The "Boom Boom Room" event goes off without a hitch

01/15/2008 at 02:40 PM ET

Torispellingosl94985_cbb The 65th Annual Golden Globes were steeped in drama this year, with the writer’s strike still going strong. And while many celebrities will be passing on the actual award show, the "Boom Boom Room: Follow the Yellow Brick Road" gifting suite saw no shortage of star power.

For 2 days before the Golden Globes take place the The Beverly Hills Hotel played home to a children’s movie-inspired gifting suite aimed at kids, babies and their families. Celebrities, (click their names to see some of the pics of them at the event) like Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, Jason Priestley, Melissa Joan Hart, Kim Porter, Scott Baio, Leah Remini and Denise Richards, to name a few, stopped by the exclusive and swanky suite to get a sneak peek at some of the hottest products for little ones.

Click Continue Reading to find out what products the celebs drooled over and to see tons of pics from the event!

Note from Danielle: Many readers have been asking why celebrities are always given free stuff when they can afford to buy them when normal moms like us are the ones who need the freebies. Ciaran wrote an excellent post that explained the impetus behind celebrity gifting that I highly recommend you read.  Click here to read.


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Unlike most celebrity gifting suites, this one aimed to please the little ones more then the parents. Spa Di Da was there giving lemonade pedicures, cupcake pedicures and airbrushed tattoos for the kiddies while Gymboree provided a fun playspot inspired by the movie ‘Toy Story.’ There was a Willy Wonka’s Place, candy bar, that gave children a spot to snack and indulge in sweets and a children’s library room, inspired by ‘The Cat in the Hat’ insured that kids left with some new books to read.

Graco was there giving demos of their SnugRider Stroller and sweetpeace, newborn soothing center. Graco tells us that Liam McDermott was a HUGE fan of the sweetpeace, allowing mom and dad, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, to peruse the booth for 20 minutes while happily lounging in the chair. SmartMom Jewelry showed off their innovative Teething Bling line to Tori Spelling, Denise Richards, Angela Bassett, Tracey Gold and many more. See pics of celebs sporting their new bling below.

Baby Fabulous, a high-end infant and toddler clothing and accessories company, found great reception from the likes of Kim Porter, who upon seeing their reversible poncho exclaimed, “Something they [her twin girls] don’t have yet. Can you believe it? I love it!” Carnie Wilson was also a fan, "The poncho is so adorable and so soft!" A reversible poncho wasn’t the only thing that delighted Kim Porter, at Egba Originals she posed for a picture with the PartyBlock Invitation that they did for her baby shower. Ming Na and Denise Richards also expressed interest in Egba Originals’ unique and creative invitations.

Bridget Moynahan stopped by Diapees & Wipees and snagged Cuddly Wuddlees blanket in the Blue Zoo Animals with the matching Diapees & Wipees bag. Also on Bridget Moynahan’s must-have list was the Name Your Tune CD, she told several people that the customized CD was the best thing she got at the event. Their customized CDs  also drew interest from Chandra Wilson, Carnie Wilson, Joely Fisher, Ali Landry, and Name Your Tune’s guest of honor, Jason Priestley! Denise Richards was more than impressed with Happy Heiny’s cloth diapers, she even wrote them a personal thank you note.

Also, at the event promoting their products were Bumble Bags, Fisher-Price, Mattel, Bebe au Lait, Crayola, Gymboree, Robeez, Thermos, Mustela, Chic Papoose, Skin Milk,  Ruffle Butts, Blessence Maternity, Zoobie Pets, Innobaby, Pondur, Clek, Dear Johnnies, inviting smiles,Boomboomroominvite2 BabyHawk, Babylicious, Brag About Baby, Moby Wrap, Inc., Cute as Buttons, Little Playdates, You’re Such a Baby, Nicole Reid Elegant Baby Highchairs, Milkshaxs, ME4KIDZ, L’il Darlins, DaBib, Preschool Prep Co., No Slippy Hair Clippy, Silikids, Not So Perfect Tins, Olive Kids, Beach Pockets, Lil Bow KeepIncog-Neato, Go-Gaga, Baby Brewing, Carpet One, LarrivoMoncalin, Rockabye Baby!, Adiri, Chooka, Amy Tangerine, mocobabies, Tu Tu Cute, Lucky Stella and many many more.

