Giada De Laurentiis discusses her surprise pregnancy

12/14/2007 at 07:37 PM ET

TV Chef Giada De Laurentiis, 37, announced last month that she and husband, clothing designer Todd Thompson, are expecting their first child, a daughter, the first week of April.

The mom-to-be sat down with Redbook magazine to discuss her surprise pregnancy. 

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Did your pregnancy come as a surprise?

It was a complete surprise — not planned at all.  It was never that we didn’t want children; it was more like, "If we have them someday, great.  If not, that’s fine too."  So when this happened I was shocked, and the first thing I said to my husband was, "How is this possible?"  And he looked at me, laughing, and said, "You know how it’s possible."  Which I did — it was just that in almost 18 years together, we’d never run into this before.

Is your husband treating you like a queen?

Yes, it’s so funny.  We call the baby "the lemon."  It started off as "the lima bean," but now we’ve moved to "the lemon," and pretty soon, it’ll probably be "the melon."  So he’s constantly asking me, "How’s the lemon today?" He’s also been extra protective and worried about how I’m feeling, how I’m eating.  And I’m like, "God help me."

I’m sure you just want a healthy baby, but do you have a preference for a girl or boy?

Of course you’re right, a healthy baby is the most important thing, but I think it’s just easier to tell you that it’s definitely a girl.  It’s a girl, it’s a girl, it’s a girl!

How do you see your life changing once the baby arrives?

I’m taking a hard look at my calendar and realizing, "Holy cow, how can I possibly do all these things?"  It’s a huge life change.  I’m going to ask every professional woman I know, "How in the hell do you do it all?"

Is there anything you’re nervous about?

Oh, yes.  Everything, in fact.  How big will I get?  Will it be an easy delivery?  How is my child going to turn out?  Will I be a good mom?  Every single moment of the day I hope and pray I’m doing the right thing.

What’s something your parents gave you that you want to pass on to your daughter?

I hope I can pass on the love of food to my child the way my family did to me.  We spent a lot of warm, loving times in the kitchen.  But watch, I will probably end up with a child who not only doesn’t care about food but doesn’t ever want to set foot in a kitchen!

Source: Redbook Magazine; January 2008 issue, pg. 90

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Meg on

My father is so disappointed. He loves her! I do too; that child is going to be gorgeous and have the best lunch box in the cafeteria.

phobiamom on

I know a little girl that will be taking Nutella Sandwiches to school! Giada will be an awesome mom!

Penelope on

Okay I adore her, my all-time favorite cook but I’m shocked to learn she’s been with her hubby since she was 19 but they only married in 03 or 04…

M on

I’m surprised they asked her about the sex; she announced it on the Today Show quite a while ago I thought.

Angela’s note: Yes, she announced it on the Today Show when she originally announced the pregnancy

Principesa on

She made me giggle…I mean, when she was gracious to admit the pregnancy was a surprise, I immediately thought how she gives new meaning to the phrase “what’s cooking?” πŸ˜‰ I am thrilled to pieces for her and Todd.

She’s adorable, talented and beautiful.

Giada: she’s going to be a Bruin too, right?

Charlene on

I’m thrilled that Giada’s pregnant – I can’t wait to hear what they name their little girl. I think it’s so refreshing to hear of a couple who have been together so long and from quite a young age. I too think it’s great she admitted it was a surprise pregnancy. Hey, these things happen and obviously meant to be.

PSB on

I’ll bet she’s one of those women who never thought about kids and once she has hers she will fall in love and rush to have another one before she turns 40. She has always seemed very sweet and nurturing to me – and unlike some of the other food divas on the network, she has a rep of being genuinely nice to her fans. Can’t wait to see the baby!





angie on

I LOVE Giada! I’m so happy for her an Todd! They’ll make great parents! πŸ™‚

Analicia on

OMG!! I accidently(lol), like Giada,tripped over this article! I love her, my friend just recently had a baby and she named her Giada:)What a wonderful thing that has happened. I’m gonna love seeing her belly grow on t.v., if she plans on still working.

Jenny on


Elisabeth on

I’m so happy for her, I have been a fan of hers for quite a while and watch her show everytime it’s on and I can. Congrats!

Taylor on

Congrats to her and her husband! I love watching her cooking show.

Vir Jacks on

I wish Tom & Giada all the best on their new addition. I am soooo happy for her, I know it must have been a pleasant surprise once she got over the shock πŸ™‚

Ria van Rosmalen on

I wish Giada and Tom all the best. If this pregnancy is a suprise, the birth of a baby girl will be a bigger surpise. Yes life will change, but for the best. Take it easy after birth and enjoy all that is coming your way. You are still looking amazing. I realy ejoy your recipes and your books. I am sure this little girl will grow up real healthty and Italian.


Deena on

Just for information, Giada’s husband’s name is Todd, not Tom!!

Lee on

Q: Is there anything you’re nervous about?

A: Oh, yes. Everything, in fact. How big will I get? Will it be an easy delivery?