Update: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden welcome daughter Harlow Winter Kate

01/14/2008 at 09:45 PM ET

Nicolerichiejoelmadden223987_cbbUpdate: Joel shares more detail on his clothing site, DCMA collective:

Well I am finally home with my beautiful girlfriend and our brand newlittle daughter. Harlow Winter Kate Madden was born on January 11th2008 at 3:13 pm. She weighed in at 6 pounds and 7 ounces. She is 19inches long and growing everyday already!

We are so blessed to have thisbeautiful little baby in our lives. I want to thank everyone for all thelove and kind words they’ve sent our way. We apologize that we weren’taccepting gifts/cards/calls at the hospital, but if you’d like tosend something, we’d rather you make a donation to the Richie-Madden Foundation, which we started in Harlow Winter’s honor.

She looks somuch like her mom it’s crazy!  She eats like a little maniac and she’sreally sweet. She barely ever cries, even when daddy is changing herdiaper, and believe me I suck when it comes to diapers, but I’mlearning! I can’t wait to show off some pictures — until then, THANKS!!and GOD BLESS…Joel

Update January 12th: Joel tells People this morning,

We are very blessed she’s healthy and beautiful and so good already. We are very happy.

CBB exclusive update 12:30 pm: We’ve heard from our source, a good friend of Joel’s, who tells us,

They’re still settling in with the baby. Joel told me the delivery went perfectly. No c-section obviously. He says Harlow is absolutelybeautiful. Apparently she has dark blue eyes, but they think they willturn brown, as many babies’ do. She has a little bit of dark brownhair, and looks a lot like Nicole.

Originally posted January 11th at 8:28 pm: Rocker Joel Madden, 28, and reality star Nicole Richie, 26, are first-time parents after welcoming daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden. She weighed in at 6 lbs, 7 oz, is 19 inches long and was born at 3:13 pm this afternoon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Says a rep for the couple,

The beautiful healthy baby girl is home with her ecstatic parents.

The couple had kept the sex of the baby a delivery surprise (although if Nicole had her way, that wouldn’t have been the case!). News of the pregnancy was announced in June, with the couple throwing a baby shower to launch their children’s foundation in early December.

Source: People

Thanks to everyone who emailed tips.

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Heather on

I LOVE her name. And I’m so suprised she had a girl. I think everyone expected a boy. Congrats!

8thWonder on

I absolutely love the name!!! Congrats to Nicole and Joel

Nicki on

LOVE the name… I hope they find happiness with her and keep their family together and in peace…congrats to them!!!

alex on

i just read this on people.com…

i love the name although unusual..

Meg on

Harlow! I love the name! It’s so chic and cute and unique without being weird. Congratulations to them.

brannon on


Annie on

Yayy!! I just read this on People! this is so exciting. beautiful name and congrats to the couple.

Chloe on

Aww congrats to them..Harlow is a lovely name, very unusual!

Cyn on

Congrats to them. What a beautiful name.

Home already? When I had my girls..I loved being in the hospital for those 48 hours…sleep.

Sarah’s note: Yes, she had a vaginal birth and we had heard she wanted to go really natural. So thinking that she may not have been too drugged up, she probably just wanted to get out of the hospital because of the media situation and will have midwifes check her and the baby at home.

jess on

i wonder what she looks like….

Christine on

Many congrats to them!
Beautiful name – LOVE it!


i am sooo happy for nicole and joel…Congrats! i know that they will be great parents!

Jaclyn on

I was just coming to say that People just announced it 🙂

I love the name, Jean Harlow was an interesting and glamorous character.

Neke on

What a sweet name! Congrats to Nicole and Joel.

Chris on

I knew it was a girl! I just had a feeling. Love the name too!! Congratulations.

Zoe on

awww…today is really the day for celebrity babies…this makes what, FOUR now??

Jen on

Congratulations to the family. I love the babies name. 😀

What a night for babies!

(passes out cigars and those “”It’s a He and/or She” wrapped Hershey bars to all in the messageboard)

Melanie F. on

Yeayyyy Congratulations to Nicole and Joel, I am sure that she is a gorgeous little girl!!

legemc on

Yea, now I can stop checking the site every 10 seconds! What an exciting day! So now things are even – boys for Christina and Courtney and girls for David and Nicole. I love the name Harlow and Winter is very interesting too. Congratulations to everyone!