Not everyone was into the products though. Soon-to-be-dad, Chris Noth was happy taking a break from the demos to crack open a Corona and watch a football game.

The Boom Boom Room helped to raise money for The Jayneoni Moore Children’s Fund, a program that funds reading programs and provides books to low income area schools. There was no admission fee but there was a suggested $25 donation to the Children’s Fund.

Here are shots we collected from some of the sponsors mentioned above of celebs checking out their products. If you’re interested in any of the products pictured below, please check out the list of brands above.

Denise Richards at Egba Originals.

Kim Porter and family at Egba Originals.

Ming Na at Egba Originals.

Shar Jackson stopped by Happy Heiny’s and loved the product.

Kim Porter LOVED the Happy Heiny’s cloth diapers so much that she not only took an overly stuffed bag full of diapers but she also sent her assistant back to get an extra clo
th diaper key chain so she could easily show them off.

Jason Priestley was at the boom boom room getting new diapers, his beautiful wife was looking for a great alternative to the disposables she was using and fell in love with Happy Heiny’s.

Ali Landry at Baby Fabulous.

Chris Noth at Baby Fabulous.

Dayna Devon at Baby Fabulous.

Denise Richards at Baby Fabulous.

Elizabeth Rohm at Baby Fabulous.

Ming Na at Baby Fabulous.

Rena Sofer at Baby Fabulous.

Scott Baio at Baby Fabulous.

Shar Jackson and family at Baby Fabulous.

Jason Priestley chose Goober Baby’s Change Purse and Tote bag in the new “Bloom” Collection.

Angela Bassett at Graco.

Carnie Wilson at Graco.

Chris Noth at Graco.

Denise Richards at Graco.

Elizabeth Rohm at Graco.

Leah Remini at Graco.

Samantha Harris and family at Graco (wearing baby Josselyn in a PortaMee Classic Baby Carrier in Pink with a Portamee Infant Headrest in Pink).

Scott Baio at Graco.

Ali Landry checks out Teething Bling from SmartMom Jewelry.

Angela Bassett checks out Teething Bling from SmartMom Jewelry.

Carnie Wilson checks out Teething Bling from SmartMom Jewelry.

Denise Richards checks out Teething Bling from SmartMom Jewelry.

Ming Na checks out Teething Bling from SmartMom Jewelry.

Scott Baio and family check out Teething Bling from SmartMom Jewelry.

Tori Spelling checks out Teething Bling from SmartMom Jewelry.

Tracey Gold checks out Teething Bling from SmartMom Jewelry.

Jason Priestley visits Name Your Tune.

Ali Landry visits Name Your Tune.

Joely Fisher visits Name Your Tune.

Chandra Wilson visits Name Your Tune.

Kim Porter checking out Mamma’s Milk Slings.

Angela Bassett and Shalena Smith of Ga Ga Designs. Angela holds a Ricarda couture Ga Ga exclusive blanket.

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Mimi on

I’m a little confused about the whole “Boom Boom Room” gifting thing. Do the celebrities just go in there and pick the things they like and get to keep them? Do they look at demos of things they like and order (and pay for) them?

I’ve always been a little unsure of this whole thing, and I really think that, if they just receive things they like (at no cost), it’s pretty unfair because they can afford to spend the money. They should have a Boom Boom Room for “regular” people who can’t afford these things.

Just wondering.

Sarah’s note: Right, they are gifted the items in the hope that they will be seen with them in public, increasing awareness of the product and gaining. Basically the hope is that although the company is losing money by giving products away, the end result will hopefully be money gained if the product becomes known and people purchase it.

It’s just like any other pre-awards show swag suite, only this one is baby and kid related.

Sasha on

It’s nice to see Bridget! Even though he’s not pictured, her baby is gorgeous.

Lindsay Lebresco on

What a blast! Thanks for capturing this great weekend – I think all the vendors had a great time and better yet, so did the celebs! Most of them were very gracious and appreciative. I know Graco loved every minute of it!

momof1 on

I know that all companies love it when celebrities use their products so that when us normal folks see them we want what they got. But what we need to realize is that they get to have big parties like this one where they are given what they have. I don’t understand why they get so much given to them and are made to seem so important when it is really the normal folks that support and keep the companies going. Give a little once in a while to the normal everyday folks. We work our butts off just to make ends meet. Our kids deserve to be special too.

