Bridget Moynahan out with John in Pacific Palisades on Saturday

12/16/2007 at 06:43 AM ET

CBB readers have wondered where John Edward Thomas Moynahan, 4 months this week, had been since his birth on August 22nd and introduction in OK! Magazine a month later (though we did see him out for lunch one day). These are the best shots we have seen — Bridget Moynahan, 36, and her mother take a walk in Pacific Palisades on Saturday with John.


Photos by Pacific Coast News; Flynet.

Sd016pb_solid_pastel_blue_wbrown_moJohn is wrapped in a Swaddle Designs ultimate receiving blanket in blue with brown mod circles ($22.50).

OrbitJohn rides in Orbit Baby’s Orbit Infant system in mocha/khaki ($900).

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gianna on

Bridget seems close to her mom, seen other pics of them together, that’s cute. On anther note I really don’t like that carriage the orbit. It looks so umcomfortable, for the money it’s worth I personally like the bugaboo a lot more, because it seems more comfortable and is even cuter IMO.

Karen on

Does this stroller…become a carrier too…Looks like it…I can’t blame Bridget for being protective…but noisy me…would still like to see a good picture of John…I wish I could zoom in …does he look like he has grown hair…LOL..believe it or not…Im a grown women…Merry Christmas..Bridget and John

Sarah’s note: Yes, it’s a carrier/carseat. The bassinet attachment for really young infants is also a rocking cradle, it comes with a base.

niki on

What a great picture of Bridget and her Mom, but I agree, the stroller looks sort of uncomfortable…. but looks like John has hair! Awwww….

Marry Christmas Bridget and John!

d on

i think she is a wonderful mother and thats good she has her mother there to help her with the baby but she looks worried i hope every thing is going well for her and the baby

Cindy on

Thanks CBB!! Been waiting for weeks to see this little fellow. Granted, we can’t see a whole lot of him, but beggars can’t be chooser’s, I guess. LOL. He looks adorable, and he is certainly filling that buggy up. I’m so happy for BM that her parents are with them through their first holidays as a family. The memories will last a lifetime. John must have been cooing to his Mommy in the pic where she’s smiling proudly down at her son. Thanks again CBB. What a nice present to your readers. Merry Christmas Bridget, baby John and the whole Moynahan family.

Pearl on

Thankyou, thankyou for the pic of Grammy, Bridget and John. He looks as though he has grown, of course, he did! he is now nearly 4 months old and the last time we saw him. he was 5 weeks old. Thank you Shannon, Sarah and CBB for giving us this bit of news about this lovely family. Would love to see more of him. Come to this site often and seeing John is a treat!

marsha on

It’s nice to see John. Bridget and her Mom look like they are enjoying this time together.

Bridget looks great. I am glad she is protecting her son even though I would love more pictures.

Risa on

I like that Bridget seems to be a “normal” mom, despite being a celebrity. I also love that she’s wearing Lululemon pants; I wear those too! (They’ve been super comfy and flattering to my postpartum figure. And they are Canadian, yay!)

Can’t wait to see some more pictures of her & John!

Paula on

What I could see if John’s face – wow, what a looker!!! Bridget and her Mom seems close, which is good for Bridget and John. Grandparents are just so important in a child’s life.

Mousie on

I don’t think those two pictures are from the same day. Bridget is dressed differently in the second one, and the baby is facing her in that one.

Sarah’s note: They’re the same day, but two different walks. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

full of it on

Can’t stand this phoney chick.

Baby should be in Boston with his Daddy. Not with some b-lister wannabee who continues to use him for her own publicity. Pretty sickening.

Baby is adorable – def, has his Daddy looks. Mommy looks like she has been ridden hard and put away wet.

Could be she ends up with her ex and Not Tom, but some other loser she left to go out with Tom. Wow, hate to be that guy, how do you ever matchup to Tom Brady. Man is a God!

girliegirl on

I am so happy that Bridget is happy! What a doting mommy!

Jk on

Great photos. Bridget looks like she must get out walking a lot. Lovely to see her mum & Dad are still with her. Bet they aren’t missing the winter in the east