Nicole on

Congrats Joel & Nicole!!! I love her name! I am so excited to see this little one!

tracey on

Yayay!! What a gorgeous name 🙂

Luciana (Brazil) on

wow, today is a busy day for CBB. A little girl for Nicole and a boy for Chistina.. that would be a cute couple in the future.

I can’t wait to see the pics of little Harlow.. btw, I looved the name!

Congrats to Nicole and Joel!

momof2inNJ on

Wow, is it a full moon out there in California??!

Great news all around!

Sarawatson on

YAYAY FINALLY good luck to them its a Beautiful Name!

Megan on

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO there must be something in the water today…that’s just too funny…so many babies! I must admit to being surprised it was a girl…haha i thought it would be a boy…I ADORE the name and I am sure she’s absolutely gorgeous! Harlow is unique without being strange…CONGRATS to Nicole and Joel–no doubt VERY happy parents tonight =)) WELCOME TO THE WORLD HARLOW!

Jessica on

That is awesome!! I love that name too.

Congrats to the new mommy & daddy!

I can’t wait to see pictures………. 🙂

Liza on

AWWWWwww!!! such a tiny bean of a baby!!! Busy day at Cedars-Sinai, huh?

Nicole fan... on

Congrats to Joel and Nicole 🙂 I am so glad that they had a girl!

Nicole is increasingly becoming my fav celeb. It is wonderfully refreshing to see someone transform the way Nicole has. Hats off to her for taking the high-road! She looked gorgeous while pregnant, and that little babe will no doubt be a cutie! Love the name too. Can’t wait to see pics…

amy on

What an awesome name! I wouldn’t have expected anything else from them, though 🙂 Congrats!

chatty cricket on

Oh how wonderful! I’d rather be home than at the hospital too. Beautiful name, and I’m sure she’s a beautiful girl!

Congrats to the happy parents!

GinaMarie on

Beautiful name!!! Nicole maybe is like me and HATES hospitals. I know a few girls who had their babies and left the same day. Something about the comfort of my own home and bed would make me feel so much more relaxed.

Heather on

How great! It is a beautifully unique name. I wonder how they came up with it. I look forward to seeing pictures!

Sam on

Congrats Joel and Nicole on Harlow Winter Kate : )

Callen +3 on

Wow, congrats to Nicole, joel and family. She and Christina gave birth on the same day. just like Katie and Brooke. I cant wait to see the babies.

Summer on

Congrats to Joel & Nicole! I Love the name 2. I feeling they’ll make great parents.

Amanda on

Yay! Congrats to Nicole & Joel! What a beautiful name they gave their daughter. Now I want to see pics of her baby & Christina’s too! 🙂

Carrie on

I KNEW it was going to be a girl! I swear I have a sixth sense about these things. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Harlow. SO unique without over doing it.

Ericka on

Aww I love the name!

Is that her whole name or is it Harlow Winter Kate Madden-Richie? Anyone know if whos last name she has been given?

I can’t wait to see photos!

Sarah’s note: The last name is Madden only.

Cait on

Aww, yay! I was hoping she was going to have a girl. She’s gonna be so CUTE. I can’t wait to see if Joel punks her out at all. Love the name too, it’s perfect!

Kristen on

Congrats to the happy couple!! Its a unique name for sure but nonetheless a beautiful one for their new baby girl

Like others before I will too say what a busy day for babies!!

Dani on

Why am I getting so emotional?
that is such a beautiful name
so excited for her

Audrey on

Aw. I like that name. Patricia Arquette’s little daughter is also named Harlow. Very cute.

ang on

congrats to nicole & joel(and christina & jordan)-busy day around here!

Chelsea on

Thats really great!! Wonderful name, congrats to the both of them!!

erica alayne on

I am SO incredibly excited!! I don’t know why, but this is the celebrity baby that I was the most excited for. I’m such a huge fan of Nicole, and I am always rooting for her to do well. I have enjoyed seeing her transform into the mature lady that she has become.

I am also soooo excited that it is a girl! I really wanted it to be, but I was kind of thinking maybe it would be a boy. Such a gorgeous name, too. 🙂

Lara on

I’m not too fond of the name, though it fits very well with today’s trends. Kate is always nice though.