Cindy on

Bridget Moynahan looks fabulous!

Loren on

It would be nice if there were promotion codes for these products for CBB readers. I’m always more inclined to spend my money when I know I’m getting a discount!

Sarah’s note: If we get some, we’ll definitely let you know! Vendors, email them to

Anonymous on

So even though there was no award show because the celebrities (SAG members) wouldn’t go they still had a gifting suite? And the celebrities still went to that? I don’t about that. It sounds bad that they would go get their free stuff anyway. I know, everybody wants something for nothing. But still.

adriana on

Carnie Wilson looks pregnant in those pictures. I don’t remember her looking that big for awhile.

MJ on

I personally think that when rich celebs are given gifts like at this event and the overloaded gift bags at award shows and such, they should tally the retail price and donate that to a worthy charity. In this case a charity that helps children would be wonderful. I do understand the thinking of the companies to give these items away for promo purposes, but it does strike most of America as a bit greedy for rich celebs to constantly be given these things.

Katie on

I wonder if Jason and Tori ever bump into each other and said hi! They were on Beverly Hill 90210. Just wondering because they were both their.

Tracy on

Ming Na is such a pretty gal, her skin just glows and her hair is so gorgeous!!

Mimi on

I totally agree with momof1, in that it’s us “normal,” non-famous people keeping these companies in business, and to think that we have to go out and spend lots of our hard-earned money, when celebrities just walk in and take things they like is really off-putting, to say the least.

I also agree with Anonymous that it’s pretty crass for the SAG members to stand on their soap boxes and not attend the Golden Globes, effectively cancelling the event and putting even more people out of work, yet still going to the “gifting suite” and grabbing up free stuff anyway? Pretty disgusting.

Colleen on

I’ve got to say that Teething Bling seems like a ridiculous idea. Why would you want to teach your child that it is okay to chew on jewelry? This particular piece would be safe, but then a child will most likely think that all jewelry is safe to chew on and could choke or get sick or hurt.

PSB on

I fully support the writer’s strike, but definitely agree with you guy about the SAG stars who refuse to go to the awards, but still do the swag suites. Gross. It’s always the B/C list celebrities too. You would never see Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon at the gifting suite if they were boycotting the awards. Too classy.

I find it hard to believe that rich Tori Spelling “needs” all of the free stuff. Is she doing it just to be photographed? Is she so hard up for cash she needs to show up for a $200 stroller? I really like Tori, but sometimes she makes it really difficult…

adriana on

PSB your right it’s defintley the B/C list celebrities at this event, you don’t exactly see katie holmes, jen garner, jennifer lopez,halle berry, etc there, more like melissa joan hart, samantha harris, people like that lol.

Pam on

Well, I’ll be the party pooper and say that I actually like seeing all the celebs, it’s a lot of the lesser seen ones who’s kids and bellies we don’t get to see all that often, so I personally like posts on events like this. I’ll be the weirdo. 😉

Jen on

Wow, I wish there were swag parties like this for everyday people to go to. :/

I’d like to think that some of this stuff, these celebs give to family or friends if they already have goodies like this from baby shower lists or whatever.

ang on

i think some people are missing the point-the whole point of giving this stuff to celebs is to increase awareness of the’s very smart marketing. why would they give it to u? who are u gonna show, grandma?

Sarita on

Of course I understand it is all about marketing but that doesn’t make it okay in my opinion.
The part I dislike the most is that these are celebs that can afford to buy these things obviously but they go and pick up free stuff, where is their pride in this? I would be so ashamed to ask for handouts knowing I can afford to pay for them!

The whole strike thing bothers me too, where are their principles or don’t they have any?

Lucky Stella on

We were one of the companies who participated at the Boom Boom Room event on January 11 & 12 and as a new company trying to break into the market I can say that this was a wonderful opportunity. Our unique collection of luck inspired apparel and accessories for babies, kids and adults was very well received with celebrities placing orders for some of our products on the spot. Our “evil eye” baseball hat was one of the most popular items with some celebs taking one in each color. I took the advise from one of the posts here and would like to extend a discount to the celebrity baby blog readers of 10%. Check out our lucky eye apparel and may luck be on your side!

