Sam Alexis Woods makes appearance at golf tournament

12/16/2007 at 08:37 PM ET

Tiger Woods, 31, had a special fan in attendance when he won the Target World Challenge Golf Tournament today in Thousand Oaks, California — daughter Sam Alexis, 6 months this week. Mom is Swedish model Elin Nordegren Woods.

Source: Yahoo Sports; Celeb Baby Gear

Daddy_sweaterSam wears an Amber Hagan cashmere ‘Daddy’ zip sweater ($132).

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Megan on

good lord I was watching the golf and when they showed Sam, my heart about stopped…she’s seriously gotta be the most gorgeous girl…she’s what I’d call perfection…her adorable hat, her I love daddy sweater–her, mom and grandma all in signature red…it was just too cute–and when Tiger came up after winning and gave her a big kiss in the lips, I just about melted…I can’t say enough about her…she’s simply stunning–one of those kids you could just GAZE at…I can see both Tiger and Elin in her–but when she’s next to Tiger’s face like that–she looks so much like him…makes my ovaries ache…lol GORGEOUS

Veroncia on

OMG! Is she a cutiepie! The other celeb babies can’t hold a candle to Sam IMO.

erica on

oh she is just adorable!! angelina jolie has competition for luscious lips!

Crystal on

Oh my goodness…she is GORGEOUS! I wish we got to see more of her!

Becky's Daughter on

I agree. She is an adorable little girl.

Nicole on

This child is absolutely gorgeous!

HeatherR on

What an adorable baby! I think she has Elin’s features with Tiger’s coloring. Sooooo cute!!!

erica alayne on

Aww, what a little love! She is so precious.


she is so gorgeous…she looks just like her mother…she is such a beauty!

Avery on

She’s absolutely gorgeous!

Born F on

She is beautiful!!!!


What part of that baby looks like her mother? Seriously. She looks like her Dad. Sam looks more black Asian.

Isn’t it weird that Elin’s hands are folded, knowing her baby is right next to her?

Sam is cute. Too bad her grand father never got to see her.

Milla on

I have to dispute the comment of the above reader that there is no similarity between Sam and Elin. Yes, Sam inherited her father’s colouring but I think feature wise she definitely resembles her mother! I also don’t find it ‘weird’ that her arms are folded – given that she worked as a nanny for many years and that is how she met Tiger I have no doubt that she is a competent mom. Some people can never win! But I agree with all those who think this child is absolutely stunning! Hands down one of the cutest celeb babies out there.

Allison on

That is the most divine baby EVER!

Nan on

Did I miss something……do folded hands on Elin make her a bad mommy?! The baby is in grandma’s loving arms, why should mommy be breathing down their necks? Afterall, grandma raised Tiger!

Tracey on

I think she looks just like her grandfather, Tiger’s dad.

Colleen on

Sam is gorgeous! I would have to say that she is a good mix of mom and dad. She definitely has dad’s coloring and mostly mom’s features.
I’m perplexed as to why it’s weird that Elin’s hands and arms are folded. Sam is being held and entertained by grandma while Elin focuses on watching Tiger play. There’s nothing odd about that at all to me. I’m not sure why some people must find a negative in everything!

Megan on

In response to the folded arms–that never once entered my mind…what would that have to do with anything—Sam was in good hands with grandma and Elin was watching her hubby play…I’d rather have that than her breathing down grandma’s neck–it’s a simple gesture–maybe she was chilly…LOL who knows–and who cares…haha it has nothing to do with anything really–it’s obvious Sam isn’t lacking for love in her family…

gianna on

Sam has gotten cuter IMO. She looks more like tiger, but I see something of her mom in her looks too.

ella on

What a cute little thing. Adorable. I think she looks like her grandma.

PSB on

Obviously she has Tiger’s coloring, but I think she has Elin’s lips and turned-up button nose. Very cute. With those two as parents, she couldn’t miss at having pretty features.

I think it’s very sweet how thrilled Tiger’s mom is with her granddaughter – she’s so enamoured. It’s sad his dad didn’t get to meet Sam, but at least his mom has a new little one for comfort. It probably cheers her up a lot.

Annie-Kate on

Gorgeous little one! Loved these pics.

Megan on

As a baby she looked sort of odd but my – isn’t she gorgeous now! Altho she completely has her dad’s colouring I am sure her beauty comes from her mum.

kimy on

OMG! She is adorable. She has Elin’s looks with Tiger’s complexion. What a cutie!

gianna on

The more you look at her, she is a mini me of her dad. Same complexion and features, and dark eyes.

Ericka on

I def see her mother more in her but she does resemble tiger a bit…but more her mother. Just too cute! Beautiful eyes

Philippa on

OMG that baby is so beautiful, definitely the prettiest celebrity baby!!!
and i love how you can tell that she’s a perfect mix of her parents, elin’s looks with tiger’s colouring.

Paula on

She’s got the best of both..couln’t go wrong with that.

Hea on

She has her mothers features, absolutely. She has her dads coloring but definately Elin’s features around the eyes, eyebrows, nose and so on. I even think she has her mothers eyes. She is absolutely gorgeous.

