Holly Hunter and Gordon MacDonald take sons to the park

01/10/2008 at 11:45 PM ET

Actress Holly Hunter, 49, and her partner, actor Gordon MacDonald, take their twin sons to the park and to run errands in New York today. The boys, whose names we do not know, will turn 2 next week.

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Photos by Bauer Griffin.

51qdz4dlyl_ss500_The twins ride in phil&teds Sport buggy in orange ($400) with doubles kit ($90).

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lynette on

The boys names are Claude and Press

Annie-Kate on

Beautiful boys. The expression in the little boy’s face in the second photo is priceless. So cute.

mary on

This is the first pics of Holly’s children I have ever seen. They really do exist. She is very good at keeping them (and herself) out of the spotlight. A beautiful family!

Snow on

I could never use that stroller, it looks like the one in the back can’t even see anything!

Meela on

Thereโ€™s something about that stroller that strikes me as odd. Iโ€™m sure itโ€™s design that way to be more compact but that poor child that has to sit in the back is only looking at the back seat. Meanwhile the older sibling gets to enjoy all the sights. That space should be meant for storage not for a child.

Summer on

It’s great to finally see these boys! I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever see them.

Carrie on

I think those are the coolest strollers. I’d never be able to use one though. My daughter would constantly be reaching out and grabbing the wheels while rising in the buggy.

Beverley on

Please clarify if it’s just the angle, but does the 2nd seat on that stroller sit directly behind the first one? That isn’t cool. Why would anyone do that to their kids? I would put them in a side by side stroller over that one anyday.

brookefan on

Holly Hunter is cute as a bug, but she needs to ditch that hat! Nice to see her boyz. Didn’t know she had them, but I am a fan of hers!

Kate on

I had that stroller and both of my daughters freaked out and would not sit in the back. When my older daughter finally caved and did sit back there, she got her hand caught in the wheel and had to go to the hospital. I ended up selling it and getting the Jane Powertwin… awesome stroller. Much better compared to the Phil & Ted’s.

Heather on

Perhaps the purpose of the design of this particular double stroller is to avoid taking up too much space. I am constantly frustrated by families who take up entire sidewalks or store aisles with their side-by-side double strollers. This looks like a good solution, and really, what is it going to hurt the child in the back seat to have no view for a few minutes. If anything, children today are so over-stimulated that a little boredom might be good for them!

Jemma on

Ha I clicked on here expecting anti P&T comments, you guys are so predictable ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have the P&T and have to say, try it before you knock it!

In fact the comment from Kate really surprised me as I know loads of people with it and we’ve all had the opposite problem that the kids always WANT to be in the back! I have NEVER heard of anyone else’s child being injured by the wheels either! If they’re strapped in properly they shouldn’t reach them.

In answer to the above, most people round here do have them because of the space saving. Pavements (sidewalks) in this part of England are very narrow and shops not much better so without this buggy I wouldn’t be able to buy food! Also it’s far better balanced than a double buggy so I don’t have the worry of tipping it over when moving about.

oooh and just to add that the kid at the back has a great view…..out the sides!
Kid’s heads can turn you know ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nisha on


Love your comment.

Campbell on

Gotta say that that weird stroller kept me from even looking at the boys. I understand the practicality of it…. but YUCK!!

Pam on

My sister-in-law has this stroller for her girls and she loves it. The 7 month old goes on the bottom and naps, and the 3 year old sits up top. She bought it because she felt the wide strollers were hard to move around and navigate with.

Courtney on

As a collector of double strollers ( I have 7) this one wasn’t my fave. I have a friend who lives in the UK and has had one very similar to this one and LOVED it.

As far as big families taking up sidewalks with big strollers or isles at stores, try to be the person pushing and navigating them. NOTHING drives me more crazy then when I take my 4 kids to the mall and can’t shop in the kids stores because neither of my double strollers fit thru to see the clothes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe someday I will design a stroller I like..:)

Misha Warren on

The kids names are Cody and Brady not Claude and Press.

Sue on

My sons actually fight to sit in the back of this stroller! They can see out the side just fine and if we’re sightseeing, I angle it so both can see.