Update: Giveaway: MetroMamma BLING MetroWraps

12/14/2007 at 05:44 PM ET

Update: The winners are:

  • Kristen L. who has a Baby Bjorn
  • Vida who uses a Hotsling sling

Metro_mammaIn honor of all the celebrity pregnancies and hot moms of 2007, MetroMamma is offering two of the most popular baby wraps of this year; the BLING MetroWrap to be given to two lucky readers this month at the Celebrity Baby Blog.

MetroMetroMamma is a dynamic company supplying baby wraps to mammas on the go. If you love spending time with your family, yet refuse to give up your independence or your sense of fashion, youโ€™ll love the baby wraps we have to offer! Take a peek at our fashion conscious unique baby carrier, the MetroWrapโ„ข. The modern design is a baby wrap. We are so excited about this wrap-style baby carrier and know that youโ€™ll love it too!

Celebrities who have been gifted with the MetroMamma baby wrap include Holly Robinson Peete, Brittny Gastineau, Rena Sofer, Rosa Blasi, Alicia Coppola, Samantha Harris, Shanna Moakler, April Oโ€™Brien, Amy Davidson, Kylie Bax, Fred Savage and wife Jenn.

Angel_wingsThe prize includes a BLING "Angel Wings" MetroWrap valued at $129 for two lucky readers! Enter to win one of these two wraps: Simply post your answer to this 2-part question in the comments — How many BLING designs does MM currently offer? Also, please tell us if you use any other carrier besides the Baby Bjorn and if so, which one?

*Please answer both parts of the question to be entered. Thanks.

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nwn momma on

6 designs

I use an ultimate baby wrap, baby bjorn, hotsling, and zolowear ring sling

Lesha on


Savannah on

Did Brittny Gastineau have a baby? I had no idea she was even pregnant.

Sarah’s note: I don’t think so. She may have picked up a wrap for a pregnant friend or something though.

gina on

i believe it is 6 bling designs. nothing but baby bjorn.

gabriella on

6 ๐Ÿ™‚

Corey on

6 designs.

I currently have a zolo wear ring sling in burning love, a Beco baby carrier in metro black, and am planning on getting a wrap for the next baby!

Krista on

There are 6 differet designs, with several different colors per design. I currently don’t use any carrier as my first born is almost three, and I’m just a little bit away from having my second. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dolores on

There are 6 designs.

I am not using anything at the moment. My baby is due in March. I’ve ordered the Red Castle carrier for my husband and was going to get myself the Frenchsling by French Dressings.

allie on

6! I use a Heart to Heart sling.

Lisa on

Metromama makes six bling metrowrap designs. I have a peanut shell baby sling by Goo-ga style.

djackson on

6 designs

I don’t use anything yet. My baby is due in March. I’ve ordered the Euro Baby Red Castle for my husband and was looking at the French Sling by French Dressings for myself.

Naomi on

six bling designs at metromamma! I have a couple of pouch slings my baby hates and a furry podeagi that I haven’t mastered yet. I’d love to try a wrap style carrier.

Elissa Wolfe on

I am going to go with 6 as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Doreen on

They offer 6 bling designs!!

Anjelica on

6. I don’t use one yet…expecting #1 : )

Dawn on

There are 6 Bling Metrowrap Designs. I just had my baby on 12/02, and I do not have a carrier for her. Thank you.

francine wwchar on

6 Beautiful Designs

We have a babyhawk mei-tei, a Cxd baby ring sling, and a pippalily pouch sling.

Kristen on

MetroMamma offers the bling wrap in 6 designs.

I have two carries, a hotsling and a moby wrap. My son loved the hotsling for his first few months. He now loves the moby wrap. He enjoys facing out and greeting all who pass him by.

Margaret H on

1) 6 Designs
2) Currently I have peanut shell, but looking
for something like metro wrap since he
is getting bigger and heavier – 2
shoulders support seems so much better
than 1 right now ๐Ÿ˜›

theazuredrake on


I have and use a Mama’s Milk sling, a hug-a-bub wrap, and a hand made Mei Tai.