I wish you’d go back to including the child’s last name in the headline, the way it used to be.

Sarah’s note: We include it on the introducing posts headlines. When it’s in the announcement headline, it just takes up more space, so we try to keep it short and sweet. 😉 We also had complaints that it was too repetitive, since most assume the baby will have the father’s name apparently. When it’s different (like with David Grier) we make sure we include it in the body of the post. Hope that explains things.

Tricia on

That’s fantastic news, and such a beautiful and unique name for a girl. I am so impressed with the turnaround in Nicole’s life–no doubt her little girl & Joel will help her keep it positive. She really has her priorities straight. But what’s with the “hating hospitals”? I’m not worried about the rich & famous going home after a few hours–they can afford to have the best health care professionals attending to their newborns at home. Especially for first-time mothers, a stay of a day or two could make a difference. My son’s jaundice showed about 1 1/2-2 days after he was born, and would I have known to look for it if I had left the hospital after a few hours? No. Likewise, the advice of the maternity nurse who helped me with breastfeeding was invaluable. Not everything about hospitals is bad!

juliana on

love the name! but we have heared it before…true harlow. Winter is really pretty too. I just can’t wait to see pictures!

abi on

when i first heard nicole was pregnant,she was very immature at that point in her life,partying all night,and i thought,man,is she going to screw up this baby.but now it seems that she has grown up a little bit,and im glad she had this baby.maybe it will teach her that there is more to life than partying and drinking.
congrats nicole and joel.
p.s. love the name 🙂

Dani on

That is definitely a princess name.
so elite, chic and fancy
Harlow Winter Kate Madden….Fantastic!

Tan on

Yayyyyy she had her.What a blessing she must be.I am so happy for them.Great way to start the new year off!

Angelina on

AWW I LOOOOOOVE HARLOW! Its on my short list if baby #3 is a girl.
Trisha- I also went home a couple hours after I delivered my second baby vaginally. She did develop jaundice 2 days later but we were very informed on the signs and what to look for. We got a bilirubin blanket sent to our house and wrapped her up for a couple weeks and now shes a perfect 13 month old who’s running around the house and jabbering nonstop. Its great that celebs can afford homecare but those of us “normal” people who have a smooth vaginal birth can go home and bond as a family very safely and should not be criticized, after all who really is that comfortable in a cramped hospital?!!

Annie on

Aww yay for Nicole and Joel. I absolutely love the name they have chosen for their little girl. All the best to the new family!

Nita on

I am loving this name, Harlow. Welcome to the world, baby girl. Smile, now for the pics, ok, I guess I can wait a few days for the new fam to bond. smile. Congrats and take care of each other and yourselves.

Grayson's Girl on

Yay!!!!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this baby like she was my own! LOL I love, love, love her name and the fact that she is a “she”! I totally expected them to have a boy! Welcome to baby Harlow Winter Kate who I’m sure is an adorable child and will be one of the best dressed babies Hollywood has EVER seen! Nicole has come so far since becoming pregnant and I’m sure she’ll be an absolutely FABULOUS mom.

On a side note, I bet this girl already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Joel strikes me as a big softy who’s going to grin like an idiot everytime someone mentions his little girl!

Julia A on

Interesting and lovely name. The first thing that popped into my head is the character Winter from the Star Wars novel-verse. But unless Nicole and Joel are sci-fi geek like me, I highly doubt they name a baby after a sci-fi character. Anyways, congrats all around! 🙂

yaosa on

Congratulations to them! What a great name and a great birth date to have! What a lucky little girl and what a lucky family!

I wish them so joy during this precious time and look forward to seeing pics when they choose to share her with the world.

finnaryn on

Didn’t Katie Holmes also go home within hours? With their money I am sure that Nicole and the baby will have around the clock care by a nurse. I often see where celebrities have hired a baby nurse. Not to mention the security issues. They are probably all safer at home.

Janellyn R on

Congrats to Nicole, Joel and the Richie Family. I know Lionel is very proud. Enjoy Harlow, she’ll grow very fast.

ZaraB on

This is such wonderful news! Congratulations to Nicole and Joel!!

