Guy Ritchie says moderation is key with gift-giving

11/30/2007 at 10:41 PM ET

Guyritchieandfamily Backing off earlier comments that Christmas had been canceled in his house, Guy Ritchie says that we shouldn’t feel too badly for Lourdes, 11, Rocco, 7 and David, 2, his children with wife Madonna.  Apparently, there will still be gifts to be opened come Christmas morning — though perhaps not as many as you might think.  Says Guy,

The kids are only allowed three presents.  So by the time they get to the third present they’ve had their sugar hit. As long as the kids get three presents at Christmas, everyone’s being happy.

Guy — who shot down rumors that Lourdes is set to star in the upcoming Harry Potter movie — was non-committal when asked whether the family intends to expand their brood.

Who knows. My wife and myself like kids so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. 

Guy, 39, and Madonna, 49, have been married since 2000.

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katie on

IMHO that is really stupid of Madonna and guy to do that..they should give their kids more then three things.

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NicoleMarie on

Reading this made me kind of depressed.

Stephanie on

I don’t understand what they’re teaching their kids by only giving them three presents. I’m all for teaching kids to be grateful for what they have and everything. But if Madonna and Guy let Lourdes have her own credit card (I heard that awhile ago), isn’t that kind of defeating the purpose? Even kids who’s parents make $30,000/year get more than 3 presents for Christmas. That’s just silly. Why don’t they take away her credit card and then give her gifts at Christmas like normal parents? I’m sorry but Madonna’s holier-than-thou attitude has really made me dislike her, and it seems that she’s really extreme with her parenting. I feel bad for those kids, although I probably shouldn’t!

Ivey on

Control seems to be a big issue in their household, no TV, no sugar, she can’t drop her clothes on the floor, 3 presents at

I just hope they are ready for teenage rebellion!!!

Jean on

Wait… I thought this was reasonable. Our kids get one present each from their brother, their dad, me and “santa”. This year my oldest is getting a big, expensive ($60) item so that will be from both his father and I – so he will be getting three gifts. Granted I don’t have 1/1000th the money Madonna does, but I don’t see the point in more gifts?

M&M on

I really don’t see how that’s silly or deperessing about the fact that they get limited christmas gifts. I’m sure they get everything they want during the year anyway.I assume the parents have some theory on why they do that.And there are wost things in the world than not getting to watch tv,no sugar and limited presents. I really doubt that we should feel sorry for them.

Rebecca on

We have a saying in our house for Christmas presents:
Something you want, something you need,
Something you wear, something you read.

4 presents from us, that’s our goal. I think that a lot of people get caught up in the commercialness of the season and get carried away with the presents. It’s nice to see other parents that want their kids focusing on the real focus of Christmas.

Kay on

Are you people serious? Way too many wealthy parents think that being a good parent means indulging their children’s every desire, instead of teaching them that they can’t always get everything they want.

I find this very refreshing. Paris Hilton’s parents could learn a thing or two from Madonna and Guy.

pseudotim on

I love Rebecca’s ideas of *something you want *something you need *something to wear and *something to read – brilliant!

angelbaby33 on

Notice though that there is no mention of a price limit for those 3 gifts. Each gift could be $5,000 for all we know! I would probably want to assume as well that those kids probably have everything that they could ever want. It might be hard to find more than 3 presents for each kid at Christmas time. I cannot imagine a girl who has her own stylist and credit card really not having everything her little heart desired. And for David, you know that they probably spoiled him a bit when he came to live with them. He grew up with nothing so they probably had a great time buying him a whole bunch of stuff!

Renee on

Why am I not shocked that some people have complain about this? They say she is too controlling as a parent but then at another time they say she spoils them. Celebrity parents can’t win with some of these people.I think it’s a good idea.Why do we have to judge parenting styles so harshly around here?

WOW on

“So by the time they get to the third present they’ve had their sugar hit.”

ummm…so they can eat sugar and celebrate xmas. Perhaps that’s something Guy and Madge ‘agree to disagree on’. They seem to have very different styles of parenting.

Jo Ann v. on

Everyone has a different view of parenting, and I kinda like this one.
I went on Christmases without gifts at all, and I survived. So, I don’t know why 3 gifts only (they might be 3 wonderful ones) is shocking. Besides, when you grow up having it all, you assume it’s normal having it all. There must be some limits along the way.
It’s nice.
(And TV nowadays is not educational at all)

Reagysmom on

I have to say, i wish i dad went this way from the start!! My kids are 7 and 4 and they both have everything they could want as i always go overboard at christmas!

I am liking pseudotim’s way of thinking regarding presents. My kids always get a big stack of books and it seems to be their highlight on christmas morning which i love!

We should all think about not ideally Madonnas way of thinking, but what kind of burden are we putting on ourselves when our kids get older and want more!!

Jay on

It’s kind of funny reading the comments about how sad it is for the kids to only get 3 gifts for Christmas. If a celebrity spends way too much on their kids theneveryone complains. If they don’t enough, everyone complains about that. Its hard raising kids these days. However Madonna and Guy choose to raise their kids is their business. Three gifts is fine. People tend to forget that Christmas isn’t about present galore!! Live and let live.

Lorus on

I think it’s a great idea. A couple years ago my daughter (when she was 4) had 5 items under our tree. Months and months later she could still tell me everything she received for Christmas at home. Ask her about the presents she got from Grandparents’ houses and she couldn’t tell you because she was that spoiled. I think it makes children appreciate what they have more when there is less.

Stephanie on

I don’t think the idea of 3 presents is ridiculous, I think it’s ridiculous that they get 3 presents on Christmas, plus Lourdes has her own credit card. That seems contradictive. But like some of you said, this should be a lesson to everyone. The holidays are not about gifts.