Spelling-McDermott family meets with Oxygen

01/18/2008 at 03:01 PM ET

Actress Tori Spelling, 34, and husband Dean McDermott, 41, bring along son Liam Aaron, 10 months, for a meeting today in Beverly Hills, CA, with Oxygen in reference to their show Tori and Dean: Inn Love.

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Photos by Startraks.

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I think Liam looks so much like Tori’s brother!!!!!

Pam on

He is so sweet!!! What a happy boy, I love it.

Deanna on

Somebody sure looks like his Daddy!

The Nanny on

I think he’s a great mix of both his parents. His little toes look so cold, though!

melissa on

I hope they renew their show. I love to watch it!

Liam is adorable!

Regan on

He sure does look like Randy!

Annie-Kate on

Liam’s growing up so fast! He’s turning into such a handsome little boy. Cute pics!

Angeline26 on

He is so cute. I think he looks more like Dean that Tori.

Maria on

If I didn’t know better I would say he is Randy’s son for sure. I would sure like to see the two of them together for comparrison!

halifaxhoney on

He’s so cute! He really does like alot like Randy.

gabriella on

His hair is getting red. He looks like the spelling family a lot.

Lisa on

I love this family. Cute, cute baby and good looking family. I hope they re-new their show also..it’s funny.

ang on

gorgeous pics!

tori is totally preg again-see 2nd pic


Robyn on

Tori does not look pregnant in the Rehab818 pictures someone posted….Her hands are just in her pockets..LOL!!

Andria on

I don’t follow her that closely so I assumed she wasn’t pregnant from the lack of comments about it, but I think she looks pregnant in every picture I’ve seen of her on here in the last month (including all of these). She had gotten her stomach back to appearing quite flat, and was wearing more form-fitting outfits a little while back. Lately she appears to have a bit of a belly (not HUGE, but more than a few months ago) and is dressed in much less revealing stuff. I wouldn’t say it’s totally obvious, but I definitely see where people might think she was pregenant.

Sara on

explanation for less revealing clothing – umm… it’s winter… 😀

FC on

I can see where Liam resembles his uncle..in the facial expressions he makes. I can see that. But honestly, I’m starting to see Candy in him, Aaron in some ways… He’s definitely a Spelling baby, but then there’s times when he looks like his daddy, too. 😉

That smile in the first photo is too adorable!

ang on

winter in L.A…..no snow,etc.

CelebBabyLover on

ang- Yes, but it DOES get cold in LA (a few posters here on CBB who live in and around LA have mentioned on other posts that it has been quite chilly there lately). Anyway, I agree with Robyn. Tori doesn’t look pregnant at all to me!

Sara on

Really? No snow in LA. I didn’t know that.

Having been raised in Southern California I can attest to the fact that is does, in fact, get cold enough for the occasional sweater – even when you are not trying to cover up a pregnancy.

Kaitlyn on

This is a cute baby. So handsome.

Andria on

Of course she’s dressed a bit more covered because of the winter, but many celebs like Tori still dress in a more form-fitting style. I mean her entire style seems to be shifting to things that hide her shape purposefully (like empire waists, big, billowing shirts, ect.). I’m not saying I think she’s pregnant, I’m just saying I can see where her current shift in look/style might make people think that.

Callie on

The baby looks like Dean around his mouth and like Tori’s brother Randy everywhere else. He looks sweet sweet sweet! I don’t think Tori is pregnant because she would shout it from the mountain tops so everyone would know – seems to be her way. However I do think she will be pregnant before Liam is a year old.

Sarah’s note: I thought she would too, but she stayed quiet when she was first expecting Liam, so who knows.

kim on

I love this family so much. I think Tori is a great mom and Dean is a great dad. The baby is hands down the cutest baby in Hollywood. I watched 90210 when I was younger and Tori was not my pick. I think knowing her dad was behind the show and how rich she was I thought she was stuck on herself, but I have to say I think she is such a real likable person. I love the show and hope they do something else with all three of them. This family is someone awesome.