Trista Sutter talks about weightloss and having more babies

01/16/2008 at 11:31 AM ET

If his parents have their way, Max Alston Sutter, 5 ½-months, will be a big brother sooner rather than later.  In the lead story for this week’s US, Trista Sutter says that she and husband Ryan Sutter already have "started trying" for another baby.

We wanted to wait for awhile, because I was really sick during my first pregnancy, but I’d love to have babies close in age. And it took us so long the first time that if it takes us two years, then that will be fine.

The 35-year-old former Bachelorette star — who is still nursing Max — appears on the cover of the magazine holding the baby while wearing a itsy-bitsy yellow bikini, and reveals that she’s managed to meet her stated goal of losing all 30 pounds of baby weight in five months. Trista credits her slim-down to a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet, andfour-times-a-week workouts with a personal trainer, who both comes tothe house and meets her at the gym.  Besides the obvious physicalbenefits, the speedy return to her pre-baby physique has given the new first-time mom a big emotional boost.  Says Trista,

I’mhappy with my body. I’m confident and proud of the work I’ve done…Ifeel a lot more fit and healthy. And I think that’s playing a part inour relationship. It’s a lifestyle more than a goal. I want to stay healthy for Max, stay sexy for Ryan, and be proud of myself.

Ryan, 34, agrees, adding,

I’m just happy to see her happy with herself… and her butt looks great!

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juliana on

i have to say if i lost that much weight in five months and looked that good- i don’t think I would want to get pregnant right away and do it all over again. geesh!

Lisa on

While I think it is fantastic that she has lost the weight she wanted to lose and is happy with really ticks me off when stars say how proud they are of themselves for doing the work. She had a personal trainer!! Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had that luxury?? I might lose 30 pounds in 5 months too…

Sarita on

Even when you have a personal trainer you have to do the work yourself! So I think it’s amazing that she managed it, I know I couldn’t do it myself. Partly because I hate exercising and partly because I wouldn’t want to spend all that time away from my newborn baby.

MH on

I have to agree with Lisa. not all of us normal folks can afford the luxury of having a personal trainer. not with a new baby anyway! i do admire those celebrities who lose the postpartum baby weight themselves by either breastfeeding or taking a stroll with their babies every day. take a look at Isla Fisher and Bridgette Moynahan. they look absolutely WONDERFUL!!

Sarah’s note: Trista is nursing, but obv. doing a bit more too!

Emily on

I agree with Sarita, Trista had to put in the work. I had a personal trainer and I never showed up. It’s hard to leave and acutally get to where you need to go to train. But I lost my weight, my body is not as tone, but I lost the weight in about 6 months. I beleive a large part of it is self motivation and your DNA. You can’t blame people who are natually skinny.

Annie on

If you have ever had a session with a personal trainer, you would realize that it takes a lot more than their presence for the weight to come off! You can always cancel the appointments, or schedule less sessions. She did not do that. If she was focused enough to follow through, she probably would have easily run or gone on an elliptical on her own if she did not have the money. Too often we use excuses to explain why celebs are able to lose weight while the rest of the nation is obese. Yeah, she had help; but she also had to do the work herself. A PT just makes sure you work out properly and maintain good form.

I commend her for maintaining a 2000 calorie diet while trying to lose the baby weight. Many celebs choose to starve themselves instead of ensuring that they have enough cals for the baby who they are nursing. Kudos to Trista for having the follow-through and drive to meet her goal–an accomplishment indeed.

PSB on

Glad for her that she lost the weight, but seriously – 30lbs is not a lot to gain during pregnancy and considering she was extremely athletic and fit before, and seems to naturally be a thin woman, it’s not really like climbing a mountain for her. I can appreciate the achievement, but I’m kind of sick of hearing about a person who essentially lost 10 lbs of vanity weight (since her target weight is actually under the recommended average for her height). For somebody who claims they are not courting celebrity, I keep seeing her pictures in magazines.

