Celebrating Celebrity Baby Birthdays – Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt

11/29/2007 at 10:00 AM ET

Brapittxposure_468x330Happy Birthday Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt! You are now 4 years old.

Name: Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt

Birthday: November 29th, 2003

Famous for: Pax was adopted from Vietnam by actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in April 2007.

Siblings: Maddox Chivan, 6, Zahara Marley, 2 1/2, and Shiloh Nouvel, 18 months.



Continue reading for what they said, gear and fashion and more photos.

What they said:

Angelina reveals that her mother, Marcheline, chose the name Pax before she passed away. ‘She loved that name. He came home, and I couldn’t call her.’

She also says Pax is the wildest person in the house right now — and she has trouble getting him fully dressed. ‘I’m still having trouble convincing Pax that underwear and pants go together – underwear is not pants!’

‘Today was Pax’s second day of school, and the teachers told me that when they went out in the playground, Mad came over to his brother and pulled him around in a wagon.  Then later he was crying and Mad patted him on the back.  Maybe it sounds like a little thing, but as any parent knows, that was huge news.  I called Brad at work.  So it’s moments like that where you think, ‘Oh, I might be OK!”

Gear and fashion:

Stride_rite_paxPax wears Stride Rite SuperBall Z Strap in black/silver ($54).






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Rachael on

Happy Birthday Pax!

He’s so adorable!

Mia on

Happy Birthday Pax. I am glad that Angelina and Brad and not over exposing their kids anymore and I hope they keep it that way. It was getting worrying especially since both Angelina and Brad admitted that the kids hated the limelight.

sushi on

it must have been really hard for pax: first he lost his parents, then 3 years later he’s adopted by two strangers, and doesn’t even speak english….gosh!

miranda on

He’s so adorable 🙂
Happy birthday Pax!

Adore1 on

I see the negative rats are out today… Anyway Happy Birthday Pax!!!

angel on

happy birthday pax,brad and angie are such good parents,pax has adjusted very well,

Dee on

Happy Birthday to a lovely little boy. May you and your family have fun celebrating your birthday.

Anna on

Happy Birthday Pax! May you spend it rolling around on the floor with all your siblings.

I think Pax is very very lucky. He lost his parents and then managed to find a whole new family. That’s rare in this world and I am so happy for him!

Lola on

Happy Happy Birthday Pax!

It is pretty wonderful to have a whole family waiting there ready to love you! You are most definately loved!

p.s. negative posters please stay away from these happy threads!

Nicole on

I can’t believe it’s only been eight months – it seems like Pax has been with them forever! He does look a bit like a wild child, I’ll bet that little cutie keeps Brad and Angie on their toes!

I love how no one can say just a simple “happy birthday” without getting a shot in at Brad and Angie. You’re right, Pax was way better off in that orphanage! The cameras and crowds are just too much to deal with, who cares if he has a family now?

leni on

I feel sorry for the negative posters.

Happy birthday to a very blessed little boy.

renee on

He’s a cute little guy – he fits right in with that family. I wonder how he is doing now. Do you think he speaks English yet? Does he call Angelina mommy? When I taught pre-school ten years ago, we had a lot of Vietnamese kids that would come in at three years old and not speak a word of English and after four months of being around the other English speaking kids, they picked it right up and spoke it fluently.

loris on

Very happy birthday to a sweet little boy.

He is truly blessed with such a loving family. Brad and Angelina are wonderful parents.

He is a beautiful child, and seems to be adjusting quite well.

What a lucky little boy.

bebe on

Brad and Angie and the kids are seldom photographed in LA. The paps are so bad there that they rarely just walk around. Of course in LA, you do most of your traveling by car. They have a large compound and the kids can play there without being photographed like they would be at a park.

The school Mad goes to is not on the street like it was in NYC, so they arent photographed going to school.

It has always been this way, people used to complain that Shiloh was being hidden, but they didnt realize that at that time the family was in LA and they have a bunker type mentality when in LA.

I may miss seeing pics of the kids, but I am sure they don’t miss having cameras and camcorders stuck in their faces. Other celebs and their kids are allowed more space to walk and are shot from a distance(exceptions are Britney’s boys)

Here is wishing a very happy birthday to one very special little boy. You are blessed to have such wonderful parents, and they are blessed to have you as a son.

Melanie F. on

I’m with you Nicole, it seems like he has been with them forever, that’s how well he fits/blends in with this beautiful family. You know how when you are making a jigsaw puzzle and you are missing that last piece, and when you find it, the puzzle is complete. This is exactly how this seems for them and if they add more children then, it’s a bigger puzzle to complete. =)

Happy B-day Pax

juls on



Happy birthday Pax!!!! I remember Angie saying how you and your siblings sang happy birthday to her on her birthday. Today is your turn. Hope your day if filled with fun and love.

Amanda on

Oh my goodness. It’s the boy’s birthday for heavens sake. Why do people always have to find something negative to say?

1. There are plenty of videos floating around the internet where you can clearly hear Pax speaking fluent English. I don’t understand why people make such a big deal about this. He’s not the first child adopted from a foreign country to face this challenge and he certainly won’t be the last.

2. How is taking your son to school, to the park, to the museum or a zoo ‘over-exposing’ him? Are Angelina and Brad supposed to keep their children locked in a room all the time?

3. The only parents Pax has ever known are Brad and Angie. They will never abandon him and that is all that matters. You can see how much he has blossomed, under their love and guidance, into a confident little boy compared to the shy child he once was. That’s what parents and a stable family can give you.

So Happy Birthday Pax! Have a wonderful day with your family but remember to tell Mummy and Daddy to cover your face with a bag, heaven forbid they should want to take you out to celebrate.

ansley on

I love your post so much, I want to marry it! LOL

Just kidding. But, you said everything I wanted to say and more.

I will though, add another: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAX!!

Annie-Kate on

Happy Birthday Pax!

Love his cheeky smile.

nora on

I love the Jolie-Pitt family.

Pax has bonded so well and seems to be thriving!

He is such an adorable child. Bless him.

Happy birthday, sweet Pax.

arroz on

ăn phân pax! bạn trông bị chậm trễ! (that’s vietnamese for happy birthday and live well!)

Musicisourhigh on

He looks so adorable. I hope they had a fun time celebrating his birthday.

Judy on

This has been a very eventful year for this little guy. He went from having nobody to having a big brother and two little sisters who love him and a mommy and daddy who are crazy about him and have given him a wonderful home.

I love the first picture above which shows him coming to visit Angelina on the set of “The Changeling”. He looks so excited to see his mommy!

Brad and Angelina are the best thing that could have happened to him. Happy birthday, little man!

Faye on

Happy birthday to the birthday boy!

Erika on

Happy Birthday Pax… I Hope You Had A Great One *HUGS*

Annoyomus on

Happy birthday, Pax! You are one of my favorite celebrity kids! That said, I’m pretty sure that Shiloh is 18 months old now, not 17 months. 🙂

stephanie on

One more quote:

As for Pax, who was adopted at age 3 in March from a Vietnamese orphanage, the child “amazed me the first time he said my name,” says the proud uncle.

“He didn’t know any English, and I hadn’t heard him say a word yet, so I wasn’t expecting it,” says Haven.


Happy birthday, Pax!

Kate on

Pax was addopted in March-not April.