Vince Gill and Amy Grant on their blended family

12/10/2007 at 06:48 PM ET

Singers Amy Grant, 47, and Vince Gill, 50, have been married for eight years now, and have daughter Corinna, 6 ½. However, the beginning of their time together was tough, as they were tried to make their new family work — Vince came into the marriage with a daughter Jenny, 25, while Amy had Matt, 20, Millie, 18, and Sarah, 15. Amy remembers,

In our wedding pictures, all of the children are grim-faced and understandably so, because these were not their choices. But from the start, Vince and I promised to love each other well, and in any home, blended or not, if the man and wife are loving each other well, you have a much better chance of parenting well. Vince’s love has empowered me to be a better mom.

When we got married, he inherited an entourage. I had three children who were living under the roof with a man who was not their father. They were 7, 10, and 12, so in the evenings Vince would recede — go read, watch a game — to let them have their familiar routine with me. Then slowly he entered the picture. But there isn’t one issue that comes up with the kids that isn’t discussed from every angle by Vince and me.

The one thing you have to require in a family is that everyone is respectful. But you can’t require closeness. That comes in its own time. What makes him so special is he treats everyone equally, and I love that about him. There is no pecking order.


Source: Good Housekeeping

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Heather on

Thanks for posting the photo. I’ve never seen a picture of all their kids. I can’t believe that Amy is almost 50 with older children! She seems so young to me still.

Renee on

Gosh, they have a beautiful family. Every single one of their kids are gorgeous.

Paul on

Does she have sole custody of the kids, or does Gary Chapman still get to see them? That poor guy. Did he get re-married?

helen vanderveen on

thanks be to God that we dont have to stand in judgement to some christian people. But to a God of second chances and agape love. Vince and Amy i believe the Lord has blessed you . You are a reflection of His love. I love how He has worked in your life together for His glory. God is the only one to stand before you on judgement day and I think He will say, well done good and faithful serveants. you have touched the lives of the unbelievers and brought one more person to their knees. God bless you both. reflect His love in You.

michelle cobb on

I’ve Loved Amy Grant sence I was a little girl and now she’s married to one of my faverite country singer! I Love both and wish them both a Beautiful future!

veronica herrera on

What a lovely family. And what an inspiration: Amy is candid about their struggles as a blended family, you don’t hear of celebs being open about this. I as a single mother with children hope I can find a man as loving as Vince.

I have been a fan of Amy’s for 28 yrs. And I love finding and reading stuff about her and her kids. I remember when she had those babies. Wow! Now Matt’s all grown up.

Veronica Herrera, Colorado, 45 yrs old

e mail me at

Mary Ann on

She is not an inspiration to me!! her children would have much rather have been raised with their dad instead of a step dad. But since Amy left their biological dad, they had no choice but to adapt!! That is really nothing to be admired!

Brenda on

This a comment to Mary Ann who posted…I can feel bitterness in your comments on Amy Grant. But I feel that life should be allowed to be happy. Sometimes people just don’t feel the same as they did when they first found one another. Everyone deserves to be happy with the one they were meant to be with. Please don’t let their situation make judgements for everyone you may come in contact with. Remember, celebrities are just regular people who try to get through the day and get by while doing it.


Karen on

Recently, I’ve been reminded of the whole Amy Grant situation. I used to be a huge fan, but in considering how quickly she and Vince married with seemingly so little regard for the feelings of their children or the opportunity for healing, I have lost much respect for both of them. I have no problem with her moving on from an unhappy marriage, however, she never gave herself or her children the opportunity to adjust to the situation. She simply jumped off one boat and onto another. When Amy speaks of respect in her family, I wonder if she realizes how disrespectful her decisions and actions were to her own children.

Tracy on

I have lived in the Nashville area since 1991, so I may have a different perception than some other folks out there in cyperspace. I watched some of Amy’s years married to Gary from their own farm. Now I have watched some of the years married to Vince from close by as well. Some things you may not know: Gary remarried the same year as Amy; Amy and Vince did not plan a wedding date until Gary had announced his engagement. Even then they kept the wedding quiet and low key; many folks around Nashville didn’t even know about the wedding until after the ceremony. Amy didn’t leave her kids and custody was split so those kids did not loose their Dad. Gary has since divorced his second wife and is now married for a 3rd time; he has also had some other troubles. I am not passing judgement on any of them including Gary; that is not my place.

I am a grown married woman with my own children and I have been married to their Father for over 20 years. I come from a blended family. My Mom did not find the right man until the 3rd marriage. That man has been the only Dad my siblings and I have ever known. I didn’t loose my Dad because of my Mom’s decisions; my Dad (2nd husband) and my siblings’ Dad (1st husband) left us. They chose not to be part of our lives. I gained 2 more siblings when Mom married for the third time. Six kids total, and we lived a few years all under 1 roof when I was age 12 to 15.

About 15 years ago, I was back home with my family and Dad gave his testimony at church. It was a spur of the moment thing; I can’t ever remember him giving a testimony before. But on this Sunday he was surrounded by his wife, his children, and some of his grandchildren. He stood up and said with tears in his eyes and his voice that my mother and her kids saved him, brought him back to God. I am the youngest of the kids, and I followed right behind Dad and said that Jesus really saved us all when they found each other. And both testimonies are still true today. We never know what God has planned.

If you saw the Gill-Grant family on Oprah when Amy’s book Mosiac came out, you saw some happy yet teary eyed moments with those kids. I think they have blended their family pretty well. It takes more than the parents to blend the family. The kids do the blending as well.
Blending has been an incredible blessing for my family.

Kim on

Amen Tracy….amen.

Anonymous on

As true beleivers in Christ, Christians are held to a different standard according to Christ’s teachings. We are not supposed to give up on our marriages because…well, we just don’t feel the love anymore. I have cross referenced information about them. I know there were some difficult dynamics going on so I will not begin to think that their problem was merely that they didn’t feel the love anymore. I hope Amy and her X have found peace with Christ in all this.

Kim on

It is true that God expects all people to take their marriages seriously, however, divorce is sometimes unavoidable. Only God knows the circumstances that led to Gary Chapman’s and Amy Grant’s divorce. It is not for us to judge them. May God bless Vince Gill and Amy Grant and their beautiful family.