Update: Introducing Sheikha AlJalila of Dubai

12/14/2007 at 11:00 AM ET

Update: It has been announced that the child’s name is actually Her Highness Sheikha AlJalila Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Originally posted December 2nd: Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai, 58, and his junior wife Princess Haya of Jordan, 33, have welcomed their first child together. Her Highness Sheikha Alia Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum was born on December 2nd in Dubai. Both the mother and the baby are in excellent condition. This is the first child for the princess and eighteenth to the Sheikh who has seven sons and ten daughters with his senior wife Hind Bint Maktoum.

Sheikh and Hind Bint Maktoum have been married since 1980; he married Princess Haya in 2004.

Source: FEI

Thanks to CBB readers Christine, Heather and Rose.

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Billie on

let’s hope for princess haya’s sake, she doesn’t have to have 17 more children-lol!

Noelle on

That name is a mouthful for sure.

Whats a junior and senior wife?

Meg on

I think Haya is his 3rd wife, but she’s the only public one. Congrats to them

bella on

His senior wife is his first and then he married his second wife princess haya and she is his junior wife. i wonder who the baby looks like because Haya is very beautiful.

Heather on

Aww, they named the baby after her late mother. Alia is a beautiful name. If she looks like Haya she will be gorgeous!

Salem on

Those 17 sons and daughters aren’t only from Sheikha Hind. Sheikha Maitha, Manal, Mayed, Mansour are from onother wife/wives. He has certianly more than those two wives but only those are officials. Last note is that the most good looking sheikhs are from his first wife Sheikha Hind, the mother of Rashid, Hamdan, Maktoum and Ahmad.

nosoupforyou on


Lesley on

Hi Salem–thank you for the clarification. I was hoping that one wife did not have 17 (wow!) children.

Erin on

Sheikha Hind had 12 of Mo’s children, not 17:

Boys: Rashid, Hamdan, Maktoum, Saeed, Ahmed

Girls: Hessa, Latifa, Maryam, Sheikha, Fatima, Salama, Shamma

The other 5 kids are from a Lebanese woman, possibly an ex-wife.

Boys: Majid, Mansour

Girls: Manal, Maitha, Shamsa

Lindy on

I don’t think the last five named above are from the Lebanese mistress; I think one of them is from antoher mistress. The baby’s named has been announced as Al-jalila (Petra).

Jennifer May Rosborough on

uhh, Wow

Tracy on

Wow, that is one complex family!

Tara on

wow, 12 children or 17 children from his senior wife, no matter, that is a lot of pregnancies! I can barely deal with my second pregnancy and a toddler running around the house. I guess that is where servants come in handy, huh!

Lara on

It’s too bad they didn’t name the baby after Queen Alia, that would have been nice. Aljalila is a pretty name, it means “majestic” (I don’t think the ‘J’ would be capitalized, but I’m not certain). The name is not as long as it looks, the Americanized version would be: Aljalila Al Maktoum.

Her Highness
Sheikha (like princess)
Aljalila (her given name)
bint Mohammed (daughter of Mohammed)
bin Rashid (her father is the son of Rashid)
Al Maktoum (her family name, the Al Maktoums are a powerful family in the Arab world)

Sarah on

Wow what a name – Lara thanks for the clarification! It’s interesting to see families of different cultures.

Harley on

Congrats to them but holy geez sakes lol. You know there has to be a time where someone was trying to yell at one or more of the kids and called them by the wrong name haha. I love the name AlJalila 🙂

Leslie Huffman on

Well I would imagine the child will have plenty of good playmates. Though it could be possible to get lost in the crowd though.

heather on

he became a grandfather 2 days later when his daughter Manal had her son Sheikh Mohammad

Melanie on

Wow, that is one complex family tree.

Linda on

seriously… these people are not celebrities. The United Arab Emirates has one of the worst records of human rights violations in Middle East. why should they be getting any press at all on cbb?

Karen on

I wonder if Senior wife got a nice retirement house somewhere…sounds like she earned one…Junior wife..better hope he has worn down some….

Erin on


I don’t know if you mean Mo became a grandfather for the first time, but if so – it’s actually his second grandchild.

Manal and her husband Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (of the Abu Dhabi royals) also have a daughter named Fatma who will be 2 on June 7th.

Fatma has been given a website but there isn’t anything really on it yet though it does have an adorable photo of her and Mansour on it: