Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie out with kids in New Orleans

12/23/2007 at 05:38 PM ET

Actors Brad Pitt, 43, and Angelina Jolie, 32, stop to repair the chain on Angelina’s bike while out taking a ride with their children in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Zahara Marley, 3 next month, rode behind Brad, Pax Thien, 4, and Maddox Chivan, 6, rode in the cart behind and mommy Angelina had Shiloh Nouvel, 19 months, behind her in an attached seat. The family are in New Orleans through Christmas. More at Just Jared.



Photos by Splash News Online.

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AStar on

I hope all of you with the “where’s Shiloh” comments shuts up at LEAST for the rest of the year now!

I love these photos! I said it before and I’ll keep saying it: I LOVE THIS FAMILY!

~Happy Holidays~

Michelle on

Awww – in the second picture it looks like Pax is trying to hide from the paparazzi. Poor little guy! They are all a bunch of cuties though.

Adore1 on

All the arm chair parents bitching on the other thread I wander what they have to say now. See, Shiloh is on this family outing….. Gianna are u pleased now… See she not neglected….

Robin on

This should appease those who have been worried about Shiloh! How fun for them…Merry Christmas to the Jolie-Pitts!

gabriella on

Shiloh is so cute, she looks exactly like angelina execpt with blonde hair. She also resembles her grandpa jon voight a lot, especially the nose and lips.

mrsb on

That looks like so much fun! I bet the kids had a ball! hehe

gabriella on

Adore1 yes I’m glad to see she isn’t neglected, because that’s exactly what I have always said and, not. No need to be a trouble maker that’s for 10yr old’s, not grown women who are all entitled to their own opinions, especially with people you don’t even know and especially if I posted my opinion in one thread, it’s not like I say it in every brad and angelina thread. That being said I still totally agree with my other comments. Anyway glad to see shiloh wasn’t napping this time, and could be out with her parents lol. That being said she is very cute, and looks just like angelina.

Amanda on

The ‘Where’s Shiloh?’ brigade have got nothing to moan about now….unless you want to question why Pax and Zee have colourful helmets and Shiloh doesn’t?!

Here she is, in all her chubby, blonde cuteness. You’ve got your precious photo so now, can you please leave this family alone?!

Sorry. Rant over.

I think it’s lovely to see the Jolie-Pitts like this. They are an ordinary family who clearly take great joy in ordinary things. The girls are beautiful and the boys are so handsome. Mum and Dad aren’t too shabby either!!

Heather on

Awe they are so cute, all the kids and of course Brad 😉 I wonder when they will have another one.

Adore1 on

LoL at gabby who really thinks she’s all important and that her silly opinions about the J-P really matter…

stop & think on


I saw a video of Angelina being interviewed at the Beowulf premiere. The reporter asked Angelina when she and Brad would have another bio child. Angie replied, “We’re working on it.” LOL

Monica on

My favorite celebrity family. Glad to see they’re out enjoying a nice ride….though why aren’t the parents wearing helmets??

Alex on

that’s so cute!! I remember riding home from school in one of those things Pax and Maddox are riding in. It’s so soothing. lol.

koi on

suri is cuter

Callen on

atleast the children are wearing helmets.

Renee on

Cute pics but soon there will be something that some people will complain about like Shiloh doesn’t look girly enough,why are they using bikes in the winter, etc. I feel bad for their family because they can’t do anything right in some people’s mind. It’s quite sad.

LolaCola on

I wonder if Brad and Angie read the CBB comments the other day brought her out to silence the critics.

SS on

Looks like a fun outing. I’ve been looking for a baby seat for my bike like the one Shiloh is using. Does anyone know where to purchase this type of bike chair?Thanks!

Rachel on

Lol, the only thing I’ll question on this one is the ability of the parents to “dress for the occasion”… I mean my goodness would it be so difficult to buy some jeans and athletic shoes???? I mean really… the long black coat is okay for spreading the cause, but is it necessary or even safe on a bike ride?

The kids look adorable though *wink*

Judy on

I think these trolls who kept carping on Shiloh’s whereabouts — as if she was being kept locked in the basement — should pay more attention to their own children and leave Angelina’s alone.

sil on

“I think these trolls who kept carping on Shiloh’s whereabouts should pay more attention to their own children and leave Angelina’s alone.”

omg calm down Judy….I usually don’t answer to these kind of comments but this is too much, imo.
I mean, what’s the problem if a person wants to express their opinion (me for example) about this family? this is just a web site where we see pictures of celebrity families and post some comments, that’s all! Why getting mad and call “trolls” the people that don’t think like you do??? and the worst part of your comment, imo, is to say that if we post something about the Jolie Pitts, that means that we don’t pay attention to our children….that’s ridiculous.
Anyway, at least for me, this is a site that entertains me in my few moments of relax (since i have a 3 yr old, i don’t have too much of free time lol) and is nice to read/post comments to see how people think, and share our opinions in a civilize and respectful way, but when someone takes these comments so personal…like Adore1 saying “Gianna are u pleased now… See she not neglected….” hahaha that made me really laugh! i mean, you where posting your comment thinking on what Gianna said in some post before…it’s crazy…

Ok, now I want to wish merry christmas to all of you and a happy new year! 🙂

ps- as always, i apologize for my poor english.

