Meg Ryan and Daisy True shop at Whole Foods

12/26/2007 at 08:46 PM ET

Actress Meg Ryan, 46, and daughter Daisy True, 3, shop at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills, California on Christmas Eve.

M_ryan_122407_05cbbjpg M_ryan_122407_02cbbjpg

Photos by Ramey.

Click below for another photo.


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Alexa on

She’s such a cutie! I love that her shirt says “Thank you for being”. Anyone know where its from?

E on

Daisy is such a beauty!

Bindy on

She’s such a cutie – can’t wait to see what she looks like when she grows up! She’s going to be a beauty!!!

tori on

Maybe it is because I have three little boys but I can’t stand it when people don’t dress little girls like little girls!! Suri always looks girly even when dressed in jeans and a sweater! Every time I see little Daisy she has boys shoes on! What is up with that? I don’t think Meg is a bad parent I just don’t understand the way she dresses her daughter!?

Annie-Kate on

Cute hair-do Mom!

sherry on

love both of daisy and lovely meg ryan… i wish her a thousand of happiness and wish to have new married life in 2008 with who ever she deserved to be happy with him

FC on

Another one of my fave celeb babies, Daisy! I love her expression in the last photo! 🙂

Benigna Marko on

Where have I been, as much as I love Meg Ryan, I had not heard she had a baby girl. Glad to see she is happy with her new girl.
Benigna Marko

Benigna Marko on

Just wanted to add a little more happy notes on having such a beautiful baby. Benigna Marko had always thought adopting an Asian baby was the way to go. Glad to see Meg Ryan happy with a new baby stated Benigna Marko. Benigna Marko and her friend Kathleen both agree that Daisy True is a cutie. Speaking to Lori Daisy True looks adorable said Benigna Marko. Benigna Marko enjoys reading to children. When Benigna Marko has had her friends ask her to have their kids spend the night, the first thing Benigna Marko says is bring me their favorite bed time story. Benigna reads to the children and often after asked what was your favorite part of your stay over, Benigna hears from her friends it was reading the night story. What makes Benigna smile is that while reading the kids fall asleep. Benigna Marko enjoys having kids over and they wear her out. Glad to see Meg has the energy for a three year old. Benigna Marko would have to take a break and try to take a nap while the kids sleep in order to keep up with them. Unbelievable how energetic children are said Benigna Marko to her close friend Martha. Martha smiles and says, you have to let them play by themselves at times. Benigna then smiles and says, I see.

Benigna Marko on

Hi, so happy for you. Love, Benigna Marko. I have enjoyed so many of your movies, all great said Benigna Marko. Benigna Marko also wanted to let you know that she too is of your age. Benigna Marko has many friends who know the truth about not having children. Most think what it is not, Benigna Marko. Benigna Marko knowing her woudl let you know that she is excited about knowing that Meg Ryan has adopted a three year old baby. Benigna Marko too recently adopted a baby. Benigna Marko loves the new addition to her family. When walking, Benigna Marko takes the time to explain things and provide answers to questions. Most questions are so enjoyable, said Benigna Marko as it keeps you thinking how innocent children are. Benigna Marko wanted to have many children once upon a time. In fact, all children of others were fond of Benigna Marko. Benigna secretely smiles and is blessed with having known the true meaning of love. Benigna knows that Meg is enjoying her new Daisy. Daisy, must see Meg as an Angel, Benigna Marko. Always the best, Benigna Marko to you.

Benigna Marko on

Daisy and mom are simply irresistable. Nice seeing Meg Ryan enjoying motherhood. Simply beautiful stated Benigna Marko. Benigna Marko has followed Meg Ryan through the years and Benigna Marko enjoys most of Ms. Ryan’s movies.
Benigna Marko

Benigna Marko on

Meg Ryan is a great person to look at being a mother. Benigna Marko has always thought of Meg as one of hollywood’s best actors. Benigna Marko enjoys such entertaining movies featuring Meg. Thank you.
Benigna Marko

Benigna Marko on

Yesterday I watched French Kiss. This is such a lovely movie. The ending is like a fairy tale. Nice.