Denied: LA Ink's Kat Von D not pregnant

12/27/2007 at 06:39 PM ET

Update: This rumor has been denied.

Is LA Ink’s Kat Von D, 25, expecting a little one?  In an upcoming preview for her reality show, Kat is shown saying "I’m pregnant." Whether she is joking or not is to be seen, but if comments on her MySpace page are correct, then she is in fact expecting. Kat is linked with musician Alex "Orbi" Orbison

The picture below was taken December 14th — what do you think?

Source: Kat’s MySpace Page and Mollygood

Thanks to CBB readers Julie, Sarah and Lauren.


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M from Las Vegas on

This rumor might me true… ads on TLC for the new season of LA Ink include a sound bite of someone saying “I’m pregnant”.

Rims on

She definitely looks pregnant to me. Congrats to them.

pink.lioness on

Wow, that’s a big surprise as for years Kat has been insisting that she never wants children. That shows how things can change in life. She definitely looks very happy with her new shop, her new show and her new man! Great news.

kimy on

She totally looks pregnant. She has a nice body and I can’t imagine that’s weight gain and not a baby bump.

Vanessa on

I love Kat — congrats! Anyway, is anyone else wondering how pregnancy is going to affect her numerous tattoos on her stomach, sides and boobs? lol

Kat on

I hope NOT…this was a post from her Myspace dated 12-16-07.The post is in reference to her World Record set on 12-14 and the day the above picture was taken.

“During the entire 24 hour period, i never ate, and kept my consumptions of liquid to a bare minimum, to make sure i wouldnt have to stop tattooing to go to the bathroom at any point. i put on nicotine patches, so i wouldnt take any cigerette breaks. And during the entire 24 hours i took a maximum 3 breaks of no more than about 3 minutes, to drink an energy drink closer to the end”

Monica on

I think she’s just blowing out her stomach…I bet it’s a joke 🙂

Lana on

I’ve watched the show and I thought she said she made the decision at 25 to have her tubaligation. Maybe I misheard. If she is congrats!!!

donza on

I say *no*. She is a bit of a boozer so I vote beer belly. The way she is standing . . . it’s no way to be sure. I’d have to see her standing up straight.

Nicole on

She is definitely pregnant!!

Yeah, I’m gonna go with about 5 months/20 weeks. Her fundus is around her belly button and 20 weeks is about the time that happens. So, I’ll go for end of April/beginning of May baby…

Keila on

No way… She’s never had flat abs to begin with AND she’s known to say that she’ll never have kids. If this is true it will surely shock me.

Carol Lee on

She looks it to me…normally her tummy is so flat. Time will tell I guess. Could have an interesting effect on her tats.

Vanessa on

…I just read that Kat has claimed to not only NOT want children, but even found a doctor to had tied her tubes? Anyone know how legit this claim is? (about the tubes)

Kristin on

I saw this pic the other day and my first thought was that she was pregnant.
As for the pregnancy and tattoos, I don’t think it will affect them that much, unless she gains alot of weight. I have tattoos, not as many as her, and they were not affected.
And if her and Orbi are pregnant, total congrats to them.

Sue on

I dont think she really is. she is probably just sticking out her tummy and being funny. They are most likely showing that clip to get people to watch the show. but hey, if she is CONGRATS!

swizzlepop on

I was just at her shop getting tattooed on the 8th and she was smoking a lot and if you read her blog she even posts that she wore nicotine patches for her 24 hour Guinness Record attempt, I would hope that she isn’t pregnant for that reason alone. And she didn’t look PG on the 8th either. Knowing how she likes to joke around I bet she is either joking around here or simpling breathing out as a joke.

monique on

congrats to them! i think she is going to be a cool mom…

wasnt she married?

Jen on

It looks like she puffed out her gut as a joke after a lot to eat really. 🙂

Christen on

I highly doubt it. I can make my stomach look like that too, and I am deffinitely not prego:p
I think that she was joking around and they put that clip on the commercials to boost ratings.

gabriella on

She looks pregnant to me, she is usually thin and that belly looks like a pregnancy to me. She always said she didn’t want kids, but so did jillian barberie and she had a baby, so maybe she changed her mind. Anyway if she is congrats to her.