I seem to remember her saying she had 10lbs to lose when Max was three months old. This means she naturally lost 15-20lbs, just by giving birth. It always irks me when people say they lost 30lbs, when 20 of it was baby, placenta, water.

I recently lost 35lbs, mostly pregnancy weight, and this was weight that was leftover after I gave birth to a 9lb baby, placenta, etc. I gained 42lbs while pg and was a little overweight to begin with, so it was a hard road. Just saying, celebrities lose 10 pounds every day – it’s not like she tackled a bunch of baby weight like Liv Tyler, Leah Remini or Melissa Joan Hart. I would LOVE to hear how these women shed their baby weight.

susan on

Okay, I am working out four to five days a week – I am on a 1200 a day calorie diet and I don’t look nearly as good as she does! And I have never had a child. Thats it, I’m going to eat the stale chocolate on my desk.

Tracy on

I love their little family and hope they are able to have a second baby, however I HATE how much they keep talking about Trista’s physical appearance! Of course she had a KILLER body before (and now obviously), but she had a friggin’ BABY! And though new moms shouldn’t take her words to heart, it is very difficult to hear her and NOT feel bad about yourself…

adriana on

I had a feeling she would have another baby soon, or try for another baby soon. Anyway her body looks awesome.

Nicole on

I completely think that it is her accomplishment for having lost the weight (although she did have some major motivation, being in the public eye)
I had never really paid any attention to her till she started showing up on CBB and to be honest, I have always been kind of put off by her (to my mind) strange attitude towards baby weight. Wasn’t she the one complaining about her body about six weeks after having the baby, when she was still ten lb over her comfortable weight? She seems kind of extreme, but I guess that is what we want to hear from show biz types…

Suzanne on

Oh great, yet another unrealistic body after baby feature. I admit Trista looks great but it’s hardly a standard that many of us can live up to. How about an article about your normal average moms – those of us who can’t afford personal trainers and have to juggle and find child care so we have the time to work out.

Sarah’s note: If a celeb wants to do an article like that, we’d certainly publish it.

Kate on

Trista has always struck me as an extemely vain person.

Renee on

How about not attacking Trista? If you don’t like this article about her…why post about it? No wonder some celebrities hide from the public. No human being unless they commit a horrible crime deserves this kind of treatment from people that don’t even know them personally

Barb on

Yet another celebrity flaunting their perfect bikini body after they have a baby. Makes me feel even worse. It’s like they think everyone can look like that. now i look at my stretch marked disgusting body and see it even more flawed….

Morgan on

ok, i JUST got back from a session with my personal trainer. yes its expensive (im getting married in august and fit it into the wedding budget). Let me tell you HOW hard i work. My legs are jello right now and its still up to me to push myself on the “off” days, and to not gorge on cereal and cookies after a session. Personal trainer or not, its very hard work!

I don’t understand why people think that she is being unreasonable? 30lbs in 5 months is hardly extreme. Baby or not its an attainable goal. many gyms offer free babysitting so it’s not like its impossible to find the time to work out. Anyways, Trista looks amazing and congrats on her new baby and hot bod!

Ivey on

Congrats to her she set a goal and she achieved it. I think she stated that they are trying again already because they assume it is going to take a couple years for her to get preggers.

Margot on

As someone who is 17 months older than their next sibling… having kids close in age isn’t necessarily such a whiz-bang idea. I’m sure that I’d get along much better with my sister if there was a bigger age gap between us, but I was still only a baby myself when she was born… I can’t help but think that our relationship has been spoiled by an unconscious ‘you stole my mother’.

Trista does look great, so why not wait a while?

Cambria on

Although she does look great, I don’t think it was necessary for her to stress about her weight within the first few weeks after giving birth. For someone who had trouble getting pregnant, I’d think that she’d want to savor all those new moments with her son and not worry about the fact that she’s a size 4 instead of a 2.

