Clint and Lisa Hartman Black with daughter Lily

12/10/2007 at 06:38 PM ET

Country star Clint Black, 45, and his actress wife, Knots Landing star Lisa Hartman Black, 51, waited ten years to have a child together. Daughter Lily Pearl, now 6 ½, arrived in 2001.

Lisa remembers,

We always loved kids, but they just weren’t in the plan.

Clint adds,

Then we started talking about how we should make a conscious decision whether we would or wouldn’t have a child…

Lisa finishes,

…And once we decided, it was, ‘We can’t get one fast enough!’" But having a child later in life wasn’t easy. "When we finally got lucky and were blessed with a pregnancy, there was bed rest at the end and it was touch and go. But it was all worth it, because having Lily in our lives has just been amazing.

Clint has a daughter, Chelsea Bain, from a previous relationship.


Source: Good Housekeeping

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Heather on

I remember a few years ago they appeared on Oprah with Lily and she was such a doll!

Niki on

FYI, Clint has an older daughter named Chelsea Bain who is a very accomplished equestrian.

Ivey on

I remember that he had an older daughter, but he didn’t claim her or something along those lines.

Candace on

Sure looks like her daddy!

holly on

lily is so beautiful, shes the perfect split of lisa and clint

Dave Osborne on

The Blacks seem to be a great family. Clint and Lisa are blessed by Lily but Clint is also blessed to have Lisa. She is as beautiful today as she was playing “Tabitha.”

Debbie on

She is beautiful..and Clint and Lisa make a gorgeous couple.

Pixies on

If I remember correctly, he has a child with another woman. (While married)

Annon on

Clint does have an older daughter she is 18 and lives in Arizona. He severed the ties with her when she was three. How did you know who she is Niki?

Lois on

Dear Lisa, I have always enjoyed watching you on tv, and just watched a Hallmark show, Back to you and me, and loved it. Would love to see you on more shows, bad girl type or whatever; because whatever you do, I know it will be good.

donna on

As a fellow houstonion of these two, i think they are wonderful and we do not see them enough. I think once they had lily they made a choice she comes first and that just makes them the best parents. Sad for fans but as a mom i understand. I was asleep and was just woken up by clints song “desperado” such a great talent. His whole family is though, brothers are just as amazing as he is. Seen all of them once at the Houston rodeo. They are awesome.

Kathryn Sanders on

Clint has a daughter, Chelsea Bain, who is a talented singer.

It is a shame that he has never wanted to have anything to do with her and then gushes about his daughter with Lisa.

They are not great people or great parents.

cheryl on

I know I’m late, but this is what I remember… the little girl’s mother was on a show talking about the situation and it seems that Clint was a very good dad, very involved as were his parents. Once he got engaged, all of the visits and family life came to a stop. He even forced the little girl to stop using his name. The mom was extremely upset because her daughter was losing so much and was being treated so shabbily. I’ve worried about Chelsea through the years because I have a daughter her age and it made me sick to think of her being tossed aside. Chelsea was lucky to have a mother who was willing to put herself out there for the sake of her child. I wish her luck.

Carmen on

Never could stand Lisa Hartman. She is noting but a coat tail rider. No real talent to make it on her own, so has to horn in on others success to keep herself out there. Get a life Lisa!

Kim smith on

those without sin can throw the first stone. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Everyone has skeletons in their closets!!!! I think their amazing and God can change anyone, even the ones that are judging them in these remarks. Do you ever hear dirt about them??? I think NOT…

Anonymous on

If the child is 6 1/2, she was not born in 2001.

Donna on

This was written in 2007, so she was 6 1/2 then.

Michelle on

Clint’s oldest daughter, Chelsea is beautiful. I have no clue why Clint doesn’t see her but it is a real shame. How in the world could a father not see his child or be in her life? Many men can’t have children and would give anything to have a daughter like her. Chelsea seems like a great girl so Kudos to her mother for that.