont understand who these children live with most of the time. I mean tom and katie have not been in LA much this past year at all?

minx on

Connor is a very handsome boy but why is he dressed like a CEO going to a board meeting? He’s only 13 and it’s his birthday celebration, right?

peachy on

Connor is one good looking young man.He takes after his dad who is really good looking too.God bless the Cruise’s.

Nita on

It is a bit much, but it is a nice suit. Perhaps he wanted to dress sharp like his dad. Hopefully dinner was not all for the day. And yes it is good to see Mr. Cruise spending time with his other children.
I thought for a while that all 3 kids were with him and Katie. But being that you never see them, they could be in a boarding school, or have well paid nannies.

Emily on

I’m sure at Connor’s age he is well aware what his parents do for a living. And I’m sure he’s not the typical 13 year old at pool parties etc. He is very good looking. Nice dinner, formal place, nice suit to go with it, why not. He knew his picture would be taken and posted everywhere cause he is with his parents. But I do wonder why they live with Tom more than Nicole.

Melissa on

I don’t get why people make such a big deal about his older kids never being seen with them. When i was their age i was never with my parents either. I was usually with my friends, at that age you are usually embarrassed by your parents and don’t want to be seen with them, just because their parents are celebs i don’t think that they are any different.

Lauren on

Connor looks so dapper in his suit! He’s very handsome and seems like a gentleman. I agree, it is nice to see Tom with one of his older kids after all the Suri outings.

Jen on

Why is connor dressed up for his birthday? Because it’s his BIRTHDAY with his DAD and they are going to CELEBRATE! HE looks happy in the picture so they’ve probably planned a nice fancy night out to celebrate him turning the big 13, lol! Maybe there was a really nice restaurant he has been looking forward to going to and he decided to go all out. I did that with my own dad when I was around that age and it was a blast, I felt very grown up dressing nicer and going to a fancier restaurant than I was used to.

You’d think Tom and Katie lock his older children in a tower from the way people worry about why they dont see them in photos a lot. :/

lis on

I think it’s nice we don’t see them a lot – I take that to mean the children are living lives out of the spotlight, and that they are being allowed to achieve whatever goals they’ve got.

On my 13th birthday I dressed up really fancy too.. went to a restaurant that required a reservation well in advance. 🙂 It’s a fond memory! I hope Connor’s is too.

Colleen on

Connor looks great!

He’s likely dressed in a suit because Cut is a dressy attire restaurant.

I think Melissa has a good point about Connor & Isabella being at the age where they really aren’t hanging out with their parents much. They’d probably rather play with their sports teams and stay in school rather than be hounded by paparazzi outside FAO Schwartz.

Though the fact that they don’t seems to spend much time with Nicole.
Happy Birthday Connor!

Annie-Kate on

Emily + Colleen,
I’ve read a few interviews from Nicole saying that the kids are at the age (they are teenagers and all) where they get and want to choose where they live, and its L.A where they want to be. Maybe Australia and Tennessee (?, is that where Keith Urban is) aren’t ‘cool’ for them at that age.

Also, I do believe that Isabella and Connor are both practicing Scientologist’s, so perhaps they choose to stay with their dad so they can follow that (Nicole is some form of catholic, I think, but again, don’t quote me on that).

Furthermore, if you’ve seen the interviews she does, she talks about how she spent her 20s raising her kids and how she loved it.

I think Nicole is a great mum, but I do think her and Tom should get their act together, and that the two kids should be staying in the same house with one parent and not spending so much time away from the parent which is looking after them. I think its also sad how the media (especially, I noticed in Australia) don’t really count Isabella or Connor as her “real” kids.

Oh, and lastly, even if Tom is raising the kids by himself (I know for a fact the kids spend their whole holidays with their mum), there are plenty of other celebrity and everyday people arrangements where this happens with the mum and dad reversed, and I myself was raised by a single father and there is not one thing different or wrong with that than being raised by the mother.

(Sorry, rant over, I am just so sick of hearing the “Why aren’t they with Nicole?” stuff)

brannon on

Connor is very handsome! happy birthday!

That being said – I am not giving Tom father of the year award. I don’t care what a 13 year old wants – Tom should adjust his life and stay home with his children! So they don’t want to move around and prefer living with their aunt – guess what? If it was my child, I would be crushed and doing everything I could to make them happy! Especially because he has the means too! There have been plenty of posts about Suri being on the go and in the spotlight – and now we can discuss his other children doing the opposite and the only common theme seems to be that Tom’s life comes first – kids either fit in or dont. Seems selfish to me! (and before anybody starts the Perfect Parent bashing – no, I’m not, but I know enough to know my kids come first.)

minx on

Have you seen any of the recent Cruise videos? One is enough to take this man with a HUGE grain of salt. As to the kids not being seen around, they’re homeschooled by Cruise’s sister and the rest of their education is supplied by the Scientology center. No wonder they’re not much with Nicole–in her recent interviews she was very clear about the kids choosing to be with their father. Why? What about parental alienation and the fact, according to the church, she’s an SP, which is someone to be avoided. Tom hardly wore suits before meeting Katie and attaining the position he currently has in the church.

nani on

I have a picture in a magazine here from Brazil of the two Nicole Kids with her on Australia. One is her, husband and older daughter walking in a Pier – her daughter her a very short hair.
I dont have scann tough.
I never saw this picture posted here. I am saying this because some people always says Nicole is never with them and I started to believe so tought cool when I saw it.

madison on

I think one of Tom’s sisters and her children live with him, Katie and the three kids don’t they? And maybe Tom’s mother too – not sure. Anyway, I don’t say this to get into the debate of whether or not Tom spends enough time with the older ones. I’m just saying that I don’t think they are being cared for only by nannies when Tom and Katie are out of town. They seem to have an extended family support system. Living the crazy lives these mega celebrities do – it probably “take a village”

Karine on

About two months ago in an interview, they ask him about Isabella and Connor. He said now they are teenagers they do not hang with them as much anymore, since they do their own stuff. Which is normal with teens everywhere.