As far as her husband goes, I don’t agree with the comments he’s made in previous articles regarding her weight or dieting after giving birth. In my opinion, she carried his child for nine months therefore he should embrace her regardless of her weight or extra flab here and there.

Regardless, I wish them both luck with their family. I know many families who after having trouble getting pregnant the first time around, quickly started trying again after the birth of their first baby. She also seems like she really wants a daughter.

amanda on

everything i read about/by trista seems to be about her body and really really really wanting to lose weight – is it just me or does she seem way overly obsessed with her “post baby body”? i’m sure she’s a fine person, but i prefer the celeb moms who prefer to spend their free time bonding/spending time with their new baby instead of in a panicked rush to lose baby weight…

anonymous on

LOL it’s not as if you get a personal trainer and they work out, while you lose the weight. It’s about dedication, discipline, and will power. ANYONE can lose weight with those three things and you don’t need to pay an expensive trainer to do so.
Walking is free and you don’t even need a baby sitter for that. Anyone who has a personal trainer or not and lose the weight with discipline, will power, and dedication should be very proud of the hard work they did.

That’s like telling my little brother he shouldn’t take credit for making good grades, the credit should be given to his tutor. Sure you have someone teaching you but you do all the work.

I have three friends with babies and they are always complaining about their baby weight. I don’t mean to sound heartless but I am about three complaints away from saying quit eating fatting foods, stay away from sodas and sweets, get off the couch, and use that baby stroller for more than just a trip to the mall and the supermarket or quit complaining all together. Uggghhh

claire on

If she didn’t have a baby, I’d think she’d had a boob job! She looks awesome; good for her.

iheartme on

Some of these comments are rather rude. FYI, even with a personal trainer YOU do the work. It still isn’t easy. At least at my gym, there are multiple classes (daily) that you can take, personal trainers, pilates… you still have to be committed. Working out takes dicipline and it is hard work. Whether she had the “luxury” or not, she still did the work. She wasn’t just sitting at home willing the weight to go away.

I think it’s unfair to bash her because she took the initiative to work out and eat healthy. Regardless of the money that they may or may not have, that took work on her part. It takes work for everyone, celebrity or not.

30lbs. in 5 months is not extreme weight loss. That is only about 6lbs per month. You can lose 1-2 lbs a week in a completely healthy way so if I did the math right, it sounds like she was on target and did this in a healthy way.

CONGRATS to Trista!

SY on

She does look great, but shouldn’t she be more concerned with other things? I agree that this weight loss is for vanity purposes and she is getting press exposure for it. It’s not as if she overcame some physical obstacle to lose the weight. Some people are more concerned with their weight and appearance…Not my cup of tea though. Shouldn’t it be what’s on the inside?

Happy Aunt on

I don’t know how many times I’ve read in comments that readers wish celebs would be real and truthful. Well, to me, that is exactly what Trista has been in her interviews. However, it seems that many only like the truth if they agree with it – can we say double-standards?!

As a small person, I can completely see where Trista was coming from in some of her previous comments about wanting to lose the last 10 lbs. I was the opposite of her and wanted to gain 10 lbs. after losing it due to surgeries/hospital stay. I was completely grateful that I made it through the surgeries (that hurt like he**), but I absolutely hated the way my body looked after losing the weight. I just wanted to look and feel “normal” again (for me). Ten-even five pounds-makes a huge difference on someone who is 5’2″ or 5’3″. And Ryan’s words don’t seem out of place at all. My husband loves me regardless of how I look/looked, but he knew it bothered me that my body looked the way it did. Because he loves me so, he just wanted me to be happy.

Please remember that everybody has their own issues, and just because it may not be the same as your issues doesn’t mean it matters any less to them. No wonder celebs don’t want to tell the truth if all they get is grief afterwards.

Trista, you look amazing and your family is beautiful. Good luck on conceiving the next baby and have fun trying. 🙂

terri on

She looks amazing! I’m definitely inspired.

