Update: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner out with Violet in LA on Saturday

01/13/2008 at 09:09 PM ET

Update:  Added more photos of Violet playing with her dad.

Originally posted at 12 pm: Actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, both 35, have returned to LA after spending several months in NYC while Jen appeared on Broadway. On Saturday the couple and daughter Violet Anne, 2, headed to City Bakery for coffee and then hit up Toy Crazy.

Affleck_violet_011208_14cbbjpg Jennifergarner14117_cbb

Photos by Flynet; Splash News; Ramey.

Ecco_plumViolet wears Ecco Kids Glow in Old Rose/Red Plum ($66).

Continue reading for another photo.

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Affleck_violet_011208_11cbbjpg Affleck_violet_011208_15cbbjpg

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donna on

I never get tired of seeing pictures of the Affleck/Garner family. They look so NORMAL and little Violet is such a sweetie!

sharon on

awww cute 🙂
I just love them all, Violet is not a baby anymore she is a beautiful little girl!

Kat on

She is so beautiful!

Anyone know if her little cousin has been born yet?

Sarah’s note: We haven’t heard anything on Casey and Summer’s son yet, but given how private Casey is I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s arrived and they just kept it quiet.

Megan on

Wahoo i do so love seeing pictures of my favorite family! And Little Miss Violet gets more stunning every single time we see her! Kat–great minds think alike, I was just thinking to myself if her new cousin had been born…haha although Casey and Summer are definitely private people, I do hope we at least hear that he was born =))

GORGEOUS Garner/Affleck family…always a good day when we can see pics of them =)))

KK on

When did she end her run on Broadway?

Sarah’s note: The show closed last Sunday.

Natalie on

awww Violet looks like a little lady now lol she’s not baby Vi anymore 🙂

i love this family!

rachel on

Can you please explain what you mean by “NORMAL”? I can’t recall seeing anyone who seemed otherwise and most of the pictures on the site seem to depict normal, everyday activities.

Annie-Kate on

I love seeing photos of the whole family. We often see ones of just Jen and Violet 🙂

adriana on

I love this family, and violet is adorable

Charity on

Ben looks different. Thinner, perhaps??

I love this family, too. They seem so relatable.

Rosy J on

OMG! My favorite family is back in LA. They are so adorable. I love them so much. Violet is growing up so fast. She is so cute. Jen and Ben both look good too. Love them!

donna on

Normal meaning like us “regular folk”, not like some celebrities who travel with entourages, nannies, etc… a family I can personally relate to. Is it okay to say that?

E on

Donna, I totally got what you meant. They seem like a family who lives next door to you, and not a high profile celeb couple. 😉

cute on

So cute! It’s been a while since we’ve seen the whole family together. Violet is getting so big. Love this family! Like Donna said…they seem so down to earth and normal. Little Violet is going to be a very grounded celeb child.

Is it me or does, Ben look so young in these pics…he was looking pretty stressed for a while when he was promoting GBG (which is understandable!), but he looks really relaxed and stress-free here.

Megan on

OMG seriously…I don’t normally comment in a post twice but the update of these pics–I had to! That GRIN in the first picture–playing with dad–it’s almost like she was being chased by him or he was being silly and made her giggle…and then the two of them running–like he was letting her chase him…good god be still my heart…I ADORE this family…and is it just me or is Violet actually getting even more beautiful–her hair is getting so long and she just becomes more stunning with every picture we see…this family just makes my heart smile…

Laura on

wow, violet seems tall for her age.

Crazy Baby Lady on

I love them. Violet is so cute! i think she looks a little like my daughter (who is 1.5 months older) http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2076/1816412179_7785829a6a.jpg I am not lucky enough to look like Jen though. They are such a beautiful family.

Annoynomus on

It’s probably been only a week at most since we’ve seen Miss Violet….But already she is looking so much more grown up! She has definently lost her “babyness” and become a little girl.

Also, is it just me, or does Violet look like she is a tall girl (especially in the first picture)?

kemp on

i LOVE violet’s hair, and her daddy is looking extra fine in these pics! crazy baby lady- i do think your daughter resembles her!

Mia on

wow in that first picture she looks a lot like Jennifer!
Just with the way she’s smiling. So adorable 🙂

Colleen on

LOVE this family. Violet looks like she has grown up a lot compared to other recent pics. On a side note, I saw Catch and Release this weekend, along with Juno, and they were fantastic!

iluvallbabies on

Rachel I assume Donna meant “she could almost blend into the crowd type of normal”. You cant really say that for every celebrity, no matter what you say!!!(No offence).

And yes Violet looks like she will be one tall gorgeous girl!

sharon on

I was hoping you will post the new pics thanx so much 🙂

Cheyane Goodrich on

Ben, Jen, and Violet are also my favorite celeb family. I think Violet is definitely a little heartbreaker in the making. They all have bright beautiful smiles and they all seem very down-to-earth people. I wish I could actually meet them one day because they are just awesome people and terrific parents!! Happy New Year Ben, Jen, and Violet!!!

Chloe on

Wow Violet has grown up so much, she’s a proper little girl now! My son saw her and said “pretty” and kissed the screen lol!

Jeannie on

I like that picture of Violet getting into the kiddie car. She looks like she’s trying to get away with something!

Maybe she looks so much bigger than in recent pics because in the NY pics she was bundled up and in the stroller quite often. We didn’t see much of her- just her cute face.

Denise on

I love her blonde hair. She’s such a cutie pie. Ben and Jennifer are such hands on parents. I love that. I would have loved for my parents to have taken me to parks and such when I was little. It would have been so much fun!

Campbell on

Well now, Mr. Ben is looking finer than ever… looks relaxed. And Violet~ Are you kidding me?! So precious, definetely her parents daughter. I do think she will be tall like her mom and dad. Always enjoy the Affleck pics.

Rebeca on

It is just me or Jennifer looks skinny?? I love this family because they look so normal, they dont look if they were celebrities, not at all!

legemc on

Charity, I was thinking Ben looked like he had lost weight too. I don’t remember him being that thin.

bea on

Yes, is a cute, cute family, for more about them, come to my forum, is in spanish and english.





donna on

glad to see I am in good company here. thanks ladies :)))

FC on

Violet has one of the cutest little smiles, and that photo of her chasing her dad/him running away, as it looks to me, is heartwarming! 🙂

Lovely photos!