I LOVE the name Harlow – it’s a perfect choice for Nicole – elegant, a bit different, but not too ‘out-there’.

I’m so pleased to hear that she was pushing for a natural delivery, and can’t wait to hear more details about the birth.

I think it’s really amazing how Nicole seems to have really transformed herself since her pregnancy was first announced. I am sure she’ll make a great mum, and will make her family very proud.

Nikki on

Harlow is a beautiful name and I can’t wait to see the baby!!

Olivia on

I wonder if they will call her Kate?. The only reason is because when she is in trouble Harlow is a mouthful to say. Also what will they call her for short if she does go by Harlow?.. questions questions questionsss

FC on

Harlow Winter Kate? That’s a mouthful without adding on Madden!

Not sure about the name as a whole, but I’m just happy to hear the baby’s good, mom’s good, as well as Joel! Congrats to them!

Katie on

What a pretty name. Thank God it’s not something ridiculous like Pilot Inspektor or Tu Marrow.

Angelina on

Olivia- they could call her Low or Lolo maybe???? Like that girl on The Hills…

Olivia on

hmm i guess we will have to wait and see

legemc on

Julia A, I too was wondering where Winter came from…if it was a family name or if it’s because she was born in the winter? It will be interesting to see if they explain if there’s a significance to the names Harlow, Winter and Kate, or if they just liked them.

Olivia on

ya i am wondering the same thing. I like the names i am just wondering.. my sisters name is cate.. so i am privy to it

Olivia on

Sorry that did not really make sense. I meant to say I like all of her names. And that I like Kate because my sisters name is Cate so I am privy to it.

adriana on

I really thought nicole was having a boy, so this is a nice surprise. Before she was ever pregnant, she always said she wanted her first baby to be a girl, so congrats to her. I don’t like the name, but at least nicole and the baby are healthy. I have always liked her.

nikka on

I wish they stick with Winter Kate and forget harlow. Someone should learn more English.

Congrats anyway!

PSB on

I like Harlow, Winter and Kate separately, but I don’t think they flow very well all together in a row. Sounds like two last names, then a first name, then another last name (Madden). Oh well, since most people will probably call her Harlow Madden (which I think is cute), it won’t be much of an issue.

As for leaving the hospital so early…good for her! I hated every minute in the hospital, and I was there forever with an emergency c-section. If I had a private nurse and area at home to recover, you can bet your bottom I would have gone home. My husband was soooo uncomfortable on that plastic fold-out bed, and we had a private room!

I cannot wait to see pictures of Harlow! Bet she’s a beauty. We know she’ll give Suri a run for her money as best-dressed baby.

Annoyomus on

I just knew they would have a girl!

Nikki- IMO, your comment about somebody needing to learn more English was pretty harsh. I don’t see anything wrong with the name Harlow!

Bliis on

Big CONGRATS to Joel & Nicole. Luv, luv the names given to their little girl!

Lauren on

I adore the name! It’s very pretty. Surprised they had a little girl though – I was certain it’d be a boy! o_O … Congrats to them both. xxx

ZaraB on

Off topic slightly, does anyone know what label the dress is that Nicole’s wearing in the title post pic (at the launch of the Richie-Madden Foundation)? I’ve been searching online for weeks, and can’t find out what label it is! I love it!

Michelle on

Does anyone know where you can buy that Grey Dress Nicole is wearing in the Picture?

I want to buy it

Kate on

What a beautiful name. Both Nicole Richie and Toni Collette have given their daughters beautiful names that I never would have thought of. Winter is interesting, but she is a winter baby. I also love the classic simplicity of Kate, of course I’m partial because I’m a Kate myself, but I like the interesting and the classic together. Congrats to them! When I first heard about her pregnancy I was worried given her history, but she’s really become a totally different person in the last year and I think she’s going to be a great mother.

Bec on

The name Harlow reminds me of Shiloh, and both are very pretty names too. While Shiloh has been shortened to Shi sometimes, I could easily see Harlow being shortened to ‘Lo’ as in ‘Lolita’. Very sweet!