Ericka on

I highly doubt it. She’s probably joking by pushing her stomach out. It’s a good way to get buzz for her show as it’s been low rating compared too Miami Ink.

beck on

I was led to believe she had her tubes tied, and definately didnt want kids. this pic looks to me like shes deliberately stickin her belly out.

Jenny on

I vote beer belly too. There have been many episodes of them at the beach and you can see her ponch and even under her tight tops she has a belly. I don’t think she is expecting.

Harley on

I’m on the doubt side for most of the reasons listed above. Most likely pushing her belly out. Heck, I’m 117 lbs and I’m not a super tight stomach person and I can push mine to look a few months preggo.

Sara on

I don’t think she is pregnant, I think she was just joking around, and pushing her stomach out…. C’mon we’ve all done it one time or another!

Crystal on

well at first glance it does deffintily look like shes expecting… soo round… like the perfect belly bump…
but YES it deffinitly could be that shes puffin it out… I may actually start watching her show just to find out for sure..LOL I used to watch Miami ink.. but it got old..

AJ on

She could be but she could also be pretending. My younger cousin and I are both not pregnant but we both can make our stomachs look just like that. We were actually jokingly doing that just a few days ago. But congrats if she is!!

Maria on

My guess is that she is not pregnant either. But if she is, congrats to her!

Kraysten on

She’s not pregnant. It was a joke. She puffed her stomach out and now it’s being made into a big hoopla so people will watch the show.

AmyD on

Naw, if she was pregnant enough to show that much, don’t you think her boobs would be bigger too? And Nicole, how do you put the fundus at the belly button? I see it waaay lower, girl.


I really think she was just asking silly, as someone who knows Kat, I just think she was joking.

rockinmama on

I don’t think she’s really preggo- esp not in that ridiculous pic!
I work with pregnant women, and I AM pregnant… and I’ve Never seen a baby bump look like that!
A pregnant belly is much more elongated and rounded. It’s not a small mass on the bottom half of your tummy.

If she is pregnant- awesome!
But I think it’s just a way to get us to tune in.

Jen on

Didn’t she just do a record breaking attempt and she didn’t eat a lot? She probably had a lot to eat after that and that’s the buddha belly we see. It looks exactly like my youngest sisters after she has a large meal. 😀

Alison on

My friend can also push her belly out to look waaay more ‘pregnant’ than that.

Barbara on

The only Positive way we will know if she is pregnant will be if she tells us. I mean if she starts getting huge before telling everyone that is a pretty positive thing too. But I have heard her say on many shows that she didn’t want to have kids. If this new guy she is with makes her happy and has changed her mind on having children I really wish them the best. And if you are pregnant here is one huge piece of advise. PLEASE stop drinking and smoking at least until the baby is born.

Nicole on

AmyD, I see the rounding lessening off around her belly button, maybe a little lower. I was just stating what I see…

I actually saw a little snippit of a red carpet interview she gave back in October. She was talking about her and Orbi only being together for 6 weeks!? So, I dunno. I always thought reality shows taped their episodes months in advance…?? Any know if that’s how LA Ink is done?

If she is, I’m happy for her.

If she’s not, and she really doesn’t want kids, then I just hope she’s careful with Orbi.

fan on

If she is then that is her and Orbi’s business. everyone should just leave her alone.

Heather on

I don’t think it’s true here! Here is #17 off of a list of facts about Kat from TLC.

17. I never wanna have babies.

DonnaLynch on

I think Kat will make a wonderful Mom. The baby will be blessed with having the most talented Mother and a loving Mother. God bless them both and be happy and healthy.

D on

She cannot be prego as she announced on LA INK that she had her tubes tied. She announced this on the first season when Corey was deciding whether or not he should get snipped.

Chase on

All Kat needs are tattoos on her breasts and her tongue.

Amanda on

I say no. Although, I always see Kat wearing sexy tight fitting clothes, and here she is pictured wearing athletic pants. I remember in the beginning of both my pregnancies, you were SO uncomfortable, nothing fit right so sweat pants are a pregnant girl’s best friend. If she is, then great I hope she’s happy. If not, then I wish she would just admit it straight out already!

NIta on

She has stated many times that she want’s no children. I have resorted to believe this is bloat, in addition to the fact that she does not thave the best shape to beging with.

Born Fab on

Haha! My husband just saw her outside of her shop tonight!!! He didn’t say he noticed a bump!!!!