Jennifer Lopez spotted buying blue and pink onesies at Petit Tresor

12/08/2007 at 10:06 AM ET

Jenniferlopez18427_cbbSongstress Jennifer Lopez, 38, was spotted buying blue and pink Tuni & G onesies at Petit Tresor in Los Angeles. This adds fuel to the rumors that she and husband Marc Anthony, 39, are expecting twins, a boy and a girl. So far, Jennifer has not said anything specific about her pregnancy besides confirming it.


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Jen on

Just because she’s buying blue and pink onesies doesn’t necessarily mean she’s having twins! Maybe she just wanted a variety of colors. People get so silly with that. Unless she says she is pregnant with dos bambinos those rumors should be put to rest.

gianna on

I think it is twins and girl/boy. Even when she denied her pregnancy, perez site and all the spanish channels said she was defintley pregnant despite her denial and was expecting twins.

robin on

didn’t she tell everyone at a concert recently?

Sarah’s note: All she said was that she was expecting. Nothing about what or how many.

Angela on

yeah, she confirmed it at her concert in Miami in early November, but she hasn’t responded to the twins rumour. I bet it is twins, she is after getting so big, so fast. She is only about 6/7 months pregnant, because the rumours of pregnancy began in September, and she was only showing slightly then. So she still has a few months left, and her bump is already huge. Defo twins in my opinion.

Heather on

Maybe she doesn’t know the sex of the baby and is buying both so she is all set either way.

Born F on

I wonder what Tuni & G outfit she bought!? I love the “Don’t ya wish your mommy was hot like mine”!

terri1 on

I think she definitely knows the sex by now. She got big super fast. There have been several entertainment sources, including People that have rumored it’s twins, some even specifically saying a boy and a girl. I think it’s definitely twins.

Toontown on

Why is eveyone having twins now?

Noelle on

Toontown, I think you’re seeing alot of twins because alot of people are doing IVF. Alot of the celebs that are having twins are older, therefore, IVF is more common with them.

Anonymous on

terri1- What makes you think JLo knows the sex(s) of her baby(ies) by now? She and Mark may have *gasp* decided not to find out! I just don’t understand why people seem to automatically assume that every celeb who is pregnant has either found out the sex or is going to. Nicole Richie and Katie Holmes (who said shortly after Suri’s birth that she and Tom had not found out the sex prior to birth but that she had been “craving pink the whole 9 months”) are just two examples of celebs who chose not to do so.

Anyway, I agree with Jen and Heather. Just because she is buying pink and blue stuff doesn’t mean she’s having twins. She could, like Heather suggested, NOT know the sex of her baby and has decided to get both pink and blue stuff so that she will be prepared either way (some people don’t like buying gender neutral stuff, and she may be one of those people).

Also, her being so big already also doesn’t mean she’s having twins. A lot of people were insisting that Naomi Watts and Isla Fisher (both of whom, incidentally, especially Naomi, got big rather quickly) were having twins…and they both had just one baby each!

In a way, I wish JLo would either confirm or deny the twin rumors. I mean, I definently understand why some celebs chose not to disclose to much info about their pregnancies. However, when there are rumors of twins floating around and the celeb hasn’t confirmed or denied them, it makes me feel extremely guilty to be speculating about it.

I’m also a bit surprised that she hasn’t talked about her pregnancy at all since the announcement at her concert. I mean, it’s obvious that she has badly wanted to be a mother for quite awhile….So you’d think she’d be thrilled to discuss her pregnancy.

All of that said, I often wonder why it is that so many celebs who have twins seem to have boy/girl twins. The only two examples of recently born same gender celeb baby twins are Patrick Dempsey’s boys and Marcia Cross’s girls.

Jaclyn on

The reason we’re seeing more boy/girl twins is because fraternal twins are more common because of older mothers who have been on the pill for longer than 5 years, IVF, and clomid type medication.

Identical twins are about eggs splitting, not extra ones although age also increases the risk in identical, but not to the same degree 🙂 I would also tepidly suggest that many wealthier parents with more say in how, when, etc. of IVF are choosing to implant one of each.

terri1 on

In response to why I thinks she knows it’s just my gut feelings and my opinion, that’s all. I’m a big fan of hers and have followed her for a long time. I do definitely think she knows and I think it’s twins.I’m not at all saying “I know”. I’m just saying what I think like everyone else. 🙂