Drea de Matteo and Shooter Jennings welcome daughter Alabama Gypsyrose

11/29/2007 at 04:50 PM ET

Actress Drea de Matteo,35, and rocker Shooter Jennings, 28, are first time parents after welcoming a daughter on Wednesday evening. Alabama Gypsyrose, who had been due next Wednesday, December 5th, weighed in at 8 lbs, 3 oz. Their publicist says,

Family and baby are happy and healthy.

On Tuesday evening, Shooter posted on his website,

So I’m gonna take off about a week here, got a daughter comin’ youknow! So there won’t be a radio show this week or many posts orupdates. Y’all pray for Drea and hope for a good delivery of the littlehellraiser. This girl sure ain’t gonna take no shit from NOBODY! Talkto y’all next week, and I’ll give ya the good word! SFJ

The couple had announced the pregnancy in May.

Source: Mark Malkin

Thanks to CBB readers Sarah, Jennifer, Jen, Michelle, and Bella.

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Natasha on

Well thats a…unique…name πŸ˜› Congrats!

michelle on

Love her name to pieces. Such a great name and with her parents I expected nothing less. Love them as a couple and I cant wait to hear more about her. πŸ™‚

Kodie on

Congrats to them! Another celebrity baby born on my birthday πŸ™‚
And the name is so unique and cute!

gianna on

Drea was great on the sopranos, one of my favorite characters. Congrats on the new baby girl. Not crazy about the name though, maybe she is a fan of the movie gypsy because in that movie the character is called gypsy rose. Only other baby named Alabama I heard of, is shanna and travis barker little girl.

Michelle on

I think the name is super cute. Probably not something I would use, but really cute nonetheless. It seems like a name they would pick. πŸ™‚

And if I’m not mistaken, soap actor Brian Gaskill also has a daughter named Alabama.

Ivey on

The baby name totally fits them, I bet she’s a cutie too.

Emily on

Ooh, I love her name. Alabama Jennings really works. Plus, it fits THEM, I think. I love her middle names, especially. Gyspy Rose… that’s so cute and fits them well. Anyway, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

StΓ©ph on

So I was right about the name!!

It’s really Alabama, I love it!

Ashley on

Congrats to them! Alabama isn’t something I’d choose, but it seems like it fits for them. Wonder what nicknames the baby will have–Al? Ally?

I saw them shopping at a store the Grove mall in Los Angeles a couple of months back and couldn’t help but notice that Shooter Jennings was being so sweet to Drea–rubbing her back, etc. Very cute.

Would love to see some pictures of the baby soon!

Kelly on

I agree that the name totally suits them and their family. Wouldn’t be a name I would choose for my child, but cute nonetheless.

Cait on

I LOVE that name! What a unique and pretty name for a baby girl.

Congrats to Drea and Shooter! Welcome to the world, Alabama!

holly on

love the name totally suits the two of them..I wish all the luck and happiness in the world..Im a hugh fan of shooter

Angelina on

Love the name! My friends daughter is named Alabama – known to all as ‘Bama’

Steph on

Congrats to them. The name fits them. Like someone else said..Not something I would use myself, but it is wicked cute. I would have left out the Alabama though and just had Gypsy Rose

Principesa on

Travis Barker and Shanna Moekler also named their daughter Alabama.

Wasn’t Gypsy Rose a stripper/burlesque artist from the WWI era?

Not crazy about the name but to each their own.

Avery on

Aww, I’m so happy for them. As was said before, the name suits them well. Shooter’s dad would’ve been proud.

martha on

Hey Steph, You sure you’d want your daughter to be named after the world’s most famous stripper?!! (Gypsy Rose Lee) It’s still a cute name, though…

Ericka on

Suprisingly I really adore her name. It flows reallllllly nicely and seems like such a sweet name for a sweet girl. Congrats to them both and I hope they enjoy their little girl.

Arugula Queen on

Just another odd baby name in a celebrity’s non-stop pursuit of being “OMG! So Unique!!!”

Alabama Gypsy Rose is a wretched combination of pairing an 80’s country band with the name of a notorious stripper.

Marie on

Happy news! My favorite celebrity baby is born! I can’t wait for a picture πŸ™‚ I wish grandpa Waylon was here, but I know he’s smiling in heaven!

Carrie Elizabeth on

A very pretty name, though not one that I would use.

doeadear on

I am thinking it’s a name Shooter might envision on the marquee at the Grand Ole Opry someday: Alabama Gypsy Rose Jennings. There is this trend these days, like with Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix naming their child Indiana. Oh well, I guess there are enough Brittany, Ashley and Madisons out there. Super congrats to the happy family.

shirley58 on

I wish these celebs would take more thought before they name their kids. That is the tackiest name I’ve ever heard!!! These babies grow up to be adults, life is hard enough without having a name you would be ashamed of.

Brittney on

Well, That certainly sounds like a Jennings type of name.

Tina on

its a cool name:) not cool for people to be saying rude stuff.