JennB on

There are 6 designs. I have a peanut shell which my baby loves.

Alison on

There are 6 current designs.

Sarah W. on

MetroMamma currently offers 6 BLING designs. I am currently pregnant with my first child, a baby boy due in April. I do have a black Infantino sling which I hope to use, but the MetroMamma sling is much more chic! It looks like it could be used when the baby is bigger as well.

julia on

6 designs are currently offered. I use slings, wraps Podaegis Mei tais and pouches. Mostly my own or didymos wraps.

brandy w on

6 different designs.

i use a graco carrier, but it’s all messed up

Melissa P. on

Six Bling design choices.

My “go-to, won’t leave home without it” carrier is my Sleeping Baby Productions Ring Sling. My “we’re going for a nice long walk” choice is my Happy Cruiser Mei Tai. But I also mix in my Didy wrap, other mei tais and some pouches.

Tsolair on

The BLING Metrowrap comes in 6 designs:
Fleur De Lis

I only have a Bjorn, which was a gift. I don’t have a sling/wrap. My baby is 6 months old and I really wish I had one, but I do not have the time (or money right now) to buy one!!

Christa on

6 Bling-a-rific designs (love those angel wings)

I use a Sleeping Baby Productions RingSling and the Active Mom Carrier II. I’m new to babywearing but am really beginning to dig it and would like to explore wrapping.

Susanne on

Well there are 6 designs…

And I have been using a sling, not a carrier because I don’t have one! I would love to win! Thanks…

Mummy of three on

There are 6 bling designs, I use an infantino

Susanne on

There are 6 designs…

I am using a sling, never had a baby wrap, but I would love to win…Thanks!!!

Morgann on

Hi! The bling metrowrap is in 6 designs, (and camo bling in 4). For my 1st babe we used a Bjorn (loved it) and the JJ Cole Premaxx (not so much). I totally plan to get a blinged out sling for baby #2 (esp since I’ve given both others away!). thx!

kitty on

6. And I use my own handmade ones.

Desiree on

6 designs

I use mostly woven wraps, Didymos, Girasol, BBSlen, Vatanai, etc. We also have an Ergo for my husband to use and various pouches like Kangaroo Korner and Hotsling. I have a Babyspace Onbu that I love and a Freehand MT.

dzrose on

#1: 6 different bling designs

#2: I use a Beco, an Ergo, a Didymos wrap, a Moby Wrap, a Chicken Scratch Ring Sling, a Gypsy Mama Wrap, a Peanut Shell, a handmade mei tai, and tons of ring slings I made myself.

Malania on

6 Designs.

I have a peanut shell- which my son and I love!! I also have a ring sling.

Katie on


I’m 23 weeks and counting, so my husband and I don’t use or own any carriers as of yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alison on

There are six designs.

I currently use a sling that slides over the shoulder and carries your child on the hip. It was made in Japan and while confusing at first, can be really comfortable until the wiggling begins!

Mom of 1 1/2 on


I used the love sling for my son and also baby bjorn. We expect our 2nd child in March. I hope to win. Need an updated carrier ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

Tara on

They have 6 Bling designs. I am currently using the Bjorn carrier.

Lisa on

There are 6 designs and I currently have only tried the baby bjorn – however, I am really intriqued by wraps! Plus, I love the bling designs!

Lori on

There are 6 different designs.

I currently use a snugli carrier, but I am looking for more of a wrap as I think my daughter would be more comfortable in that.

Lori on

1. Six designs

2. I use quite a few different carriers, my current favorite being a double layer silk sling from Sakura Bloom.

Alina on

there are 6 metro bling designs, I have a bjorn and a sling made by someone on etsy. I have really been wanting a wrap like this but do not have alot of money to spend on something I have that does the same thing.

