Maxim releases list of hottest pregnant celebrities

11/29/2007 at 01:26 PM ET has just posted their gallery of "The 9 Hottest Pregnant Women, Ever."

Not so sure how I feel about this.  I really dislike Maxim (and its hot and not hot lists) because the entire point of the magazine seems to be objectifying women and this is just another way for them to do it, riding on the whole gross MILF thing. Boobs are mentioned in almost every description of these hot pregnant celebs, but you know that the idea you would feed a baby with them would totally disgust these guys.  (Or turn them on.  Even worse.)

But on the other hand, it’s sort of nice to see men talking about pregnant women being hot. But then the women they picked are exactly the kind of women we compare ourselves to and beat ourselves up about because we didn’t gain our baby weight in only our bellies and boobs. 

And no surprise, it’s the usual suspects… women who are hot anyway.  I wonder why they stopped at 9.

  • Halle Berry
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Brooke Burke
  • Heidi Klum
  • Naomi Watts
  • Jaime Pressly
  • Monica Bellucci

I have a feeling that the next hot list they’ll release is the hottest moms who snapped back ten seconds after delivering.

What do you think of this gallery? Gross or cool?

Thanks to CBB Reader Sasha.


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malibustacey on

I think it’s a ridiculous list. Most women, at some point, will be pregnant and when you are, you have little or no control over how you look. I don’t understand how it has been decided, is it just the top ten of Maxim’s Hottest Women List who happen to have been pregnant already? Is it just a list of pregnant women who’s boobs have increased the most?

On the whole, while pregnant, you could not care less about how ‘hot’ other men think you are. Maybe your partner, on a good day!

Also, I don’t like the way that a number of them seem to have been chosen because of how quickly they regained their figures. Why not have a list of the ‘Hottest Women With Personal Trainers/Ability to Starve Themselves/Plain Old Lucky Genes’?

gianna on

I think it’s nice personally. Most of these women are hot in general in my opinion, and look so pretty when pregnant. I will say although I have seen women give birth and get back into shape quickly, especially women at my gym, there’s also a lot of women that don’t look like heidi klum or brooke burke after having 3 kids. But I still think it’s nice to be on a list like this, just to be considered hot and pregnant. And I agree with almost the whole list, especially halle berry, christina, heidi, brooke, gwen, and momica.

Mindy on

I think its equal parts objectification and glorification of women in general. Pregnant women are gorgeous of course, and I don’t mind if breastfeeding turns my husband on at all — he loves that my body is ripe and beautiful and I use it to feed our baby. I hope that seeing hot pregnant ladies in Maxim helps men realize that motherhood is one of the hottest things a woman can do.

katie on

I don’t have a problem with it. Isn’t objectifying these women exactly what we do on this site all day? Look at how much weight she’s put on/lost/look at how she’s carrying/she looks great etc etc. We talk about them like they’re available for our visual consumption, and we expect that photographs will be available regardless of whether it impinges on their privacy or not. Just because it’s a men’s magazine doing it hardly makes it any different. Throwing stones…glasshouses…etc. 😉

tippythepoodle on

I personally like Maxim–yes it’s a mens mag and yes the women in it wear skimpy clothing but thats their personal choice. The mag itself has entertaining articles and i love the fact that they made this list. Women are realizing that pregnancy isn’t an excuse to let themselves go. You can be pregnant, healthy and sexy and still feel good about yourself!

Carma on

I personally don’t get bothered by Maxim or the likes of them. I find it humorous that they have to have a list of any kind. Who’s hot, who’s not. The most beautiful, the most unattractive. I mean come on. Celebrities are no different then us. There are types for everyone and everyone has their type. I mean they just had Sarah Jessica Parker as the most unattractive women in some other poll. There are people that find her attractive and some that don’t. Bottom line, your partner is the only one that matters (and depending on mood not even them sometimes).

KI on

I didn’t really like it, but wasn’t too bothered by it until I followed the link and read their comments about each woman. Then it became offensive. If you click over and read what they have to say, it’s not flattery about how pretty they are.

Christine on

I’m neutral on this. It does not offend me, but I also wasn’t waiting with bated breath for Maxims Sexiest Preggos.

To me it’s no different than US Weekly or People doing Hot Moms of 2007 or a Yummy Mummy type of article.
And there have been more than a few articles in each of the aforementioned magazines about post-baby bodies in the past few weeks with timelines on how long each took to get back to pre-preg shape.

Honestly – I loved how big my boobs got when I was pregnant! lol!
I felt very sexy when I was pregnant.

And for the record, I am a mom of 3 and get my husband an annual subscription to Maxim every Christmas (I often find myself fliiping through it).

AStar on

Couldn’t have said it better myself Katie.

