Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton leave Cipriani

11/30/2007 at 12:23 PM ET

Director Tim Burton, 49, and actress Helena Bonham Carter, 41, leave Cipriani restaurant in London on Wednesday evening after dinner with Johnny Depp. The couple expect their second child next month, they do not know the sex.


Photos by Bauer Griffin; Pacific Coast News.

Click below for an additional photo.


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Y on

They look dazed…….

Pngwn on

They look like they were awakened in the middle of the night by the fire department and are standing on the sidewalk, watching in horror as all of their possessions burn, pondering what they will do with a baby, when all they own is literally the clothes on their backs.

Laura AS1 on

Well, that baby should have some wacky hair, is all I can say, with both of their ‘dos. Wild!

m on

LOVE them! They are so cool. I loved her in Fight Club. It is one of her best roles. They make such a cool family!

E on

I LOVE her outfit!!

V on

She looks absolutely adorable! And what a sweet husband, drinking her share of the wine for her ;p

Lorus on

I love this couple! They are so cute and quirky. Helena looks amazing, holy boobs!

Ans on

She looks gorgeous in that first picture! The others… priceless.
I still love that dress.

Kel on

What’s up with the second comment?? I know they have an eclectic sense of style…but they don’t look alarmed or unkept at all…she has several layers of lace materials on that took some effort to put together. How boring must people be to create stories about another’s unique style….

nicole on

I lovelovelove them! She’s so beautiful and talented. They are different from most people and that’s one reason I like them. They probably look “dazed” because they just walked out the door and flashes are going off. They aren’t usually followed by photogs like other celebs.

Campbell on

LOL Pngwn!!

sil on

LOL Pngwn!!!!!! you made me laugh!

my first thought watching the pics was “halloween” 🙂

Hea on

I thought we weren’t allowed to place negative comments about people’s looks?

I think Helena is one of the coolest celebs out there. Love the gothic style! She really pulls it off. So what if they were snapped at a moment of well, not complete participation. That’s how paparazzi pictures work. And so what if he’s had some wine? He’s not the one who’s pregnant and he’s been an adult for almost 30 years.

If there was a fire at my house and I was standing out on the streets, wondering what to do with my baby, I sure as hell wouldn’t look that calm.

Daze on

I know they, alond with their friend Johnny Depp are quirky, but why is she always in the “bride of Frakenstein” style? Is she Goth? Is she Goth in her films as well?

Megan on

OMG I love Helena. She rules. I would LOVE to have an auntie like her, I bet she has the coolest house.

plannbb on

Since we’re making negative comments…
Sil, Daze, Laura AS1, Pngwn-
I’m sorry they aren’t your typical cookie cutter suburban type/typical hollywood couple. Helena seems like a VERY interesting person who leads an exciting life everyone can only dream about while sitting behind computers and making comments about her “bride of frankestin” hair. Who cares what her hair looks like?! I would love to be 8 months pregnant coming out of a resturant in Cipriani!
She seems very happy, obviously with some one who shares her interests. Would her wearing wearing an outfit from the mall make you respect her more? No more negative comments.

Liz on

Her boobs out-to-there, while THAT pregnant…?

She’s a better woman than I, is all I can say on that one…while pregnant my boobs were lucky to see the inside of support garments once a week, things were so tender.

Their look certainly isn’t conventional, I will give them that.

I remember one of the most angry letters I’ve ever written was to “STAR” magazine when they did their “Normal/Not Normal” section and deemed her “Not Normal” for…wait for it…WALKING…and breastfeeding…at the *gasp* SAME TIME! I was so mad I could have eaten a nail and spit out a cotton ball.

I never noticed how delicate her facial features were before these photos. She really does have a gorgeous face.

Sarah’s note: That was Carrie Anne Moss in Star. 😉

brookefan on

These 2 top my favorite celeb list, well, tied with Brangelina….but, they have to be soul mates. I am so happy for them, having children with each other.

Boston on

It’s refreshing to see a different kind of pregnancy style!

Adele on

I love Helena’s style!!

Kel on

I’m happy to hear some of the comments that agreed about appreciating differences in style. Sometimes I come on here and get frustrated at all of the “mall people” comments…Yay there are some interesting folks on here, keep it up!!!

Kristina on

I absolutely love Helena’s style. She’s very much her own person and doesn’t care what people think of her and thats one of the reasons I love her so much. Her and Tim are just a different kind of celebrity couple, and don’t always have to look perfect. They’re amazing. 🙂

All you people who are dissing them, go find something more interesting to do with your lives. I say that with all due respect..


I never seen so much love before. all the pictures are precius.
If a have a son he call TIM
If I have a girl she call

Nat on

If anyone knows where she got her black lace tights let me know! please email me at natrox101@yahoo.com

Nat on

If anyone knows where she got her black lace tights let me know! please email me at natrox101@yahoo.com