Winter Kate adds complements the name nicely as well, although it is a bit of a mouthful when put together as others have pointed out. I always think of names in terms of colors, and Harlow is a pretty pastel, complemented by the pale icy blue of Winter, and the warm auburn Kate. Altogether, it’s a very balanced and sweet combination for my thinking 🙂

Thanks CBB for keeping us updated!

candy on

mothers are going home sooner now because of staph infection and the super bug, it’s not safe for babies in the hospital right now so with uneventful pregnancy and birth it’s best to get everyone home.

i’m sorry but i don’t like the name…

Billie007 on

Congrats to Nicole & Joel! I like the name.

patricia night on

What wonderful news!
God bless this new family!
Love the name

I selfishly want to see pics! 🙂
But I really hope Nicole, Joel and Harlow get as much privacy as they want.

Sylvana on

Congrats. Already thought that it woud be a girl.
Buth ugh, i hate the name. Please just call her Kate.

Eleonora on

Awww a baby girl..I really thought nicole was having a boy!!!

Matilda on

Aw, that is such a beautiful name! I think Nicole and Joel will be great parents to that little girl. And who thought it would be a girl? I for sure didn’t! 🙂 Well, anyways, congratulations to them!:)

Aleah on

Congratulations to Nicole and Joel!! They picked a really pretty name!!

Sara on

Yay! A baby girl for them, she must be really precious =] And Harlow is a beautiful name, totally loved it!! can’t wait to see pics!

rhian on

Congrats to the couple, i love the name too! i bet little Harlow is just beautiful

Cecilia on

Harlow Winter Kate? I like it! Congrats to the happy couple!

Lena on

it´s a girl….. yeah…..;) that pretty good news i think….and her name is so cool…..But I thought they would have a boy????? thats what everybody said……i wish joel and nicole all the best with their little harlow… i think that they are so happy…….


much love and many greeting from Lena (Germany)

Sarah’s note: The tabloid rumor was boy, but Nicole and Joel were very open about not knowing the sex.

audrey on

who names a baby after someone who died tragically?and the whole thing has no flow, i thought for sure they would pick an amazing name

Christina on

Awww congrats to the happy couple. I’m sure they will be wonderful parents to Harlow. Nichole has grown so much over the past year alone and is a perfect example on how one can turn their life around into something good. I love the name and I’m sure Harlow will have her mother’s sense of style and her dad’s (not to mention Grandpa’s) love of music.

kendrajoi on

For once I actually predicted someone’s babys’ sex correctly. I’m always wrong…LOL I like the name. Let’s hope she makes a better mother than my assumptions. I was truly frightened when she revealed she was expecting. Having said that, I wish them the best.

andrea on

congratulations to Joel and Nicole (aww, even their names sound like they were meant to be together…). I love love love the name they chose for their daughter- Harlow has that old hollywood ring to it.

Glad to hear the family is doing well- can’t wait to read more about the baby and see pictures!

xxLostGirl92xx on

Congratulations Nicole, Joel and family! Best wishes to the Richie/Madden family and of course to baby Harlow Winter Kate!

What a pretty little name! x

J.M. on

This may sound freakishly wierd but the other day I was watching the View and Patricia Arquette was on. I believe her daughter is named Harlow as well and I actually said to myself (after also just hearing that Nicole was in labor) that Harlow sounded like a name that Nicole would actually use! It was cute but a little different. 😉

Congrats to the couple. I am glad it was a girl but swore it was a boy!

Kirstin on

WOW! I just LOVE that name! Now why didn’t I think of that!?! 🙂 Congrats to them all and I really am so happy for them! What a FAB name! You go girl!

asm1976 on

Wow, that’s great! I really like Nicole and I’m so happy for them. I too love the names Harlow and Winter! Kudos to Nicole for opting to have a vaginal birth and enduring labor like the rest of us!

Kelly on

Congrats to the proud parents! I’m sure they will be great parents to little Harlow. I love the name! I was so positive she was having a boy. Guess I was wrong! I’m glad she had a girl.

Sanne on

I’m a big CBB fan from the Netherlands and I was and I’m curious about Nicole’s & Joel’s baby… Having Harlow made them more down to earth and sane, I like that! I think they will be great parents. Let’s wait for the pic’s and Christina’s baby!!! Love Harlow’s name, classy and very girly.

Hope ‘auntie’ Paris keeps her claws out of Harlow and Joel & Nicole’s life haha…

meg on

woohoo i guessed the sex right!!

