Sherri Shepherd and son visit Giggles

12/15/2007 at 05:10 PM ET

Comedienne and The View co-host Sherri Shepherd, 40, does a little shopping with her son Jeffrey Charles, 2, at Giggles in SoHo, New York on Friday, December 14th. Dad is Sherri’s estranged husband, comedian Jeff Tarpley aka Jeff T. Aware.


Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images.

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Stina on

Very cute little guy.

Strange to me she talked about not letting her son wear a dress if he wanted to play dress up. Or not “letting” her son be gay until he moved out of her house…yet he has long hair!?

Thats just strange to me, but…again, he is darling!

Lucy on

Considering she doesn’t want her son to wear dresses, his hair is awfully long…

Regan on

I thought her and her husband got back together. Did they split again? Does her son have any problems from being born so premature?

Angela’s note: They did reconcile for a brief period but have since separated again as he had another child from an affair during the marriage. Sarah will be writing up Sherri’s recent people article soon. Yes, Jeffrey does have numerous developmental delays.



HS on

Regan- I just read in the People magazine with Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover that little Jeffrey has developmental delays and needs OT and PT every week due to being born at 25 wks. It also said that mom and son live on seperate coasts so mom can be on the view (she mentioned the east coast would be too cold for her son’s fragile health??)

musicisourhigh on

what a darling. I didn’t know he was born at 25 weeks. That must have been a hard time. It must be difficult for her to be away from him while she works. I hope they have a great holiday.

Noelle on

I think it’s odd that they live on opposite coasts. I read that article in People and it seemed like she rarely saw him. I know she has to make a living and all, but I’d want/need to be close to my baby.

Colleen on

Wow. I didn’t realize that Jeffery didn’t live with his mom in NY. He’s a cute little guy.

Annoyomus on

I also didn’t realize that Jeffrey doesn’t live in New York with his mom. I wonder…Does he live with his dad then? Or a nanny?

Anyway, to the commentor who mentioned that he has long hair: I don’t think his hair is that long, actually. It looks to me that what he has is a wild “afro”. 🙂

sigh on

Did they buy a globe?

J.M. on

I don’t really agree with Sherri’s view’s on parenting but then again he is not my child. I think it’s odd too that she’d accept a job on the east coast no matter how much you wanted it but never see your son! She talks about how hard it is all the time so it doesn’t make much sense to me IMO. And besides she complains so much about how expensive NYC is maybe she should of tried out for a talk show hosting job on the west coast so she wouldn’t pay so much and she could be close to her little boy! But to each thier own I guess.

J-Lin on

I admire Sherri for what she does. She has admitted to being anything but rich. The therapy her son requires isn’t cheap and she has to make a living. It would be nice to say she should have waited for another talk show, but those opportunities don’t pop up everyday, especially for black women. She can sit home and look at her son everyday, or she can go to work to make sure her son gets the therapy he needs for which is important for his future. This isn’t the same as wanting her son to have the latest fashions or toys, but about his survival. Not an easy choice by any means, but a great sacrifice for her child.

Just a thought on

Some of the above posters mentioned that Sherri said that therapy is expensive, so she has to have a job that pays well, like the View. This is a huge misconception! If a child has special needs, like OT, PT, speech therapy, etc. the school district and Early Intervention/Head Start programs provide therapists in your home- FREE of charge. I have lived in several states with my son who is special needs and we have always been provided with the proper help at no cost to us.

Ninette on

Sherri should not be spanking her special needs child.
i usedt o enjoy her but when i saw ehr with clenched teeth describing how to spank… heart breaks for her son.

Mousie on

The article said he lives with his father.

So there are no fragile children living in cold weather? Not the best excuse I’ve heard.

Beverley on

I have a son with autism who is provided all of his therapies through our county for free, but 2 years ago, we moved to an area where it would not have been provided and when we saw what it would cost to provide it ourselves, we moved back to the first place. Whether it is free or not depends on where you are.

Sara on

As much as I do not agree at times with Sherri, she seems to be doing the best she can for Jeffrey under the circumstances.
I read the People article & it stated that she plans to have full custody once the divorce moves forward. When that happens, I am sure she wants to have everything in place that Jeffrey needs.

Carol S. on

I know. I thought it was weird that she said he was too fragile to live in NYC. But he’s living in CA with all the smog and bad air quality and all that? Can’t tell me that smog 365 days a year is better than some cold air for a few months out of the year. Besides…it’s NYC…they must have some great doctors as well that would give him the necessary help. And it’s not like she’s working for minimum wage on the View.

I don’t care for her parenting style either. I sometimes think we as adults make mountains out of molehills and forget to just let kids be kids, like we were allowed to be.

Ninette again on

my 4 year old son was just diagnosed with autism, and the thought of sherri spanking her special needs child makes me hope someone from CPS sees the show and intervenes. it is counterproductive and it will make things WORSE. it is abuse in my opinion and someone needs to to tell her she needs to STOP. makes me want to cry.

J-Lin on

I’m not sure what developmental delays her child has, but I think she would know better than any of us how much her child understands. Some developmental delays do not keep a child from understanding right from wrong. Do you know how many people are sitting in prison right now who have developmental delays? I hate for parents to use that excuse as to not properly discipline their child. I have a cousin who was diagnosed with autism who was disciplined which included spankings. Now, he is a well-adjusted 17-year-old, going to college on a music scholarship. The police aren’t going to ask your child if they have developmental delays before they shoot. Discipline in a necessity for all children, but should be tailored for that child. Before we pass judgement, we need to remember parenting is not a one-size-fits-all for every child.

terri on

Thanks J-Lin. We really don’t know what goes on in with the parenting in her household or the status of the extent of her child’s disabilities.

dee on