Rumor: Suri Cruise's special Christmas present

11/28/2007 at 01:42 PM ET

When Suri Cruise toddles over to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, she’ll find something that will surely make her the envy of little girls (and big girls) everywhere:  A pair of custom made shoes from Christian Louboutin

An unnamed source tells OK! that Suri’s parents — Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes — had a mold made of little Suri’s foot, which will then be used to have hand-crafted shoes made to her "exact specifications."  The cost of the mold is $2,500, and depending on their selection, Tom and Katie can be expected to shell out anywhere from $500 to $5,000 additional for the shoes themselves.  19-month-old Suri, a source told the magazine, is Christian Louboutin’s "youngest client."

Source:  OK!

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charsmom on

While it is their money and they can do whatever they want with it, a pair of custom shoes for a 19-month-old seems a little crazy. By the time Christmas comes along her feet will have grown!

PSB on

I’m choosing to assume this is a crazy made up story because I refuse to believe any sane person would encouage this kind of materialism in a 19 month old baby. I know Katie likes clothes, but this is way too over the top for even her, I think (hope).

essie on

That’s exactly what I was going to say!!! I hope that mold of her feet is designed to grow every month!!! Boy, Katie must be bored silly with all the shopping she does for herself and Suri. That baby wears amazing, expensive clothes. So ridiculous, even for rich people!!!

annie on

If this is true (and I sooo hope that it isn’t) it goes beyond silly and irresponsible and is downright immoral. In a country where children go to bed hungry and without proper shoes this is just wrong. If they have run out of ideas on how to spend their money why not work to enrich the lives of others?

Principesa on

Another vote for fiction.

Nikki on

I actually hope it’s true. How cute would Suri look 🙂

lola on

no matter how much they spend in trying to feed those kids in poverty’s mouths…they’ll never stop hunger in the world, and they sure have done some charity here and there..i don’t know but just imagining myself with all tat kind of money i would love to do so many things i just dream about right now…imagine all the possibilities u’d have of giving ur children just the best..of course designer shoes are too much but nothing they can’t indulge on..and i prefer them using it for designer shoes than to do drugs to end up in xtreme poverty like so many celebrities have before.

mary on

Okay, I do agree that the world will always have hunger. However, If we all pull some money together maybe we can comebat disease’s like childhood cancer, childhood diabetes, autisim, or education getting water to undeveloped countries. anything but paying for expensive shoes that she can’t play with, only show her off in. She is a child not a trophy!!!

Kait on

I could be wrong but I thought Tom Cruise was anti Christmas…

Vanessa on

I bought my cousin a pair of sneakers for her first birthday (mainly for the cuteness factor). I think she wore them twice before she outgrew them.

estherpanda on

Sorry Annie but I’m not the sure the fact that Suri has or not those shoes would change anything about world hunger…
They do what they want with their money even if it’s crazy… What would we do if we were so rich ? Maybe we’d buy our kids some crazy presents… And I’m pretty shocked that someone emploied the word ” immoral “. Please…noone should use that kind of work juste because of shoes…

ma74 on

I hope this is not true.If it is, i think it’s just an awful thing to do.It’s their money but this is pure materialism.They should give money to kids in need.

Anjani on

I don’t think it’s “immoral.” I just think it’s dumb. To spend a lot of money on something that she may get one use out of, before she has a growth spurt? I save my expensive kid purchases for things that might get a good amount of use, like jackets or sweaters, not on things that might barely be worn. Heck, my kid SKIPPED a size altogether (went from 6 to 8). What would I have done if that missing size 7 were the size I’d just spent $7500 on? Not that I can even imagine that kind of money…) So yeah, I vote fiction. Tom may be insane, but Katie is surely not that dumb.

us on

Wow…I wonder how slighted the other kids feel?

stephanie on

Anti-Christmas? Because he’s Scientologists? They also celebrate Christmas, every year there are pictures of Scientologist celebrities doing their annual Christmas benefit.

Ans on

Agreed: if this is true, Katie must be really bored.
They may have done “a bit of charity”, but with a $600 million fortune on Tom’s side alone, they can do a HELL lot more. While this is a very materialistic thing to do, on Katie and Tom’s behalf, it isn’t encouraging materialism in Suri – she wouldn’t even know how incredibly expensive and sought-after these shoes are! She might love them, but she isn’t going to be aware that no one else in the world has the shoes and that she is the Queen of Louboutin.

plannbb on

It’s going to be interesting to see Suri when she’s 18 years old. She’ll probably rebel by living in Nepal or something, lol.
I really don’t know how to feel about this. I guess when you are worth 600 million dollars what a Louboutin keepsake for your daughter, but still, a little bizarre. What to buy her when she’s 16? Everything will probably be so blah to her by time she’s 12. Was Tom this lavish with his other kids?