Christine on

Way to go Trista (rolling eyes)
First she was miserable with her body (what? 12 weeks post delivery? delivery in which she nearly died?)…
Then she was working on it…
Now she’s FABULOUS…

Will she be carrying poor Max on her shoulder all summer so everyone can see her abs?? lol!

I, too, worked my butt off with a trainer (that I couldn’t really afford) and still have about 7lbs to go. My daughter is 12m and is still nursing so I’ll worry about those last few pounds when my body isn’t producing milk for her.

I’m sorry, but something about that first US Weekly article really put me off of this couple. I’m tired of hearing about her body/weight. This is one cover I will not buy.

Dooneybug on

I hope she’s ready if she DOES get pregnant with #2 soon! I also had problems getting pregnant with my first so we decided to start early with the second. Turns out the second baby came a lot easier – after one cycle. My children are 15 months apart. Of course, I love them both so dearly and am glad it worked out the way it did. I’m sure as fabulous as she looks now, that she’ll be able to get back into that kind of shape after the next pregnancy as well.

Christina on

So Renee, basically you’re saying anyone who has a differing opinion of the article other than discussing how fabulous Trista is should just shut their mouths, right? Because they’re opinions don’t matter the way yours do? That makes so much sense.

I have to agree with PSB’s post. It’s great that she lost the weight, and the reality is that having a personal trainer doesn’t do squat if the trainee isn’t willing to do the work. But after all Trista went through with her pregnancy and Max being so fragile, not to mention how long it took her to get pregnant in the first place, one would think she would be more interested in enjoying her son than obsessing to a tabloid about getting back into her size 2 jeans two months after giving birth and nearly losing her son.

Erin on

Love these two – they seem really good together. But having a baby and then 5 months later, trying for another (especially when the first pregnancy was full of such complications) isn’t the greatest idea. She should give her body time to recover – doctors recommend waiting at least 9 months before trying to get pregnant again just so that your body can recharge itself (nutrient-wise among other things). Hope the second pregnancy is easy for them, though!

Renee on

Christina, Happy Aunt and Iheartme gets it. I’m saying some of you are judging her too harshly. It has nothing to do with different opinions, it has to do with treating people with respect regardless of if you know them or not. Some of these comments are not respectful and some are just plain rude. I really doubt any of you would get in her face and tell her I think ..etc. because it would be rude. I feel like if you wouldn’t say it to their face, why say it online?

claudiazz on

I agree with several of the others—for someone who seemed to want a baby for so long and has only been a new mom for a minute, everything seems a little too much about her and her body!! Otherwise she wouldn’t be posing for a magazine cover in a bikini! She would be spending her time enjoying her husband and child. Good for her and her great genes but personally I would rather hear more about her little son and how he is doing!

charsmom on

If she wants to work her butt off, eat a restricted diet, and get thin again quick that is HER choice. Good for her for being so disciplined! I personally took the “I had a baby and am nursing and am going to get back in shape once my baby is weaned” route, but since I am not a celebrity, I don’t feel any pressure to be thin. Congrats, Trista, for reaching your goal!

Berjoui on

Has anyone noticed that she doesn’t look nearly as buff in the real photos included with the posting on 1/11/08? It’s great that she got herself back in shape but doesn’t she look good enough without all the touchups and airbrushing?

Jennifer on

I had my second child not long after Trista and my body looks nothing like hers. I am only a couple pounds from losing all of the weight I gained during my pregnancy and my body is just different than it used to be. Losing the weight just isn’t going to help. I need the time to work out–so if I had a nanny on call, that would be terrific (like the celebrities). Well, having the money for a personal trainer would not hurt either!

Delilah on

Ugh. I am so tired of Trista.
Is there anything she doesnt want to exploit in her life?