Grenda on

There are 6 designs. I don’t have a carrier yet so I truly need this!!!

Lilly on

There are 6 bling designs & we are using a Moby wrap. Cute contest idea!

Uly on

Six different designs.

I currently use my wrap most of the time, but I also have a mei-tai, a ring sling, a podegi, another wrap that I lent out and haven’t gotten back, and a kanga.

However, if I were to win, I’d give the wrap away to a friend of mine who only has a mei-tai and who could really use another carrier. Or I’d sell it to finance a kindercoat for the same friend, who could really use one of those, too, because it is cold here this year for her baby.

Anya on

There are 6 different designs…

Currently I do not have a sling for my son – however one would be nice since we travel back and forth every few weeks to visit my husband in Mexico…having to deal with a baby in the airport plus all the luggage and customs and etc. is not easy! A sling would be helpful!

Good luck to everyone!

Brittany DR on

I counted 6 bling ones.
I don’t have a sling yet as this is my first pregnancy :o)

Heather on

There are 6 different designs.

I’ve used the new native carrier but it was the wrong size and unfortunately never worked well for me so, I decided to make my own mei tai sling. Both my daughter and I love using the sling. She’s 3 but is very lanky and weighs nothing and loves to still be carried everywhere. I would love to have an easier sling to get her in and out of.

Rhi on


I have a Baby Bjorn carrier that I received as a shower gift for my first daughter, and I have been interested in using a sling with my second daugther, but we just don’t have the money to spend on one. The metro bling looks really cute and looks like it could be used for a long time.

Paige Watkins on

There are six different designs.

I have used a new native sling for my past babies, but never used a carrier. I am pregnant with #4 and am in love with the style of this one and have looked at other wraps like this to use for our new little one.

mimi on

6 designs.

I have and use a Sachi mei tai, a Pikkolo, a Beco Obi, two Hotslings pouches, a moby wrap and a Didymos wrap. Tucked away in the closet is a Bjorn Active…

Rebecca on

There are 6 designs. We don’t have a baby carrier yet, but are in the market for our soon to be baby!!

sewathomemama on

there are 6 designs. i don’t use the baby bjorn because i believe it incorrectly positions the baby’s legs in a downward-hanging position, putting all of baby’s weight on the crotch & tailbone. i use the ergo, moby, a ringsling made by a friend, a pouch by slinglings & my own brand of mei tai & onbuhimo (www.sew-at-home-mama.com).

ekaterina on

there are 6 desgins

I use a maya wrap as well as the bjorn- but want to try some new ones with this baby! ( kate who arrived yesterday!) So we are ready to use it!

tara hawks on

6 fabulous designs

I use a babyhawk, gypsymama, didymos and hotsling. I love the bling designs!

Linzie on

MM offers 6 bling designs: Peace, Skull, Crown, Dragon, Fleur de Lis, and Angel Wings.

We currently use a Maya ring sling and a Kelty backpack carrier for hiking. We’re currently in the market for a wrap as #2 is on the way!!

Angela on

There are six awesome designs.

I currently do not have any baby carrier though I desperately want one!! I really have been eyeing the skull design that they sell but with college books to buy in two weeks Its a little out of my current budget. SOO cute though!

I blogged you too ๐Ÿ™‚

PrincessSophie on

6 designs

We use a Hotsling and definetely could upgrade to this one!

Katelyn on

1. six
2. i have an immitation metro but it doesn’t have that sweet BLING!

Melissa Chung on

There are 6 designs: Crown, Peace, Dragon,Skull, Fleur de Lis and Angel Wings.

I only use the bjorn. I have a homemade wrap that a coworker made me, used it once but was so hard to figure out.

Jeanette Hada on

There are 6 different Bling MetroWrap designs.

Angel Wings, Crown, Dragon, Fleur De Lis, Peace, and Skull

Our first baby is due in July, so we’re not currently using any type of sling or wrap yet. Love the Angel Wings design!

