Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns to The View, Taylor in tow

01/07/2008 at 02:33 PM ET

Taylorthomas_1_cbbView co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30, returned to the table today, joined by son Taylor Thomas, 8 weeks.

I thought I’d bring a little testosterone to the table today…he eats all day long. He’s like 12 lbs now, I think. He’s just constantly on me — I call myself the Dairy Queen.

Sherri Shepherd interjected,

This is true! When Elisabeth walked in the hair and makeup room this morning, her boobs were bigger than mine.

Elisabeth agreed,

They were. At you watch, they’re camouflaged now, but by the end of the hour, they’ll be back. [Taylor] does something sometimes that’s a little scary, I’m not going to lie. [Makes biting motion.] I look down and I’m like, ‘You’re a little animal!’

As for her secret to looking slim even though she hasn’t lost much, Elisabeth says,

It’s prints! Wear a print. They camouflage everything.

I’ll get there. I’m a little frustrated because I have a little injuryin my back, something’s bothering me, and I can’t run –- and we’ve hadreally nice weather the last couple of days, and every time I seesomeone running I get angry at them because I can’t. But I’ll get there.

Click below for photos of Taylor, interview highlights (differences between boys and girls, having a second child, Tim as a dad, Grace as a sister), and to watch the video.

On husband Tim Hasselbeck, a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, Elisabeth remarks,

You name it, he does it. He’ll change diapers. He takes Gracie out on daddy-daughter dates.They’ll go get ice-cream or root beer floats. He really knows how tomake a child feel special.

Speaking of Grace Elisabeth, 2 ½, she’s very fond of her new little brother.

Whenshe wakes up in the middle of the night, she’ll say, ‘Taylor, comehere.’ She wants to see him first thing in the morning, she wants tokiss him good night. She just loves him. It’s a blessing. She’s such agood big sister.

But you know, my doctor told me…to keep them at a safe distanceand never leave them alone together, because literally siblings loveeach other to death sometimes. She loves him so much she just wants toput something right up to his face, or hug him so hard.

Having a second child has completely changed Elisabeth’s outlook.

When they say it rocks your world? It rocks your world, having asecond. What is going on!? When does this stop?! … This is the firsttime I’ve brushed my teeth in two months, it was special for today.

AndI’m constantly trying to balance out everybody’s needs. Was I a littlebit of a wife today? Sure. ‘Here’s a cracker, Tim. I’m your wife.”Grace, do you want Goldfish for dinner? Okay, I feel bad, ’cause I’mpaying a lot of attention to Taylor, so Goldfish it is!’ I feel likeI’m constantly trying to be the great equalizer in the home.

But I loveit! I wouldn’t want to be anything else, and wouldn’t want anyone elsedoing it for me.

Elisabeth also discussed the differences between having a daughter and having a son.

I don’t know if it’s because he’s a boy, or it’s second child, but Ikind of let him sit up a little more on his own. He seems a little moresturdy. I’ll go, ‘Look at that chest. He’s strong!’ I’m notsuper-sterilizing everything like I was with Grace. [When she was born]people would walk in and I’d have them put booties on.

[Tim] loves having a boy. There is a difference. But I feel like Taylor’s mine. Grace is his, and Taylor’s mine –- forever.


Source: Red Lasso; OK! Magazine; People

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gabriella on

Taylor is cute, he looks more like elisabeth than grace does. Grace is all tim, but taylor is cute.

natalie on

taylor is sooo beautiful! i want to pinch his cheeks and eat him all up! adorable!

Melanie on

Awww, he is just too cute! 🙂

Jenn on

awww he looks a lot like Elizabeth.. her daughter looks more like her dad.. but he is just too cute.. :o)

madison on

I gotta admit, I’m not much of a fan. But she looks fantastic and both her kids are super cute!

Beverley on

I think Elisabeth looks fantastic and Taylor is so stinking cute. I’m so glad she’s back.

Charity on

Did she keep him out there for the whole show? Is he going to be on there every day? Because she just looks like a mom, holding her baby and talking to her friends. Gives it a more casual, just women talking feel.

Charlotte on

No, she took him backstage about 15 or 20 minutes in I guess, right as they were discussing the political debate. Ha. Sherri had been holding him and she handed him back and she was like “I think we need to take the baby backstage, my breasts are leaking!!” (endearingly of course). SO Elisabeth got up and was like “okay, I’ll get him out of here and you guys start the discussion. I’ll be right back though so get ready!” It was so natural, she got up in the middle of the discussion rather than waiting til the commercial, etc. He is a cutie! I would love if both her kids were out there with her every day for the whole hour! Won’t happen though..

Mary on

Taylor definitely looks like big sister Gracie. That was cool how she brought him out on stage.

gabriella on

Aww on ET they showed grace and taylor. Grace looks just like Tim, and taylor like elisabeth, and she said she wants more kids. I think another baby for them in 2009. And going by elisabeth’s comments, sounds like grace will be a daddy’s girl and taylor a mommy’s boy. That’s nice they have both sexes.

Nancy on

I am in love, he is precious. He really made me pine.

FC on

Taylor’s such a cute little boy! And he was adorable all cuddled up with Sherri, just looking right at home on Monday’s taping of The View! 🙂

kelli on

So Cute!!!! Makes me want one too!!!

carrie on

im surprised everyone thinks that he looks more like elisabeth. i think he looks just like the rest of the hasselbeck men, except hes tiny and innocent.