Is her 15 minutes of fame not up yet?

erika on

It’s not fair to say she’s obsessed with her body and should be spending more time with her husband and baby. She did a couple of interviews and photo shoots, how does that make it her entire life? It doesn’t. An interview takes an hour from her day, big deal. She is just a really lucky person to have such a great husband and beautiful son and can enjoy some celebrity status without having to live the celebrity lifestyle day in and day out.
Nice job in reaching her goals, and apparently US magazine has interest in this family. I can’t blame her for accepting their offers for being on their cover.

Amy Taylor on

I don’t know. She did seem to overly obsess immediately after giving birth. I’ve been a size 2 my entire life, and I just had my 1st baby in September via C-section. I gained 45 lbs. while pregnant (110 pre-pregnancy, 155 the day I had her) A good portion of it came off naturally after I had her, just from birth, and going for walks with her in the stroller. She’s now 4 months old, and I still have about 15 lbs. to go. I just don’t want to leave her to go to the gym every day. I have some exercise DVD’s that incorporate the baby into the workout.

Sure, I wish the weight would all be gone, but I worked so hard to have the baby, I just don’t care as much right now. It will come off in due time. The general consensus with most of my friends is about a year, if you eat healthy and take care of yourself.

Trista should channel all of that into her baby and not into how she looks. I don’t think people are being hard on her at all.

Emily on

I think those of you who are criticizing Trista are absolutely right, we should look down on her for taking a little time out of her day to work out (gasp) something that isn’t 100% about her child (quick, someone call Child Protective Services).

Oh, but wait a minute, we’re all taking time out of our day to sit around and talk about celebrities that we don’t know (and never will know), time that could be spent doing more meaningful and life changing things such as bonding with our children. And yet, instead we choose to spend a little time on something that is pure entertainment while Trista is spending a little time doing something that will improve her health and give her more energy to parent her child. So I guess maybe we don’t have any room to criticize her.

Nat on

Amy Taylor – my thoughts exactly.

Minnie on

Frankly I am not impressed with Trista’s “success”. I gained(unfortunately – meds and bedrest did me in.. the docs warned me!!)80 lbs with my pregnancy, lost 18 lbs immediately after my baby was born… So Trista had maybe what, 12 or so to lose after her son was born?
My baby is 8 months old, and I didn’t start dieting until I reached the 3 month postpartum mark.. I had a csection too. So… I have lost 45 lbs in 5 months of real weight… overall I have lost 60 lbs! YES 60! Where’s my cheesy article?? I didn’t even get a stretch mark!! Seriously I am still shocked with that one…
Anyhow, I think the thing that sickens me is Trista’s motivation – for me, it is my daughter, not me looking “hot” again or fitting into a certain size jeans…(Trista said she’d be happy if she got into her Hudson jeans sz 26 in her first interview). I want to be a healthy mom to keep up with my daughter. I only work out when she sleeps, and my body is looking like it did prebaby – shocker! I am losing the last 20 by the time my daughter reaches her 1st bday… before I turn 40!! Trista’s vanity just makes me ill, she probably would have needed psych meds if she gained the weight I did and had to work doubly hard to attain her goal. Just needed to vent, this gal and her “success” pisses me off, posted from a real woman that not only had to lose triple her weight loss, but is doing it with no help from anyone but herself !!

loren on

Margot there is no perfect way to space kids my brother and I were 15 months apart, so I feel you on the “you stole my mother” vibe. So my children are 7 years apart and the older got a migraine(his words) when I bought his brother home anyway. Having them close together is harder at first, but IMO easier in the long run (you get it done all at once)I am close to my brother because we did things at around the same time (HS College relationships and children) Yet my sons are close even with a seven year gap. With having children there is no perfect formula, no guarantees. Parents just have to do the best they can.

Marcy on

God she looks good! Does anyone know anything about this stuff she took? Abdominal Cuts by Revolution? I am thinking about trying it but want to know if anyone else has taken it? If it actually targets my stomach, hips, and butt I am buying twenty of them. lol