J on

That’s the point ang, they are taking for granted how many people everyday folk like us know as well. If you are out and about with your kids with these items and you go to playgroups, the library, the store, whatever, other moms and dads can take notice too.

How many of these same celebs does anyone think will be seen using this stuff they were photographed with now that this event is over honestly, which ones will talk about the product they got.

Besides, grandmas usually know other grandmas and you know how they love to spoil. 😉

Erin Gutierrez on

I just got back from the Boom Boom Room with my baby clothing company We got a great response from celebs including Tori Spelling Denise Richards Chandra Jackson Scott Bridget Moynahan and more. We had the celebs sign our tshirts to be auctioned off to support 2 charities. This was our way of balancing out the “swag factor” And for you guys we are offering FREE SHIPPING WITH NOT MINIMUM ORDER. Just enter code CB2008 at checkout.

Erin Gutierrez on

I have to say, as one of the companies that attended and gave stuff to celebs, that the celebs were gracious. In return for free stuff they give us photos of them which give companies especially new one some credibility. Also the event was by invitation only so just the invite is an honor. In addition it is very hard to get in the press as a new company. Mags like People and Us Weekly are significantly more likely to write about us with the celebrity buzz. The event was also attended by more press than celebs so the exposure for a company is amazing. I left with contacts and warm relationships with editors for People Us weekly Instyle and more. I realize the sway factor is hard to take but it is no diffent than a commercial. Just another way to market your company. Most of the vendors there were working Moms as well who started these companies themselves, like me.


I don’t think the vendors are getting what we are saying.

I think what everyone (majority anyway)is saying is that we are kinda sick of the whole rich getting richer crap.

You wanna earn my money? Let me see you donate freebies and products to families that CANNOT afford it! Families that need things. Not just rich pampered celebs. It’s sickening.

Delilah on

I’m sorry. I simply don’t get it.

I understand as companies they need to market their product, it needs to be seen, I get that. And celebrities are a great way to get it seen, but honestly, Shar Jackson using cloth diapers? Kim Porter babywearing?
Some of these celebs show up for the exposure as much as for the swag, because really where else are these folks going to get press? (though frankly I’d be embarrassed as hell to be photographed grabbing so much swag)
It’s a shame that people who have so much already can be so self involved.
And it’s a shame that companies choose to bless the already fortunate when there are so many who would genuinely appreciate the generousity.
Because what influences me to purchase an item is the reviews by those who’ve used it and loved it. Not whether Celebrity X owns it.
Seeing events like this sorta makes me feel a little bummed.

Erin Gutierrez on

I dont know why I feel the need to defend my position but I believe it is important to know that the boom boom room is not the only thing these companies do. My company cottonseed clothing also donates 3% each year to KIDS, kids in destressed organizations to help kids who cannot afford thing and are victims of natural disasters etc. I think you guys are way to hard on companies that are using the celeb swag as one of many ways to lead their companies to success. We do swag and charity and home parties, and expos, and print ads and banner ads, all vehicles that bring different results and different markets.

Celebrity Trainer on

Scott Baio finally grew up. Thank God!

gkaussietykes4 on

I agree with most of you. Shame on any Celeb that take anything for free! They can afford all that stuff that is given to them. They should donate all these freebies to charities, go to the hospital and find some poor mother’s who can’t afford anything and give them the gifts. Or better yet auction them off and give the monies to some charity. Look at Nicole Ritchie, she had a baby shower for some mother’s. I don’t know all the details but that was really nice. And I hear that George Clooney auctions his gifts, and then donates it to a charity that he supports.

I know these companies want the celeb’s to show off their product but there should be a better way of doing it. They should open these up to everyone, and it would be first come first serve. Or have everyone including celeb’s make a reservation of some sort, and say we can let in 50 or 100 people. Don’t tell me we are not good advertiser’s as well. You can’t tell me, that someone never got something because their friend or family member raved about it. Or someone stopped you and said hey that’s nice where did you get that from?

Denise must live for those types of Event’s. She is always present, and arm’s are full with stuff.

And we and they must not forget how they got to be a celeb & who puts the monies in their pockets, it’s people like us that support them. If we didn’t watch their movies or buy their clothes, and etc they would be where they are today.

And no I’m not a celebrity hater, I just prefer the one’s that are a bit more humble.