Erin on

6 designs

No Baby Bjorn here. I use a Mei Tai and two ring slings. My only wrap is a DIY simple piece of cloth and I’m ready to branch out into a real wrap.

Sara on

There are 6 super-cute designs.

I have used the Bjorn, a Hotsling, a Peanut Shell and a Hip Hugger. I love them all for different reasons.

Andrea on

6 designs, and I use LOADS of other carriers – mei tai, BBO mei tai, sling, a non-stretchy wrap, ergo, and I’d love even more! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Amy on

6 designs

I’m currently expecting our first baby, and have registered for a Baby Ktan. I will also likely use a Kangaroo Korner pouch, which all of my friends highly recommend.

Marci on

How many BLING designs does MM currently offer? 6
Also, please tell us if you use any other carrier besides the Baby Bjorn and if so, which one? None

Ashley on

There are 6 Bling Designs (the Crown is my favorite)! I had a Baby Bjorn with my son who is now two, but I didn’t really like it so I gave it away to another new mom. So, now I’m back to the drawing board to find a new one because we will be trying for baby #2 after the right after Christmas. This would be perfect and I love that you can nurse using this wrap too!

Katherine on

There are 6 designs. With our first daughter we used the Baby Bjorn but since then (2000) slings have gotten very popular. I’m entering to win for our next child we’re planning on for 2008. Thanks!

Amy on

Six cool designs! We used the Baby Bjorn for our 2 boys, but looking for something different for the next baby (due 4/08). love this sling!

Danzel on

1. 6 designs

2. I use a MayaWrap ring sling; a Lucky pouch; a TaylorMade solarveil ring sling; and with my firstborn, a Nojo Dr. Sears Original Sling.

james montroy on

great for the grandbaby

Kalani on

6 designs
We have a pouch by zolowear in jetson but would love a wrap…

Renee on

6 designs.

Besides Bjorn, I also have a sling that I bought at a local craft fair from a local mom.

Carol Lamerson on

6 designs. I only use a baby bjorn for my 8 week old son. He loves to be worn as I do house work.

Christiane on

1. There are six designs.

2. I use the Baby Bjorn carrier.

Hillary on

6 designs.

I have a ring sling from Parenting Concepts, and am looking into getting a mei tai.

Jackie Davis on

There are 6 designs (cool ones too!). I have used a MayaWrap for my daughter and now my 9 month old son. I have even tried to sew a few on my own. don’t laugh!

Danielle on

1~ 6 Designs!
2~ Hotsling, Lucky Baby Wrap, Moby D, Baby K’Tan

Catherine on

There are 6 designs! I use both Baby Bjorn and Hotslings.

Regan on

– There are 6 BLING designs.

– I currently have a hotsling, but after 2 returns, the one I have still does not fit right..so I have not used it. I would LOVE one of these MetroWraps! There is nothing around here like them and they look very comfortable for both of us.


christy on

They have six designs; peace, skull, crown, dragon, fleur de lis, and angel wings with 4 different colors. I am currently expecting my first child in march, but I purchased a winnie the pooh baby carrier. So I need a fancy up-to-date baby carrier to show off to the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

Michelle Newton on

Six BLING designs in all. Aside from the Baby Bjorn, its these two hands.

Stephanie Jones on

There are 6 cool designs!
I sometimes use my old baby bjorn but it is so old it is falling apart. Need something new!

heather h on

Six Bling designs. I currently use a Slinge Eze in the dots pattern and a Lucky-Baby pocket sling. I love them both! Oh, how I would love to win one of these cuties!

Kira on


so far I only have used a baby bjorn but would love to try a wrap

AmandaA on

there are 6. I have a new native carrier

janet on

i really could use the carrier very badly.