I would like to see Katie get on the board of an organization and become more of a philathropist rather than a bored housewife, imo.

Nancy on

This is too silly. I doubt they would be so ridiculous when they can just buy her clothes and shoes at designer boutiques. They must have more than enough common sense to know she will grow out of custom shoes. They probably just had an expensive mold made of her feet as a keepsake and the story got spun into this lunacy.

kiki on

What you guys have to remember is…it’s there money and they can spend it the way they want to

Clare on

If this story is not made up (OK os good at that), I think it is a fantastic way of teaching a child about fashion, start on them when they are young so that they grow up with taste. World hunger will never end and am sure Tom Cruise does his fir share of charity.

For those who think this is materialism, do you really expect a perfect world where no one is materialistic? Besides, if she starts spending the money this young, she will be tired of it by 18 and when she comes into the Cruise fortune, she will give it all away. Better than realising she is rich as a teenager and goes bonkers.

Jay on

If this story is true, then more power to them. It’s their money. Not buying $5,000 shoes is not going to change world hunger or put shoes on every kid’s feet who cannot afford to have shoes. We spend our money the way we want to. How many of us buy a bag or even a pair of shoes that we know we cannot afford? We buy them anyway and not many of us thinks for a second Oh, let me put these shoes back and put this money towards world hunger. Bottom line, we’re all, celebrities included, are guilty of over-indulging. Spend your money how you want to!! Stop trying to tell people how to spend theirs.

sage on

I don’t think this is true, but its THEIR money they can spend it however they want. I mean their not hurting anyone so its not that big of a deal and really its no ones bussiness. I don’t think that katie has to get on bpard for an organization( no matter how nice that may be)because people thinks she shows to much or is a bored housewife.

brannon on

I wish I had the budget alone that Katie spends on Suri’s wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I also spend a small fortune (in my world) on my son’s clothing; however, imagine all the things you could do! I saw a report that Katie spent over 10,000 last time she was in Paris at Bonpointe! I know they are in a whole different financial bracket… but still! I’m thinking tuition … not clothes that will only last a few months 😦

gianna on

It’s their money, they can do whatever they want IMO. They ain’t stealing or asking anybody for money, so whatever makes them happy. I love how they dress suri, too cute

Memme on

I’m sure this is not true, totally made up by OK, but if not, it makes me really sad.

And I disagree with all those who say that hunger can’t be stopped. If everyone did something (something small/something big – depending on what they could afford) hunger could be stopped. And there would still be enough left over to buy our kids the fun cute little things.

Just because I’m saying give a little, doesn’t mean that I’m saying you our your children should go without. There are those that need every cent just to get by, but I doubt that includes those of us who have the time to visit and comment on this site. I’m willing to bet that we each have a bit of disposable income we could share with those less fortunate if we just took a look at our expendistures a little bit more closely.

Sure, I could have bought some cute little thing/outfit for my kids for Thanksgiving, which they really wouldn’t have noticed or remembered, but it made me feel a lot better to give money to feed 50 homeless people who weren’t blessed as I was to sit and eat my fill with my loved ones.

I’m just so grateful for what I have, and I realize that I am blessed and part of that blessing includes giving back to others. Just my two cents! 😉

kristen on

Interesting comments. I have a feeling that if Tom and Katie did in fact donate that money to charity in Suri’s name there would be a whole lot of people saying they were just doing it for publicity… If I were a celeb I would donate anonymously so that people wouldn’t talk…

As for Suri’s clothing, I truly love the way Katie dresses her. She chooses such adorable, classic little girl’s clothing and it’s so refreshing to see a little girl dressed like a little girl, not a tiny teenager. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’d love to see an interview with Katie about how she chooses Suri’s wardrobe!

As for the shoes, this sounds a bit over the top to me. I also agree with the first poster that Suri’s foot probably won’t be the same size by Christmas!! But then it’s their money. If it was mine I’d just go with some Robeez and use the money other ways, but it is theirs.