McKenzie Ross following in footsteps of her mom Ann Curry

12/27/2007 at 04:06 PM ET

MaccbbjpgMcKenzie Ross, 15, is proving that she is just as fashionable and caring as her mom, Today anchor Ann Curry, 51. McKenzie, known to her friends and family as ‘Mac’, graced the pages of Teen Vogue and discussed where her fashion comes from as well as charity work.

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Mac2cbbjpgLast May, the teen volleyball player participated in Teen Vogue’s charity fashion show to raise money for women and children in Ethiopia.  She wore a pink Thakoon dress and was shocked when her mother began to bid on the dress as well as Michael Kors and Donna Karan dresses.

I couldn’t believe my mom was bidding on it!

The family went home with three dresses that evening, with McKenzie’s mom giving her the Thakoon dress. The dress is still in her closet as she declares,

I’m waiting for a special occasion to wear it out.

Mac shows that she is her mother’s daughter by her willingness to support charities like the Product Red collaboration, the Bono-cofounded effort that donates a portion of proceeds to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.  When asked what was her must-have item, she replied,

I really want an item from the Product Red collaboration.  I tried on the Converse but haven’t been able to find them in my size yet.

Her charity work does not stop there.  Last May, she and her mom donated their hair to Locks of Love, an organization that provides hairpieces to children suffering from a hair-loss disease.

But don’t let her big heart fool you.  Mac is a normal teenaged girl when it comes to clothes and while she loves designer clothes, she tends to go for outfits that are comfortable to her.

I love them. But I don’t get to wear a lot of them.  I dress to be comfortable because I’m doing so much all day.  I do most of my shopping at American Eagle and Roxy.

While shopping, Mac is sure to bring her mom Ann along for advice on the outfits.  Ann picked out Mac’s middle school graduation dress — a white Juicy Couture dress — that the teenager wasn’t quite sure about.

My mom will pick things out for me that I would necessarily think would work , then I’ll try them on and be completely surprised.

The two love to shop and Ann isn’t the only one giving fashion advice.  Mac gives it right back to her mom. Ann said,

I’ll try something on, and she’ll say ‘Mom, not the best.’ Then she’ll pick out something else that I end up loving.

And sometimes the mother/daughter pair have their eyes on the same item but that is okay.  Mac says of the situation,

We’ll share it.  My mom already told me I could borrow her Michael Kors dress.  She’s pretty nice about loaning me things, as long as I give them back.

McKenzie’s dad is Ann’s husband, software executive Brian Ross.


Source: Teen Vogue Magazine; December/January issue, pgs. 111 and 116

Thanks to CBB reader Heather.

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Genise on

She is a lil mini ann..beautiful girl

Renee' on

Ann Curry is 51 – WOW! Good genes in this family for sure!

emay on

Beautiful girl! She looks biracial to me… does anyone know if Ann’s husband is black?

sarah on

Wow, she is so beautiful and looks just like her beautiful mom.

Nina on

Ann’s husband is white. Mackenzie takes after Ann’s Japanese roots, and her brother is blonde-haired and blue-eyed just like his dad.

Linda on

Oddly enough, Ann’s husband Brian is really tall and rather Nordic looking, as is their son. Mac looks just like Ann and Walker, their son, looks just like Brian.
Ann’s mother is Japanese and her father is French and Scottish , those are some amazing genes in that family! Ann is gorgeous! Did anyone see the bungee jump?

heather on

no her husband is not Black, he is a white guy with dark blonde hair.

go to this website for a photo of him, ann and her son Walker

copy it and then paste it.

m-dot on

Am i missing something? Is Ann Curry married to a black man? She looks like a pretty black girl, or part black girl…like an alicia keys or someone.

Lisa on

Ann is married to Brian Ross, who is white.

Mackenzie looks exactly like Ann while her son Walker looks just like Brian.

Pam on

Are people not reading through the comments before they post? LOL

Mac is a beautiful girl.

dian on

Very beautiful girl just like her Mom, Ann C. I really like to read of this kids/young adults that give of them self’s to others that not have a lot or nothing at all, I may say that it was because of her and her Mom that I desired to let my hair grow so I can give it to a charity.

And yes I saw that bungee jump and was amaze how Ann is always willing to give to people (wish she didn’t gamble with her life like that), no wonder were her daughter gets it, and also I saw her trip to Antarctica and that was just awesome.

And I agree; awesome genes run thru that family, Ann is beautiful and Mac is to.

Thanks CBB for posting this articles and this celebrity kids.

Miohelle Nicole on

McKenzie is a beautiful girl just like Ann, these types of questions, really annoys me.

Here’s to many more McKenzie’s in this world, what a refreshing change from the (Britney, Jamie Lynn, Amy, Paris, Misha, Lindsay).

I don’t understand the importance of her Ethnicity? Why is that a relevance topic? Is that all you can take away from a positive article. Everyone is so concern about things that really should not matter, and unconcern about the current issues going on in this country and globally.

Michelle Nicole

Maria on

Wow, I too can NOT believe that Ann Curry is 51!!! I hope I look half as good as her when I reach 40! Ann and her daughter seem like wonderful people. It’s so cool to see a young person contributing so much to the world! Her daughter is absolutely gorgeous and quite exotic looking. I’m half Japanese/half Caucasian (just like Ann) and my husband is black so I also thought that Ann’s husband was black. Just goes to show that the world is becoming more and more diverse that it’s hard to tell what ethnicity people are. Many people think I am 1/2 black, 1/2 white or Mexican, Cuban, Hawaiian, etc. the list goes on!! 🙂

emay on

Michelle Nicole:

Just because people are curious about her ethnic background doesn’t make her any less beautiful. I think everyone here commented on her beauty. Why you choose to take the questions as a negative is wonder to me. With so many diverse nationalities on this board and with her obvious exotic looks, its no surprise that people were wondering. Does it matter if her father is black? or white? or Japanese? No. But we were just curious. Its not taking anything away from Mackenzie, Ann or the rest of the family to ask. No need to get “annoyed” over innocent questions.

an on

The topic of Mac’s ethnicity is so funny to me because for years I thought Ann Curry was part Black (and Mac looks EXACTLY like her mother). I’m pretty sure Ann Curry is the only non-Black person ever featured in a Jet magazine interview (b/c THEY thought she was Black). And Ann herself has said people have told her they thought she is Black. But the fact is, she isn’t–and she’s beautiful either way (inside and out–great personality!)

Ann Curry .net on

Ann’s mother is Japanese and her father was from French and Scots/Irish decent. So quite a mix.