Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman out to eat Saturday evening

01/06/2008 at 07:58 PM ET

Songstress Christina Aguilera, 27, and her husband Jordan Bratman, 30, were spotted going out to dinner on Saturday evening. The couple expect their son this coming week.


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M on

whoa that is a short dress!

iluvallbabies on

Hmmm very interesting choice of outfit!!

Nineveh on

I think she looks great. The flashlights make the dress more seethrough than it really is.
I can’t wait for her and Nicole to finally give birth.

brannon on

wow – very brave choice at 9 months! looking forward to she and nicole giving birth as well!

dana on

Damn i check back couple times a day to see if Nicole or her have given birth yet..

There children are going beauty full and talented… i also can’t wait to see what Nicole and Christina name there children.. When is Nicole Due? i would have thought she would have given birth by now.

Sarah’s note: She was due this week from what we heard, but first babies are often late.

Crystal on

I also keep checking back daily to see if she has delivered yet..
I dont know if its the camera angle or not but her hand in the bottom pic looks a bit swollen I hope shes OK

Sarah’s note: I think it’s just water retention…pretty normal. She’s been wearing her engagement and weddings rings on a chain for awhile, so no doubt she’s experiencing some swelling.

tiff on

Her hands do look pudgy, but her legs and ankles look great. Wish my legs were that sexy at 9 months!

gabriella on

Her hands look swollen. She looks pretty for being 9 months pregnant, but that dress looks so tight and uncomfortable and not liking the bra showing. She usually has cute style though.

WH on

That is a very risky choice for being about to pop out a kid any time.. Like some of you I can’t wait for Nicole to have her baby too.. Their kids are going to be so adorable..

Lisa on

She looks great and my guess is she probably could care less how she looks at this point in the pregnancy. In the end I was so big and nothing fit right anymore..not even my maternity clothes. She is a beautiful, normal pregnant woman. God bless for an easy delivery.

Brianne on

good for her! I am due any day now as well and would never put on a dress and heels like that- I am so uncomfortable I’m living in sneakers and sweats when i’m not at work. I can’t wait to see if our babies come on the same day- and Nicole too. She looks great though

Christine on

Aw…I know that “puffy” feeling right at the end. It’s no fun! A bunch of people told me I’d pee the water retention out within a few days…LIARS! lol! It eventually went, but it took more than a few days.
Anyways, she looks great and I hope she doesn’t go over too much. Can’t wait to read about her baby news!!!

marie on

she looks great to say she is about to give birth any day know wish i looked as good as her

Karen on

She’s got that look. The ok this was fun but I am done look. Ah I remember that look.

She forgot her pants but other than that she looks great.

Jennifer on

Wow…Christina looks great!! I wish I could have said the same when I was 9 months prego. LOL…She totally looks like shes ready to give birth at any moment now..her lips are swollen and so has her nose!! Regardless, she looks amazing. I’m also quite anxious to hear what she’s going to name her son. Good Luck X-tina, all the best for your delivery!

Me on

Definately not liking that dress.. IMO, it’s making her thighs look huge. Pregnant or not, I think that’s just too short of a dress. Judging by the jackets, isn’t it a little cold to be dressed like that anyways? Hope she has that baby soon.

lena on

wow she looks really puffy and cute…i’ve never been pregnant, but are you allowed to take water pills while pregnant, i would hate to retain water like that

JK on

First, Brianne, good luck with your new baby. 2nd, if I had looked as good as Christina does when I was ready to deliver either one of my two boys, I would have worn that dress and heels everywhere…I wouldn’t have even taken the heels off at my ob/gyn appt with my feet in the stirrups…ummm, that’s a bit pornographic, isn’t it..oh well, I think Christina looks beautiful and I can’t wait to read that she’s had her baby.

Dana on

Awww, poor thing. That hand is so swollen. I thankfully never had swollen hands, but my feet were enormous! And nobody warned me about how swollen you get after the baby is born. My bottom half was gigantic after my kids were born, just from water retention.

I think she looks amazing, all things considered. I would never wear a dress that short when not pregnant, let alone when pregnant. If I looked as good as her, though, I might wear whatever I wanted.

chatty cricket on

Where are her pants?!

Kidding. I love Christina and it kills me that at 9+ months pregnant she’ll still dress the way she wants to! If only we could all pull that off.

Can’t wait to hear the news that she had her baby. And on the water retention front, no one likes to retain water. Blah. It happens to the best of us.

Melle on

Doesn’t she have a stylist? She’s such a cute pregnant girl…and she could be so much cuter too.

Sarah’s note: I’m sure she does, for events. A lot of people dress themselves for day-to-day though.

Brandi on

I am a huge Christina Aguilera fan and was estatic when I found out she and her hubby were expecting. I’ve always loved her brave sense of fashion and thought highly of her for not being afraid to take risks. This outfit, however, leaves me speechless and I don’t like it to say the least. I mean, she’s nine months pregnant and it honestly looks like she was supposed to wear pants with this dress and decided to take them off at the last minute. No disrespect to Christina, because I adore her, but she’s a wife and soon to be a mother…I think women can still be stylish and sexy while being great moms, but really – would any child see their mother in this outfit and not be embarrassed? When you become a mother, it’s not just about you anymore…

Heidi on

Wow, I think she looks great. Does she know if she is having a girl? It seems women swell more with girls.

Angela’s note: Christina is having a son, as it says in the post.

Campbell on

She must be so ready. Funny, I was horribly swollen and literally within hours of giving birth I looked as if someone had “popped” me and the fluid retention went away. Everyone even commented in the hospital about it. So, it can happen immediately after birth, but certainly everyone is and every pregnancy is different. As far as her choice of clothing…. who knows maybe she was laying around at home w/ her feet elevated, feeling anything but sexy, and said you know what, I need a “pick me up”. So she picked a hot little number and said to herself… dang it, I’m wearing this and I’m going to get out and try to enjoy the last moments of this pregnancy!! Then again maybe that’s not what happened at all…. LOL. Either way, who wouldn’t want to look that fabulous at the very end?

Amanda on

I think she looks like Lady Clownface McNo-Pants.

I am not ragging on her because she is pregnant. I remember feeling like I had been pregnant for about 15 months (and suspecting that I looked like it, too) when I was at my due date.

The problem is that she dresses and does her make up like a tranny.