Joy on

Geez, it seems that all everyone can comment about is Shiloh this, Angelina’s parenting that. What about Brad hauling THREE kids on one bike?? I mean, Holy leg muscles, Batman! I have a hard enough time motoring one child on my bike, whose a baby and not even a toddler yet. Yikes! Go Brad! Just don’t wipe out!!! :-))

charsmom on

SO CUTE!!! It’s so nice to see the whole family out for a bike ride … If they keep having more children they are going to need a larger cart!

btw: some of the comments here seem a bit rude and nasty for CBB … are you guys taking a break from moderating comments for the holidays?!?

Sarah’s note: A few were posted by others that I wouldn’t have approved, but if people want to comment on them since they’re already up, it’s fine and I just won’t publish what I don’t like. I don’t have the time to go through older comments now, sorry.

lola on

why isn’t maddox wearing a helmet??

Lauren on

“All the arm chair parents bitching on the other thread I wander what they have to say now. See, Shiloh is on this family outing….. Gianna are u pleased now… See she not neglected….”

“I think these trolls who kept carping on Shiloh’s whereabouts — as if she was being kept locked in the basement — should pay more attention to their own children and leave Angelina’s alone.”

Wow. Could you two be a *little* more juvenile? Interesting how the hardcore JP fans throw a tantrum whenever someone questions anything they do (same tantrums are noticeably absent whenever any other celeb is questioned/criticized), yet they prove themselves to be more rude and obnoxious than anyone else. For people who tell others to not worry about the kids because they are not theirs, they seem awfully personally invested in what people have to say about them and their parents, who couldn’t care less. Sad, really.

senaz on

wow..a celebrity family riding a bike???..they’re so my country i’ve seen none of the celebrity doing it..

annoynomous on

How utterly pathetic — you all need to get a LIFE! It’s truly sad to see a bunch of gossipy moms attempting to live vicariously through these individuals that you put so high up on the pedestals.

Amanda on

Personally, I think the people who insist on criticising every little aspect of the Jolie-Pitts life are the juvenile ones, not the fans. Maybe it’s just me?

The thing that irks me the most about those people are the double standards. It’s okay for someone like Heidi Klum to leave one or two of her children at home. How many times have we seen Victoria Beckham only out with little Cruz. There’s no problem there.

The issues arise when Angelina or Brad *dare* to leave Shiloh at home. The commments that insue are insulting and to me, question their parenting abilities. I don’t know about anyone else but that is what bothers me the most.

We don’t know this family so it is unfair and dangerous to throw around wild accusations like that.

Fans of the Jolie-Pitts don’t like to hear things like that and of course, it is natural they would defend Brad and Angie against such vitriol.

It would be nice if, just for once, we could see some pictures of this family without such hatred and jealousy flying around the commments or someone insisting on saying something snarky and mean.

traveler on


Thank you. You took the words right out of my mouth. It seems odd that any other celeb can run around with only one or two of their kids and everyone oohs and aahs over their cuteness (which is totally understandable). But when AJ and Brad go out without Shiloh, they’re being neglectful. There’s probably a reason, just as there is when other celebs do it. It’s not our business to judge.

Furthermore, when you see AJ or Brad out with Shiloh, there’s no, “Where’s Pax?” or “Where’s Maddox?” or “Where’s Zahara?” It seems to be only Shiloh that causes this reaction. I wonder why? And truth be told, I think the child we see the least of is actually Pax. No surprise there, since he’s the newest kid and the one least likely to be used to the commotion the paps create.

Miranda on

lol. any of you who have two or more kids, i’d love to see you guys going EVERYWHERE with ALL your kids and NEVER leaving one at home

FC on

Where’s my plane ticket and bicycle at? That’s what I want to know! I wouldn’t mind going bike riding around the French Quarters myself…:P lol

Oh, and I must say Zahara’s red MJ shoes are too cute!

Annoyomus on

Amanda and traveler- I couldn’t have said it better myself! I, for one, am sick of the constant “Where’s Shiloh?” comments. I mean, some commentors are acting like Brad and Angie are required to have Shiloh with them, just so we can see her, every time they go out!