About the comment about the folded arms. Kind of stupid, really. She’s comfortable with her mother in law holding her grandchild, Elin’s child. Isn’t that a GOOD thing?

Anonymous on

She’s got the best of both…can’t go wrong with that!

Pam on

What a gorgeous girl she is!

CTBmom on

What a gorgeous little girl! I think she looks like both of her parents…what a beauty.

Sami on

What a cutie! She is a perfect mix of her two parents… how wonderful!!

asm1976 on

She’s gotten very pretty! I have to say, she does favor Tiger alot. I must agree that she does indeed have black and Asian features mainly. I’m not just talking about the coloring. She has her fathers eyes, browline, mouth and cheeks. But, I have never paid much attention to Tigers wife’s face to say for sure whether the baby favors her or not.

Amy A on

Little Sam is darling! She is going to break some hearts someday. I think she is a perfect blend of beautiful mother and handsome daddy. I look forward to seeing more

Jasmine on

She is a very pretty baby. I think she looks like Tiger and his mom. I did think it was strange the way Elin appears. Maybe it’s nothing, but I did notice a distance in that particular photo. Who knows what one photo means? The baby does look a lot like her grandmother.

Heather on

She is so pretty! I actually think her facial features make her look more like Elin. She seems to have gotten the best from both her parents. Lucky girl!

Natalie S. on

So loving the picture of Sam’s lips puckered up. What a gorgeous little girl.

charsmom on

I have two daughters and they both look just like their father … nothing wrong with that! Also, when I am with grandparents it is WONDERFUL to let someone else play with the girls and I get a break. I don’t think it makes me a bad mom … it is good for babies/kids to have more than one person care for them!!!

yaosa on

What a beautiful Daddy’s girl!!!!

The pics show a lot of Tiger and his fam but I see Elin in her as well!

What a gorgeous, darling baby girl!

6 months already! The time goes by quickly!

sinclair on

Holy cow, she looks like Grandma, mostly, and has Tiger’s cuteness!!!

(don’t see any of Elin, though)

emay on

That is one cute little tiger cub! I do see a lot of her Mom in her, even though it’s mostly Tiger. What an adorable baby. I’m sure she has Daddy’s heart wrapped around her little finger.

southlyn on

Sam, regardless of who she looks like, is absolutely gorgeous!

Amelia on

She certainly is one of THE most BEAUTIFUL babies I have ever seen!!

Hea on

I wouldn’t call it asian features. I’d say it’s more Sami. Elin has some sami features too, as do I. It’s pretty common in Sweden.

Campbell on

Looks like both, but more mommy. Absolutely beautiful! Didn’t get the folded arms comment at all.

Melissa H. on

Sam is stunningly beautiful…but then again, so are her parents! LOL!

Melissa H. on

I went back and read the comments and looked at the additional picture. I see absolutely nothing wrong in that picture. There is nothing weird about Elin’s folded hands/arms. The grandmother has a safe hold on Sam and Elin is glancing off, perhaps at something going on in the distance. I wonder what would happen if someone followed us around, got shots of every gesture we made and then tried to suggest what each and every gesture meant. If 10 people did that, I think you would get 10 different “takes” on what the body language or gestures were supposedly saying. Ridiculous!

m-dot on

She is beautiful! Wow. She looks black asian to me, but I see her mom in there a little bit. I really thinks she look more like Tiger’s mother more than anyone. lol. It funny how that happens. Solange Knowles’s son looks just like her mother as well.

Beattie on

Hmmm, I found the body language in that photo interesting. The combination of folded arms and pursed lips make it look as though Elin is either annoyed at her mother-in-law or the photographers intruding on a family moment. Who could blame her for the latter …

But what an insanely gorgeous baby Sam is – just stunning. She looks like what I imagine the future offspring of Halle Berry and her partner will also resemble.

Cheri on

What a beautiful little girl!

brannon on

Gorgeous!!!! I agree – Elin’s features with Tiger’s coloring. Absolute perfection!!!!

Joy on

Sam is so cute its just unfair.

Im really bad at the “they look like so&so” game, but to weight in: everyones saying she has Tiger’s coloring but I really dont see that at all. Tiger’s got darker coloring than Sam (obv. since her mom is swedish).

To me Sam looks VERY similar to grandma. Just too cute.

Anna on

Oh Sam is such a lovely baby am so happy for her i wish to have a lovely child like her when i have my own.

FC on

I do agree that she definitely takes after Tiger, but I do see her Mama in her. It’s in her expressions, at least in the one she made in that second facial shot of her. Her expression made me think of a few her mother tends to make. Other than that, she is her daddy’s baby. 😉

Cute as a button, too!

Judy on

Oh well, I have to say it, like everybody else:


What a precious, beautiful little baby she is. She has her daddy’s eyes and coloring. She probably has him wrapped around her little finger as well, and grandma is exercising her grandmother’s prerogative and spoiling the bejesus out of her. She’s going to be absolutely gorgeous when she gets older.

Janice Classen - - Chicago, IL on

Little Sam Alexis Woods is one of the most beautiful babies of the 21st Century. When she grows up, she is going to be not only absolutely beautiful, but charming as well. I hope I live long enough to see this little babe all grown up.
December 20, 2007