Julio Iglesias and his wife share photos of their five children

01/01/2008 at 06:24 AM ET

Singer Julio Iglesias, 64, and his partner Miranda Rijnsburger, 42, have shared photos of their five children together on a beach. They are Miguel, 10, who is holding in his arms Guillermo, 7 months, next to him stands Rodrigo, 8, and on the sides are twin daughters Victoria and Cristina, 6. Julio also has Chabeli, 36, Julio Jr., 34, and Enrique, 32, with ex-wife Isabel Preysler, 56.

Source: Hola!

Thanks to CBB readers Sarah and Sylvana.

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Sylvana on

Its nice to see them al five together. Julio and Miranda are blessed with five beautiful children, well julio with eight really.

kat on

Wow! They are all very beautiful children.

Becs on

Wow, what a pretty family!

vonkms891 on

this is one of the most beautiful families. they almost look unreal. like a catalog. they are all going to be heartbreakers.

Tiara on

TheyΒ΄re so cuddly.

Sarita on

The way rodrigo holds his sister is so sweet and the baby looks so happy πŸ™‚

sil on

beautiful children! I love how Rodrigo is hugging one of his sisters πŸ™‚
Miguel looks a lot like Julio Jr.
Very nice family!

buffyroo on

that is the most beautiful family i have ever seen…they are idyllic!

Virginia on

I think Guillermo looks a lot like Enrique!

gabriella on

All 5 children are really beautiful, what a pretty family.

gina on

omg!!! watch out shiloh,suri,and violet !!! you cute tots have some competition with these very beautiful children!!! lol these kids have to be some of the most gorgeous children ive ever seen. god bless this family!!

Josie on

It’s like an ad for Gap Kids. Absolutely gorgeous children…

Jennifer on

Absolutely gorgeous children! And I love the way Rodrigo has his arm around his little sister…so cute! πŸ™‚

Jo Ann v. on

Totally agree with you all. They look unreal !! πŸ™‚

miranda on

well, all 5 together they are the cutest siblings i’ve ever seen! the twins are really beutiful

gabriella on

It’s hard to have all 5 kids be equally beautiful, but these kids really are. They look like models, those twins are gorgeous and the brother Rodrigo looks a lot like them. Miguel and guillermo look a lot alike. The mother of these children has such a flat stomach and great body, you would never think she had 5 kids. Miranda and Julio sure mixed well, their kids came out stunning.

ang on

god they’re all gonna be so hot in about 10yrs time. wonder if any of them can sing??? KER-CHING!!!!!!!!

vanessa on

oh my goodness they are such good looking children!!!

KW on

Wow! Absolutely beautiful x5! They really do look like an ad for the Gap (or laundry detergent) lol! What fantastic genes Mama and Papa have together! Whew, those little girls are just so gorgeous!

Lauren on

Forget all the regulars-THESE are the most beautiful celebrity babies, hands-down imo. Those photos are gorgeous, and Victoria and Cristina are bar none two of the most beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen. They are going to be drop dead gorgeous when they’re teenagers. Those parents are going to have their hands full when that bunch begins dating!

Nikki on

These kids are beyond gorgeous. Holy crap!!!

claudiazz on

These children are all beautiful. I also think that in the group picture, their being all dressed in white looks absolutely gorgeous. It is so nice to see this classic look for a change instead of all of the wild striped and flowered childrens’ clothing. It is truly a classic look for some classically beautiful children.

MS on

Rodrigo and those twin girls are the most beautiful children I’ve laid eyes on in a long time…my goodness.

Mary on

Wow, his children are gorgeous. Especially the twin girls.

WOW on

I love how Julio and Miranda release photos of the kids. They are all so gorgeous.

legs on

wow. they’ve got pretty girls.

Annie-Kate on

Wow, i’ve never seen these children before but they sure are beautiful! Those girls are gorgeous! They’re all very angelic, and I can’t get over those two little girls. Perfection captured with those two little sweeties.

Daze on

Gorgeous photos of beautiful children! Can you fill us in on the rest of the family? Doesn’t Julio have a baby brother (I believe it said his ancient dad fathered a child in the last year or two…and then died?)? And I am sure with his 3 older children that he may be a grandfather by now too? Does anyone have any info on the extended family?

Natalie S. on

Holy gorgeous family..That Julio makes beautiful babies!!!

Pat on



Daze on

I was right, Julio’s father, has a son, now 3 years old by his second wife and was 89 when the boy was born, Julio was 61 when his baby brother was born. Not only that, but he also has a daughter Ruth who was born in July of 2006, 7 months after his death. These two would be the half-aunt and half-uncle of these beautiful children pictured. Add into that Julio’s 3 older children by his first marriage and the generational divide is astounding. Julio has a whole brother, Carlos as well.

Anne on

What gorgeous children! Wow, they all look like models. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with getting married? I mean 5 children with someone that you are not married to is a little much.

terri on

Gorgeous kids.

FC on

They’re all beautiful children, but I must say their mother’s genes must be very strong. If I didn’t know any better, except for Guillermo, who I can see some of Julio and even his older brother Enrique in his features, all of the other children take after their mother’s side.

The twin girls are so sweet-looking. πŸ™‚

Loly on

These children are gorgeous… You can see how their father Julio loves to be sorrounded by children, he had 3 beautiful kids in his previous marriage, look at these gorgeous ones in his second marriage, but I guess it runs in the family, his own father having children at 89 yrs old… LOVE RUNS DEEP IN THE BLOOD….

Anonymous on

lovely family, soo beautiful all togheher