King and Queen of Spain celebrate Christmas with their grandchildren

12/14/2007 at 11:30 AM ET

King Juan Carlos I of Spain, 69, and Queen Sofia, 69, celebrate their Christmas together with the families of their children Infanta Elena, 43, Infanta Cristina, 42, and Prince Felipe, 39. The king and queen posed with all their grandchildren.

Queen Sofia is holding Prince Felipe’s younger daughter Infanta Sofia, 7 months, in her lap and to the left of her sits Infanta Leonor, 2. Their mother is Princess Letizia, 35. To the right of the queen are Infanta Elena’s children Felipe "Froilan", 9, and Victoria, 7, whose father is Elena’s estranged husband Jaime de Marichalar, 44.

On the far left in the second row sits Juan, 8, the oldest child of Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, 39. In the front row sit (from the left) their younger children Miguel, 5, Irene, 2 ½, and Pablo, 7.

As a tradition of the Spanish Royal Family, the king and queen and the family of Prince Felipe are dressed in pink, Infanta Elena’s children are wearing blue and Infanta Cristina’s children beige and white.

Click below for a full-size photo!

Source: Hola!

Thanks to CBB reader Romina.

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Harley on

I have to admit, I do love this royal family 🙂 Beautiful photo and very smart to seperate whose kids belong to who lol.

Jo Ann v. on

They are my favourite royal family ! 🙂

Kel on

I don’t want to make my post disrespectful in any way. Yet, Spain has undoubtably the worst reputation for their torturous colonialization. Not just to the U.S. However, their children are lovely and the portrait is very nice. I just couldn’t fathom picking a ruling family as my favorite with such a history.

Avery on

Kel, she probably means she loves the current members of the Spanish royal family. It seems like they spend lots of quality time with their children and grandchildren.

Besides, whatever events happened in the past aren’t the current monarchy’s doing, therefore there’s no reason to be upset with them.

Jo Ann v. on

I agree with Avery.
It’s not about forgetting the past. It’s about not judging those who aren’t related to it.

ms.opinion on

But the riches/wealth they have come from the perpetual exploitation of those in the past. So I agree with Kel…It’s not about being disrespectful it’s having an opinion. Also the idea of royalty really bothers me. What makes someone a royal…just the mere act of being born? That seems antiquated and offensive to me!

Annie-Kate on

Very cute family! You can see how hands on the Queen is with little Victoria leaning on her and looking very comfortable. Its cute to see the cousins close with Juan holding Leonor. Leonor looks absolutely gorgeous with those curls, and all the boys are very handsome, and the girls cute.

Can girls take the crown there? Otherwise I guess we’ll see some more children from Prince Felipe and his wife. Otherwise Froilan would take the throne after his uncle?

bella on

Annie-Kate, crown prince felipes oldest daughter leonor will take the thrown as it looks right now but if he and his wife letizia would have a boy he would get the thrown instead of leonor. right now spain is considering changing the law so that the oldest child will take the thrown regardless if it’s a boy or girl. but as i said until the royal couple have a boy leonor will be the future queen. i think she is the cutest and wish we could see more of her.

Ellen on

I wonder how long it took for the photographer to get the shot. When my daughter was little I had a hard time getting one child to sit still for a photo. They are a lovely looking family.

Kel on

Thanks for the support, ms opinion 🙂 It is easier for one’s psyche to use the phrase “well it was in the past”…Yet, the harm done & wealth accumulated from their successors remains. Current royalty, let us ask this: Why not voluntarily give up your treasured “art” of clothing, beadwork, religious artifacts, as well as whole corpses & body parts of captured American Indians & African Slaves held in museums today? Thankfully great organizations such as NARF have forced families like this to give back things that were never theirs. As lives can never be returned, at least this action could force things to a semi-“past” status that is being claimed.

julia garcia roch on

This is a message to those who claim that Spain has “the worst reputation for their torturous colonialization”. Definitely, but certainly incorrect, I agree all European nations, the English, the Dutch, the French, the Belgium and also the Spanish did colonized and conquered. However, if you visit any Latin American nation colonized by the Spanish you will see the culture of the indigenous nations alive and that includes the Afro-Caribbean people. You can still hear the natives languages, their music and their customs, in Paraguay, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia in every territory of Spanish America. The Spanish mixed with the population, married, and baptized the Native Americans. They did not massacred and push the natives aside into “reservations” like the English or instituted “apartheid” like the Afrikaners. They did not leave a legacy of mistreatment so brutal that when you visit countries such as Haiti, there is no French culture. As a history teacher and specialist in Native American cultures of Spanish America I hope in the future people do not make such a comment unless they have visited, read and learn about our history.

Dounia on

Little Leonor is such a cutie pie!!!! BTW, I don’t think this is the right place to discuss history or politics, why do some people always have to bring issues that don’t relate to the news? :-S

Renee on

I agree Dounia, it’s such a nice picture and it’s not fair to blame this family for issues that happened before any of them even existed and they couldn’t control.It makes me wonder if some people just like drama in the posts but anyhow, a great picture and this family has been doing some positive things. The prince, I think, was like the first royal to participate in a protests against an injustice. If you don’t royal families…why post on a picture of one?

martiandoll on

The royal kids from Spain are all so gorgeous! Very beautiful photo of the King and Queen of Spain. Queen Sofia is probably the most hands-on royal grandma among all the royal houses.

Leonor looks like her grandpa, Juan Carlos, lol. She has that Borbon face while lil sis Sofia looks more like their mom, Letizia. They’re both so adorable and so are their cousins. 🙂