Its taken me ages to work out where i know the name Harlow from and its because its Joely Fishers daughters middle name!! Its a pretty name but not one i would choose myself.

Leslie on

Yay! I was hoping they’d have a little girl 🙂 Harlow is a perfect name for a Nicole baby.

Kirsty on

I knew it was a girl!

Some website are referring to her as Winter. Is this what she will be known as?

Sarah’s note: I don’t think so, I just think the media is spinning the name as she’s a winter baby.

Philippa on

oh wow this is great news!
i just knew that they were having a girl, and i luv the name:D

Doreen on

Wahoooo YES a baby girl!! 🙂 I just thought with everyone having a lot of boys at least we have a girl now! LOL I’m soooo happy for them!! I’ve been refreshing CBB constantly! lol

Kimora and Kariah's Mommy on

Congratulations Nicole!!!! So exciting…can’t wait to see pics! I was kind of hoping for a girl :)–just seems to fit Nicole!

sarah on

Congrats to them, I bet they will be cute parents.
To J.M. I’ve actually something like that happen to me, when news first leaked out that Brad Paisley’s had just had her kid and they hadn’t released the name yet I turned to my sister and said “What do you think they’ll name it?”
She said “Something normal, I would guess, maybe with an offbeat middle name” and I said “Yeah, something like ‘will’.” a few hours later CMT announced his name as William Huckleberry and we both looked at eachother. That was freaky.

Harlow on

Love the name, of course I am partial to it. Altho it is a rare name, it is not uncommon as a surname, or for a boy!
This is the first time I have heard of a girl being named Harlow.
Good luck and health to the baby and mother as well.

kemp on

harlow winter is gorgeous! i love kate, too, but somehow it seems too tacked on and unnecessary. congrats to them!

J.M. on


Actually this isn’t the first time it’s happened to me! I swear I have psychic moments that come and go LOL. When I was 15 my neighbor was days away from having a baby. No names or anything were discussed but the night before she had him I had a dream that she named the baby Christopher! And low and behold the next day the dad put out the birth announcement on the lawn and his name was Christopher! Maybe it was a lucky guess!

I love the name Harlow and I hope they don’t call her Winter.

brannon on

I wonder if Kate is a family name?

Althea on

I sooo love the name, Harlow is unique and it somehow fits perfectly with Winter and Kate is a nice touch. Great choice! =]

I have to admit I thought it would be a girl right from the start but you guys here on the CBB boards who kept posting about the baby possibly being a boy got me a bit baffled..but turns out I was RIGHT!! lol

Congratulations to Nicole and Joel, I wish them all the best and much joy with their little baby girl. I’m sure Nicole will be a fabulous mom =]

Malla on

Congratulations to the new mom, the new dad and the little addition of the family!

I just absolutely love the name Harlow! It’s really beautiful. I was also thinkin the same thing as brannon, maybe Kate is a family name.

I can’t wait to see photos of Harlow!

cassopolis on

Just a question, her name is Harlow Winter Kate, so I guess Harlow as first name, Winter middle name, but about Kate still a middle name too ? any clue how you call it in US

Sarah’s note: Yes, a second middle name. It’s getting more common in the US to do that.

E on

Congratulations to Nicole and Joel! I LOVE Harlow’s full name. It is unusual but very pretty all at the same time. Can’t wait to see pictures of this little beauty!

Dana on

The name is definitely growing on me. I love all the names separately, but wasn’t sure about them together. (I’m kind of partial to the Kate, having a daughter with the same middle name, just spelled with a “C”.) A unique name without being off-the-wall. Very pretty.

The whole family seems to be so ecstatic about this little girl. Congrats to all of them.

Dani on

Aww…the baby looks like Nicole. gorgeous!
Harlow has Nicole’s eyes which are Hazel, her eyes look green or brown sometimes. So i guess Harlow’s eyes will be blue/brown instead of Nicole’s green.
Joel has brown eyes.

jess on

I am glad she went through with a vaginal birth I keep reading that Christina is scheduling a C-section because she doesn’t want to endure the “pain” of childbirth but doesn’t a C-section cause more pain than a vaginal birth? I had a vaginal birth and no time for drugs and I was walking around 1 hour after the birth and felt great, I have friends that had C-sections and were in pain for days and didn’t even want to walk…..