Janey on

Katie said in an interview that they stay home as much as they can. Before going to NY they were with their kids. It is easy to think you know all about these people because they are in the public domain but you don’t. I am sure he loves his kids more that those people who abuse them and then pretend to care about them.


gabriella on

Conner is very handsome and tom seems like a good dad to both isabella and conner, and suri as well.

J-Lin on

Connor is so handsome.

And for Pete’s sake, he is going to a nice restaurant, not Golden Coral. Being a teenager is not an excuse for not wearing the appropriate attire.

Sasha on

I am so happy to see him out with one of his older kids… it has been so long. If they are home schooled, why can’t they been homeschooled on the set? Being homeschooled does not justify him not spending time with his other kids. Just like Angie and Brad get a lot of flake for not bringing the “golden child” out all the time, Tom should get the same anger when it comes to Bella and Connor.

Sonitera on

Fyi: Conner & Bella live with Tom’s sister Cass and are homeschooled with scientology morals and lessons by her.

coco on

i know connor is adopted but he looks so much like tom, seriously. i would think he was his biologically. they both look handsome. good to see them together.

Andrea on

According to “Tom Cruise sets a stylish example for growing son Connor (who turns 13 on Feb. 6) as they have a male-bonding meal Thursday at Beverly Hills restaurant Cut.” So maybe they will have a casual birthday celebration on his actual birthday and this is just a “male bonding dinner” like they say. Some girls when they become a teen will have a mother/daughter day and they will do something grown-up to recognize the daughter becoming a young lady. I’m sure some men have such a day with their son. What that day entails is solely dependent on that parent and child.

Lilybett on

when did Connor get so tall?

Cheri on

I wish people would stop saying that Tom’s older kids aren’t seen enough. They are seen plenty. You used to see them all the time at soccer games. They are young adults now. Would you want to hang out with your dad, stepmother and baby sister? I wouldn’t.

As far as Tom being a “kook” well.. he’s just very much into his religion. It may not be your choice or my choice, but it’s his. He’s passionate about his beliefs. Good for him for having a belief he’s so passionate about. It makes sense he would want to share something he feels is so important with his kids.

Lisa on

It’s good seeing Conner. I don’t really follow Tom Cruise but before he married Katie they were always with Conner and Isabella. Now not so much. I don’t know the custody agreement but the kids are at the age where they want to make their own decisions. Since they lived in LA for their entire lives, moving to Nashville/Australia probably doesn’t sound good. They would have to leave their friends and surroundings to start over.

SJ on

Connor does not get his looks from Tom. He gets them from his natural biological parents. I wish people wouldnt be so silly.

I hope Connor and Isabelle are not being brainwashed by the cult and can see their MOTHER, not Katie, when they want to.

toontown on

Ok, besides to what mostly people have said here, i’ll just add that i’m glad Nicole will have a baby of her own.

brannon on

Nicole already has two children of her own. But yes, it’s nice that she’ll be adding to the family.

On a side note – since when is a 13 year old old enough to make his own decisions about where he wants to live and what he wants to do with his family? Everyone keeps saying it’s not Tom’s fault these children aren’t with him because they are old enough to make their own decisions? Really? As a teacher, I can assure you that the teenagers given this freedom are NOT the teenagers I someday hope my son will be (or be friends with for that matter!) They are still children…

missy on

It’s nice to see Tom out with one of his older kids. Connor is so handsome. Do we know for a fact that Bella and Connor live with his sister or is it just a rumour? I would think that the kids live with Tom when he is in L.A., and perhaps they stay with their Aunt when he has to travel. If, that’s the case, I think it’s a fine arrangement.

rachel on

note to people mag his birthday is jan17 not in happy birthday connor.

CelebBabyLover on

missy- Tom’s sister lives at the Cruises’ LA house with them (them meaning Tom, Katie, and Suri plus Connor and Bella).

Cheri- ITA!

SJ- Yes, they do see Nicole. They spent Christmas with her, and I think they spend at least part f the summer with her as well.

brannon-Regarding what you said about Nicole, ITA! Just because Connor and Bella are adopted does not mean that they are not “her own” children!

terri on

Looks like a special, grown-up dinner for Connor on his 13th birthday. I think it’s very sweet that they had such a nice celebration for his entry into the teenage years.

gabriella on

Tom has always seemed like an attentive dad to his children in my opinion. You see him plenty of time with the older kids, and the kids always look pretty happy with him. And with suri he is always with her too. I think to be such a big movie star, you see him often out and about with his children and he seems to care and try his best.

Melodic Gold on

Um, If both of this kids parents are white, why does he look BLACK!? Maybe he got the looks from the gene pool from some jungle fever ancestry or something…I know I’m not the only one who notices how WHITE Nicole is and how WHITE Tom is…Or maybe someone needs to explain what I missed?

blueeyesdance on

Connor looks exactly like Tom Cruise and even has his mannerisms, and walks the same way. If you see closeups of his face smiling, he is Tom’s clone…except for being black of course. The mother must be beautiful so guess I do not blame Tom. He must be protecting her privacy.