Kori on

There are 6 cool designs! Right now I use the New Native organic carrier but I would LOVE to try a MetroWrap!

jessie on

6 designs

i am expecting my first baby in February. i’m registered for the Hotsling, but if i’m so lucky as to win this awesome wrap, the Hotsling will quickly be removed from my registry!

Loren on

There are 6 MetroWrap BLING designs. The only acrrier I’ve used is the Baby Bjorn.

Sylvia on

1. 6 designs

2. I use a bjorn, moby, posh papoose, hotsling, and an egro. The bjorn is not my favorite because it is not soft or cozy, and my son doesn’t like to sleep in it. The moby is awesome- I use it to work out, do yoga, etc. But this sling is way better looking! The hotsling is great looking but my son doesn’t love it- my ring sling is so easy to use but hurts my shoulder sometimes. My son is 3 months old and we love slings!!!

Jackie on

There are six different designs.
I do not currently us a sling.

Misty on

there are 6 designs.

I use a baby bjorn and I have also used both a nojo baby sling and a playtex hip carrier.

Noreen on

six designs: peace, skull, crown, dragon, fleur de lis, and angel wings

I have used a maya wrap

Barbara on

6 designs
I have never used a baby carrier and could really use one !!

Katie on

There are 6 designs. I use a New native baby carrier.

rachel on

6 designs. I used an infantino carrier when I carried my daughter

tamara garcia on

6. and just the bjorn!

Bryn on

They have 6 designs. I do not have anything to use and have used a baby bjorn in the past.

Cindi Hoppes on

Hello! Please enter me in your fantastic contest! The company has 6 varieties of slings.
I have used a Mobywrap in the past.Thank you very much…..Cindi

Cindi Hoppes on

Hello! Please enter me in your fantastic contest! The company has 6 varieties of slings.
I have used a Mobywrap in the past.Thank you very much…..Cindi

Caren on

6 awesome designs!

I have a new native sling and a simple piece of cloth wrap.

I would love a jazzy blingy wrap!

debbie howard on


Love, love, love these! I remember seeing a pic of Tori Spelling in one! Could never find the link! I have my 4th child, do not use a carrier, but would love to get one! My girlfriends would go crazy!! They spare no expense when it comes to their babies and children!

Amelia on

There are 6 designs.

I don’t have a sling carrier yet, only the baby Bjorn at the moment. I’m dying to try a sling though!

danielle on

6 wonderful designs

i use a bay bjorn, would love to try another type

lace on

There are 6 designs.

I currently use a ring sling from Posh Papoose and I also use a mei tai. I would love to try a wrap.

Melissa on

There are six amazing designs from Metro Mama Bling and I love them all–keep in mind,this is from someone who rhinestoned her car–really. That’s how muchI love bling ๐Ÿ™‚ I use a Hotsling and my daughter just started loving our Mei Tai this weekend–she’s napping in it right now.

Kim on

There are 6 designs. I currently don’t use any sling because I’m not due until June. I have to look around and see which one would be the best for me.

Shira on

6 awesome designs! I have a baby bjorn from four years ago but can only locate half of it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m due in 11 days and could use a wonderful metro mama bling to tote my newbie.

Shannon on

6 designs, I have 2 ZoloWear slings that I use.

shannon m wyatt on

metromamma offers 6 bling designs and no i have not tried nor have any other wrap

frances on

6 – angel wings, crown, dragon, peace sign, fleur de lis, & skull.

We have a hommade mei tai, and a snuggly… that I hated.

A on

There are 7 designs. Everyone has forgotten about the Camo Bling sling.

My wife uses a mei tai carrier for our son. We also have some sort of wrap carrier.

Vida on

There are 6 designers

I also use Hotslings

nicola on

6 great designs.

i use the bjorn mainly. i have a peanut shell sling, but my son doesnt like it!

Kristen Lawrence on

1. 6

2. I currently only use baby bjorn, but would love to try another kind.

Sherry Maher on

Hello. There are 6 different designs. We currently use the Baby Bjorn carrier.
Thanks! Sherry