Harley on

I’ll go ahead and Ditto what Katie said. Maxim personally doesn’t bother me.

Alex on

Regardless of the motivation, you clearly have to question the validity of the selection process because the list leaves off gorgeous pregnant women like Demi Moore and Catherine Zeta-Jones!

Lilybett on

I’d actually rather these mags kept doing what they do because it means teenage boys have a better option than sneeking more pornographic mags or internet porn (and you know they do, regardless of what their parents want/teach/preach). It scares me that some teenage boys have access to the internet where “sex” isn’t ‘normal’ sex but really filthy, perverted, wacko type acts. In comparison to that, a magazine saying pregnant women are hot is a blessing and quite normal.

nicole on

I agree with both Mindy and Katie. A few years ago you would have NEVER seen a list of “hot, pregnant women”! Hopefully, a few years from now the list will include more celebs that didn’t become thin right after giving birth.

candy on

women do the same thing to men (sexiest man alive) maybe women should just understand maxim is a mens magazine, it’s not about what women want or like

and if they like the knocked up ladies more power to them

brannon on

I’m really torn. At first, I was totally into it because pregnant women ARE beautiful! But then … I sat in the doctors office yesterday with two pregnant 16 yr old girls who were talking about the list and how it was a big deal in the high school because the guys were “totally into it.” Hate the idea that teenage pregnancy may become “hot” but overall, love Maxim and as an adult who felt sexier pregnant than ever before… I say no problem!

Aitch on

well pregnancy and being pregnant and having babies is hot and chic all over “Hollywood” so Maxim is not going to be left out. And no, we don’t, well I don’t, look like Heidi or Jamie, Angelina etc. But I know even I would look I would look a helluva lot better if I had a personal trainer, hairstylist, make-up artist. etc. And I agree with Lillybet that Maxim ALL the time (not just the pregnant hot list) is a lot better than the wigged out porn found on the i-net9 and underage at that.) That is a scary fact really, when you have an almost teenage son.

Morgan on

I’m right there with katie. We do the same thing but then are quick to be offended when men follow suit. Let’s be honest ladies; before we can dog them for being dogs, we have to look at our own behavior/comments….

Liz on

Cool…or Gross…


Let me thi—


When are we as women feeling MOST vulnerable about our appearances? When the belly skin is hanging down to the big toe, when the birth plumbing is still so “compromised” 2 weeks after baby that we still pee when we sneeze, when the hormones are suddenly going “wha- who? huh?” making our hair, skin, nails, etc a nasty mess (for some of us) several weeks postpartum…

So yeah…the last thing I’d want in that state is to see how much “better” all those mini-basketball belly preggo celebrities are/were. I know, I know…they have had the ultimate in personal training and meal prep for YEARS prior to pregnancy/birth…but when I see Halle Berry at five months pregnant, looking rosy and glow-y and like she is actually about five *minutes* pregnant…and then I look at MYSELF at five months pregnant AND more than fifteen years younger, yet my skin is broken out, my hair’s greasy, I burp in my SLEEP, and people keep asking “are you SURE it isn’t twins?”…yeah, I think it’s a GROSS list- not a cool one!

doeadear on

Maxim is definitely a shallow, frat-boy mag, and, yes, these women were hot to begin with. But I also think it’s a change to have them listing women who are in their temporary not-perfect state. Of course, the first 5-6 months, most pregnant women are glowing and gorgeous, it’s those last couple of months where all the glamour goes out the window. I do resent this tendency to focus so much on the women’s post-baby bodies. I remember Debra Messing saying that she was bothered that people didn’t ask how Roman was doing, they asked “Have you lost most of the weight yet?”

Still, it’s better than having a list of not-hot women. They listed the five least sexy women the other day (I think it was Maxim) and Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker were on the list. Someone must not be wearing their glasses. And, of course, it’s a sin for a woman to be over 40 as well, with that remark on Halle Berry about over 40 pregnant women not being hot. Anyway, I am sure none of these women is going to frame this Maxim piece in the kid’s nursery!

Lynn on

The only difference between this list and the other “hottest celebrities” list is that this features women that are or have been pregnant. Other than that it’s the same. They’re only choosing the most popular celebs, the ones that have the most google searches and all that. Because seriously I cannot for the life of me understand how Angelina Jolie, whose body has looked far more scary-skinny during her pregnancy than remotely hot, made it to this list. It’s nothing more than some sort of popularity contest.

sheryl on

Too bad Kim Porter isn’t a considered a “celebrity.” She looked absolutely AMAZING just weeks before giving birth to twins and WONDERFUL shortly after they were born.

Anais on

Sexist or not, it’s missing Bridget Moynahan and I find that the most offensive.