Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban return home on Saturday after playing tennis

01/14/2008 at 03:30 AM ET

Actress Nicole Kidman and musician husband Keith Urban (not pictured), both 40, return to their home in Darling Point after playing some tennis on Saturday. The weather on Saturday is Sydney was incredibly warm. They expect their first child in July. More photos available at Just Jared.


Photo by Fame.

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ZaraB on

Nicole’s legs are very tanned, but I hope she’s avoiding fake tan, as it’s not great to use during pregnancy…

Mimi on

She doesn’t even look pregnant at all! I can’t wait to see her with a bump!

estherpanda on

I’m surprised that a woman who suffered miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy decided to make her pregnancy public so early…

tdevol on

It’s not really that early, I am thinking she is 4 months along or more.

Marilyn on

I’m surprised she’s playing tennis since she had miscarriages before. You have to run around a lot and jump, etc. and I’m just kind of surprised that she would take any chances. Maybe she should swim easy or do something less stressful on the body. It will be exciting when her baby is finally here.

Betsy on

I was told to stop playing tennis while pregnant. Surprised she is risking it.

coco on

i was wondering how far along she was as well until read the post earlier. she doesnt appear to be showing much. im also surprise she is moving around and being so active is this may be a high risk pregnancy. oh well she knows herself better than we do. i wish nicole and keith all the luck

Campbell on

I think she looks unbelievably fabulous in that tennis outfit!! Gorgeous.

mn on

i guess tennis is in the air in australia with the open kicking off this week. cute tennis outfit.

mn on

not sure why one wouldn’t be able to play tennis while pregnant, lots of women play while pregnant on the pro tour, some well into their 2nd trimester. i’d say the level of risk to the baby would be much higher on tour than in a friendly match with her husband.

Milla on

Oh my goodness, she got a spray tan! I’m so used to seeing her beautiful pale skin! She looks fantastic, I think it’s great she’s keeping active. I’m sure a light game of tennis wouldn’t harm the baby, especially as she must be at least three months pregnant.

pbj on

I think she should be alot more concerned about playing tennis if she’s worried about a miscarriage, she feared for her life when she and Keith came out of the restuarant, and he had to lose his cool with the papparazzi, saying things like: “settle down, you got your shots, my wife is in fear right now” I think she should stay in bed the entire pregnancy, I wouldn’t mind not seeing her for seven more months. Would be a nice break.

Annoyomus on

coco- Just because Nicole’s had miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy in the past does NOT mean that this pregnancy will be high-risk, especially now that she is at least 3 months along (probably even a bit more than that, if she is indeed due in July).

I’m sure Nicole’s talked with her doctor, and I’m sure s/he would have to her if s/he thought the pregnancy will be high risk, and what activities to avoid.

Annoyomus on

I also want to add that, about her hardly showing yet….Look at Christina Aguilera! She barely showed at all until she hit about 6 months. Even then, her bump wasn’t very big. She didn’t really “pop” until the last month of her pregnancy!

I also know a woman who literally barely showed at all until she was in her third trimester! In otherwords, every woman carries differently, and some just don’t show much until the end of their pregnancies.

karen on

Maybe it is not a spray tan. It is summer in Australia. Either way, she does look great!! With my first babe, I did not show until about 5 months, still wore my jeans, just had to use a rubber band to fasten them but with my second, I could not fit my jeans by about 2 1/2 months and I did not gain much weight with either. My first son weighed 9.2 lbs and I gained 16 lbs. my second son weighed 9.12 and I only gained 9 lbs. It was the only time in my life that I ate really really healthy and gave up soda. My doc was not concerned because the babes were growing. Do have to say that I was heavier than Nicole is although I was not fat by any means. My doc also said that anything I did pre pregnancy I could do during just in moderation and as long as I was comfortable.