Jenna Elfman and Story at Scientology Christmas Stories event

12/02/2007 at 10:42 PM ET

Actress Jenna Elfman, 36, and son Story Elias, 4 months, (along with Kelly Preston in one photo) pose backstage during the Church of Scientology’s Christmas Stories XV benefiting the Hollywood Police Activities League at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre on December 1st in Hollywood, CA.


Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for COS.

Monkeyblue_mdStory wears Robeez’s monkey style in baby blue ($26).

His one-piece outfit is Gap.

Click below for an additional image.


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Pam on

Story is just delicious!

Cassie on

He looks like a monkey :P. But he is still sooooo adorable!

Cait on

He does look like a little monkey, but he’s SO gorgeous!

Candace on

What a cutie pie!

Sandra on

OMG how adorable is he! I love Monkey’s and those shoes are just too cute as well. Might have to get my daughter some now. i LOVE Jenna as well

Taylor on

I don’t necessarily agree with the Scientology stuff but Jenna seems like a really sweet person and she’s so beautiful! Story is a little cutie pie, also! Love his outfit.

gianna on

He does look like a little monkey, has a lot of jenna in his looks IMO

Ilona on

I’m genuinely curious – does anyone know why Scientologists would celebrate Christmas?

I’m asking because my husband and I grew up with different traditions yet we’re both Christian! (he’s Roman Catholic, I’m Lutheran) so religious holidays require consultation on what we’ll do now we’re parents.
Given that a lot of parents must be in the mixed religion boat it seems strange to be of one religion yet observe the rites of another.

cassopolis on

Ilona, Scientologist don’t celebrate Christmas (as Tom Cruise said lol) it was just a reading

notsoglib on

Sure, she seems like a really sweet person. Except when she’s attacking people who dare to criticize Scientology.

Marie on

Cute pictures!

bumbebee917 on

I don’t know anything about scientolology, but for a group of peope who don’t celebrate Christmas they sure do have a lot of garlands and lights up! And why would you read Christmas stories if you don’t celebrate Christmas? I don’t get it. Anyway, love the middle pic of Story….so serious for such a tiny little guy!

malibustacey on

He is sooo cute! His little face is adorable and he’s going to look so much like Jenna.

Songbird on

Story is such a cute little boy and I absolutely love jenna,always thought she was a sweet person no matter what her religion is.

Linda Elizabeth on

I’m wondering why the wacky religion needs to put the name christmas in there readings, I noticed in the picture xmas garland and Kelly dressed in green and red. That so called religion has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ or the death on the cross yet they also use the cross in their motif. Im wondering why? Can’t they make up their own like a spaceship or something. That is not a humbling religion its all about money. Going up the ladder, in knowlege but you better have alot of money to pay for it.

Mia on

Scientologists who are christian celebrate christmas. I remember Tom Cruise saying that you can be sciedntologist and Christian or Moslem or Jewish. From that I decipher that if you are then you do celebrate the days that those respective faiths hold as important.

mary on

I think this is my fav baby. Is so funny how since he was born he has this very serious face. As he is thinking to hard to decifer the codes of the universy. LOL

De on

What a little poker face on that one. He is soo cute! I just wanna pinch those cheeks.
Jenna looks great!

Elaine on

He is soooo sweet, I think he is thinking “who you looking at buddy”. Jenna is looking great as well.

Emma on

Firstly, Scientology isn’t a religion – it’s a hollywood fad. Secondly, if they don’t celebrate Christmas why is Suri Cruise having £2,500 shoes for Christmas?

erica on

i love that he looks like a little serious old man! too, too cute!! those monkey shoes are my absolute favorite. my son wore the red version when he was a lil guy.

Adele on

Story is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

mom2cc on

Ridiculous event, sweet baby though! I love his furrowed brows! And those lips! He looks like his beautiful Mommy.

I wonder if little Story liked the Stories? 😉

PS. his striped sweater romper is from babyGap. I got it for my friend’s new little guy Morgan and it is so soft and cuddly! I wish I had’ve got it for my daughter too!

tatum on

emma yes Scientology does seem to be a hollywood fad but jenna has been a Scientologist for years and is not one to just follow a fad.

Natalie on

Since I think Scientology is a faith more than a religion, I think you can celebrate any holiday.

E on

He is such a little cutie! He looks like his mamma. He really does have that wise look about him. Adorable! 🙂

Livy on

Oh he is just adorable! He’s got that ‘little old man’ look that some babies have. Soooooo cute.

crimpe on

Oh what a funny baby! And Jenna looks fab. Both of my sons looked like fierce samurais for a looong time. Story does have a very serious look, and it is adorable! No one will ever confuse him with a girl! And Emma, your comments about Suri and Christmas crack me up!!!

Chiara on

Oh my god, it is a human Cabbage Patch doll. He is absolutely adorable.

Avery on

I love his serious expressions (especially in the second pic). Adorable outfit as well.

Mary on

oh my goodness, he is too cute! he looks like a little porcelain baby doll. and his outfit is very cute too. cant wait to see what he looks like when he gets a little older.

Annoyomus on

Emma- Personally, I feel that your comments about Scientology not being a religon but a “hollywood fad” are very insulting. First of all, celebs aren’t the only people who are Scientologists. I know a few commenters who have posted on CBB in the past are Scientoligists (they came right out and said so).

Also, how would YOU feel if someone claimed that YOUR religon wasn’t real, but was just a “fad”? I am certainly not a Scientologist myself, and I certainly don’t agree with all of the stuff they do and don’t do. However, I DO believe very strongly in freedom of religion, and I don’t think that people should get picked on, insulted, teased, etc. because of their religion.

All of that said, I want to point out that the rumor about Suri getting those expensive shoes for Christmas is a RUMOR. In otherwords, it may or may not be true.

LJK on

Ok perhaps I’m blind but I don’t see his feet at ALL so how do you claim he has those shoes on? Just curious!

Sarah’s note: There’s lots more photos at Getty Images (on the source link) and you can see his feet…

Boston on

hehe, the monkey comments and then the booties! Adorable.

christine nemeczek on

Tom Cruise the poster boy for Scientology says that you can be a Scientologist and a Catholic etc.all at the same time.Gee doesn’t that make them hipocrites.In my world if you are Catholic you can’t also worship as a Protistant or Luthuran or Baptist.It seems like Scientologists like to get xmas gifts the more the better,but do they have the choice of giving gifts also?

christine nemeczek on

It makes me sick,Jehova Witnesses can receive xmas gifts but can’t give them out because they don’t believe in Christmas,and scientologists say they can worship in 2 religons and can’t give out gifts but can receive them as well. What gives. do you ppl think we the non Scientologists are nuts???? Just keep accepting gifts and not give any in return so your money keeps getting pumped to Scientology.L Ron Hubbard may you rest in hell.