Update: Lily Allen pregnant with first child

12/19/2007 at 06:30 AM ET

Update:  Lily’s rep confirms the news, telling People that Lily and Ed are "obviously both thrilled by the news."  The rep also cautioned that the pregnancy is at a "very, very early stage" and asked for privacy for the couple at this time.  The below photo was taken yesterday in London.

Originally posted Dec. 18: The Sun is reporting tonight that British singer Lily Allen, 22, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Ed Simons, 37.  No word on how far along Lily is, but according to the report she discovered the pregnancy sometime last month and has recently begun sharing the happy news with family and friends. 

Lily and Ed, a member of the musical group The Chemical Brothers, have been dating since September.


Photo by Splash News.

Sources:  The Sun, People   

Thanks to CBB reader Colleen.

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gianna on

Oh boy is this site gonna be busy, it seems every celebrity from very young to older moms, everyone is pregnant lately lol. Something is definitely in the water.

sinclair on

this makes me feel ancient…and i’m not even on #1 yet–if ever..

you-know-who over there at 16 makes me feel even more ancient!!!! yikes…………….

what a news day.

Stacey on

if it’s true then i’m really happy for her, she’s always said how much she wants children.

J.M. on

hasn’t she been in trouble recently? hmm what’s with these unmarried youngin’s just poppin em’ out like there’s no tomorrow! I mean I am not an old school person who believes marriage then kids but still does anyone marry anymore?
I don’t even know if half these girls are ready for the responsibility or if it’s another, “a baby sound like fun let’s try it!”

nonetheless I wish them the best!

ang on

september? that means he knocked her up almost straight away, maybe.is it even his?dang! i don’t know anything about her but hope it all goes well.

housham on

just checked on sky showbiz text her it said on there that her rep has confirmed it….congrats lily!

Evie on

According to AOL it’s been confirmed:


So on that note, congratulations to them.

Risa on

Just saw on People.com that the news is true…

I don’t see what the big deal is about her being 22. I think the real “issue” is that they have only been dating since September. Personally I don’t think that is long enough to have known someone to start a family with them. I wonder how far along she is? They say it’s in the early stages – so obviously less then 3 months, but that is still very quick to get pregnant. But either way, who knows, they might be a great together (couple-wise). And Lily does seem pretty down-to-earth, so I’m sure she’ll make a great mum. Good luck to them.

brannon on

Looks like 2008 is going to be an interesting baby year … Jessica, Lilly and Jamie-Lynn make for an exciting start …

Autumn on

Lily may have had her issues earlier this year, but maybe this child will even things out for her.

I don’t know what to think if we learn that poor Amy Winehouse was having a baby too.

Meg on

Congrats to her! If I remember, she just lost some weight and said she was proud of her new body. Well, she should be even more proud now! 🙂

Sarita on

I just saw a photo of her on a different site where you can already see her bump..and a cigarette in her mouth.

Also, why would you have a baby with someone you’ve only been with for 3 months?

Sarah’s note: Lily’s rep released a statement that the photo was from Dec 4th and that Lily did not know she was pregnant at the time. If that is true I don’t know, but that’s the official word anyhow. The bump may just be her shirt, because from what we heard she’s only about 8 weeks pregnant at most and probably not showing yet.

Sarita on

Thanks for that Sarah, let’s hope that true!

meredith on

Wow! I love Lily Allen. I’m pretty excited to hear that she’s pregnant 🙂 But don’t you just wonder what was in the water of celeb-land this summer that pulled up all these unexpected preggies?

Jenny on

I agree with most people. She is 22. Not too young to have kids. 22 is a perfect age that way you still have time to have 2-3 more kids before you hit 30. I think the fact that she is starting a family with a guy she hasnt even known for 6 months is a daring leap of faith.

Jen on

I am 22 (23 tomorrow ;D)and I have a four and a half month old son. I certainly didn’t plan on getting pregnant but my partner of nearly 6 years and I decided to go ahead with the pregnancy anyways. Boy was I in for a ride! Haha still learning as I go. To be honest though I still feel I was a bit young, even with all the great support I have, there are so many things I still want to do. But life throws you curve balls and I wouldn’t change it for anything now. I think Jaime Lynn on the other hand is far too young! Money is not the issue, your mental frame of mind is. You grow up so fast with a baby.

Best of luck to them though

Carolyn on

Congrats to Lily Allen and boyfriend…. Love to hear the news of so many celebrities pregnant. It definitely brings joy, especially if you’re day was a damper.

Though, what bugs me is that we have a number of celebrities-well, something of a trend of unmarried celebrities getting pregnant. I mean, is it something in the air causing a man and a woman to get together and have a baby? Just plain odd and crazy.

In a relationship, of course, there is going to be talk of having children and that happens throughout as a relationship grows. When you start a relationship, you want it to grow enough before reaching a point to truly settling down and getting married. We all want that.

But all-in-all, congratulations on your pregnancy Lily Allen and all other celebrities, married or not. A beautiful miracle, not a damper.