Judy on

Well, that is wonderful news. Congratulations to the ecstatic parents. Grandpa Lionel must be delighted!

jasmine on

im so happy for them
congrats joel and nicole on the beautiful bundle of joy 🙂

i didnt here anything but was lionel there too?

Angela’s note: Yes, he was.

brannon on

She may still have nicole’s hazel eyes – most babies are born with “dark blue” but they can change for up to a year. My son was born with bright blue eyes – mom has brown, dad has green – and we kept waiting for them to change, but they never did – still big, bright and blue! Time will tell.Can’t wait to see this gorgeous child!

Ivonne on

Congrats to Nicole and Richie! I’m dying for pics.

BTW, having a c-section doesn’t make a woman any weaker than one who has a vaginal birth. I was due 1/11 but had my baby 1/4/08 by repeat c/s because he was very large (as was my first) and I wasn’t progressing. Above all, most mothers just want a healthy baby and a safe delivery, however it happens. I am happy for all mothers who give birth, no matter how they do it. I think that’s a pretty normal line of thinking.

Poppy on

Congrats Nicole. I hope you keep on your baby weight, and don’t lose it.

Merideth on

The baby sounds just beautiful! About her eye color…from Joel’s description, it sounds like it will more than likely be brown. Most (though not all) babies with caucasian background are born with blue eyes–and within a few months either stay blue or turn green or brown. Children whose eyes are already starting to turn dark shortly after birth usually end up with beautiful brown eyes. On a personal note, my biracial (black/white) daughter was born with bright blue eyes. At the age of two, they started turning and are now an odd mix of blue, green, and brown.

Danielle on

Congrats to the happy couple! I had a feeling it was going to be a girl! Interesting name, but beautiful!

Melle on

I love that they chose a name that does not lend itself to a nickname. I am of the thinking that you should name your child whatever you want them to be called. As in, if you want to call her Cindy, name her Cindy not Cynthia. Just my opinion though.

I love the name Harlow Winter Kate. Even more, I am starting to like the idea of two middle names. But then you have that whole monogram dilemma…LOL

Congrats to the new family.

Chelsie on

Harlow Winter is such a pretty name. Different, but not totally out there. Kate throws me off a bit though. I wonder how they came up with her name.

Mary-Helen on

congrats to Joel & Nicole! I love the name Harlow…so much that if I ever have another child (which seems unlikely), I will use it myself for a little girl!

M on

looooove the name harlow! actually, love all 3 names. i know a lot of people are commenting on the kate seeming odd, but i’m wondering if perhaps they gave her that name in case, as harlow gets older, she decides her first name is too unique for her taste. i know at least one other celebrity mentioned choosing a middle name that way…mom to owen isabelle (michelle branch?).

Kari on

Congrats joel and Nicole!!I love her name.I cant wait to see pictures of harlow.

Sophie on

Aww I really luv the name Harlow…and Winter is pretty cute too! I cant wait to this little girls first pictures as she sounds really beatiful from the way Joel described her. I also cant wait to see Joel and Nicole out and about with their new little daughter and I really do think they will both make great parents!

Pam on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the name. Totally my style. I’m glad to hear Nicole was able to have the vaginal birth she wanted and everything went smoothly. Can’t wait to meet Harlow!

Becky on

She’s given birth to a beautiful baby. Like other famous beauties, such as Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes and Christina A., she will need to focus not only on the training of this child, but the protection from the media. I would suspect that we will soon see a photo of this baby, as a preemptive deterrent to slow/disincentive the papparrazi.

J.J. on

Yay it’s a girl just like I predicted! Harlow Winter Kate is a pretty name. This little one will sure be beautiful! Joel and Nicole will sure be great parents to their new daughter!

Sabrina on

Congrats to Joel & Nicole!! I am totally in love with the name Harlow Winter!!! I’m sure she’s beautiful!

mari on

we had our baby last month and we also named her harlowe ..with a e though…
everyone thinks it wierd…now maybe they will like it more…
our other daughter is named graycen..

Mariah Martinez on


Mina on

Merideth, Nicole is multi racial, but always calls herself black, so the baby is not just Caucasian.

winecat on

Congrats to Nicole and Joel. They appear to be settling down as a loving, caring, concerned about more than themselves couple.

Much luck to them and their new daughter.

Annoyomus on

Joel’s latest comments really confuse me! What with apologizing for not accepting calls, cards, or gifts at the hospital and saying that he is “finally” at home with Nicole and Harlow, it sounds as though Nicole was in the hospital for at least a day.

However, it was previously reported (by Nicole and Joel’s rep, no less!), that Nicole went home within hours of giving birth to Harlow (the rep simply said that Harlow was at home with her parents….But when s/he said that, it had only been a a few hours since Harlow’s birth).

Kari on

I cant wait to see pictures of harlow.I bet shes just as cute as her cousin, Clementine(Joels sisters,Sarahs daughter).Joels going to be a fantastic dad and nicole will be a great mother.

ZaraB on

Bless! Harlow sound beautiful, and Joel sound like a very proud papa! Do they have any plans yet for a magazine story? I hope they do a big interview/photo shoot, and we get to see them all together and up-close!

CTBmom on

I think by “finally” he meant after 9 long months of waiting for the baby.

Anyway, I am so excited for them, and I can’t wait to see pics of little Harlow.

patricia night on

Proud daddy!
It’s so sweet!

Merideth on

Mina, you misread my post. I did not say Harlow was “caucasian.” I said most babies with Caucasian background, as Harlow, are born with blue eyes. While Nicole may call herself black, her baby certainly has caucasian background, from both her and Joel; hence, the baby’s blue eyes. The only reason I said that is because I get tired of people saying “All babies are born with blue eyes,” when, in fact, they should be saying that “most babies with caucasian background” are born with blue eyes. Anyway, enough said. I’m sure the baby is beautiful regardless of its eye color! 🙂

Anon26 on

You don’t have to have a “caucasian” background in order to have blue eyes. Blue eyes are a recessive gene. Two brown eyed people can have a blued eyed baby.The baby could’ve easily gotten that gene from Nicole’s Afro-Latina genes. There are people in every ethnic group with no caucasian background who have blue eyes. I’m sure the baby is adorable. I can’t wait to see her pics.

daniela on

Amazing nicole richie I wish the best for her and her baby and is very happy with joel

Merideth on

Anon26- Oops. Sorry. I guess I was under the assumption that the blue-eyed gene came only from caucasian (mostly Northern European) descent. I realize there are people of all ethnicities with blue eyes, but always assumed that those blue eyes were a result of caucasian background somewhere down the line in the family tree (even many generations removed in some cases). I do know that both parents must have the recessive gene in order for a baby to have blue eyes. But then again, I’m probably wrong about that, too! I give up!

Willetta on

Congrats to Nicol and Joel, what a beautiful name. Iam glad its a girl, now Joel well spoil her like crazy. God Bless, Take care.

Kimberly on

Aww, I love her name. Congrats to the both of you, its all an amazing experience. You better catch the moments while you can

*Matea on

I really think the little Harlow is beautiful just like her mother,and she has great name. Congrats to Nicole and Joel. God Bless You. Mwah.*




Diana Carolina (KARO) on


Emma on

I think babies come at just the perfect time for people – like Nicole (my fav celeb) and Joel. Look out world, little Harlow has arrived! Congrats on a beautiful little girl and a safe birth xx

mariah on

hey congrats and love the name it is beautiful and so is the baby!!

KImbeley on

Harlow-Meadow of the hares. Variant of Harley
Winter- Time of the winter solstice
Madden-Smalldog Milos

Please get pics on internet Nicole and Joel

SAmi on

Congrats to Joel and Nicole. The best thing in life is a baby and I know that because I too had a baby on Jan 11 2008 but my baby was born at 12:54 pm and was a bit bigger!!! I’ll always think of you two when my baby shares her birthday with yours!

Nancy on

What a cute family! Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl. I guess the name was in reference to Jean Harlow, the actress. It’s nice to finally see Lionel’s little girl happy after all she has gone through in her life. Lionel Richie was a good man to give this little girl a good (simple?) life.

Kylie on

I am a big fan of Nicole but Harlow is way to much of a boys name, it turns out to be an old English name for a boy meaning ‘Mound of the People’ or something like that…