Introducing William Huckleberry Paisley

11/28/2007 at 04:04 PM ET

Bradpaisley444_cbbCountry star Brad Paisley, 35, and his actress wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley, 36, introduce their son, William Huckleberry, 9 months, in People’s Country issue.

Click below for photos of Huck, as Brad and Kimberly call him (apparently they’ve switched over from Will?), as well as the interview highlights.


Brad’s anxiousness over becoming a father:

Before Huck arrived, I thought, ‘I’m a free spirit — how am I going togive that up?’ I confided in my preacher, who told me, ‘You won’t evenremember what you gave up — it will be that inconsequential.’ He’sright. The first time you come home and your son sees you and laughs,you forget.

Having Huck has taught me the importance of quality time. On tour, I goaway three days a week, but when I’m home I get to spend the whole daywith him.

Fly baby:

Kim shares that between Brad’s touring and her commute to LA to film According to Jim,

Huck was in four time zones by age 3 months.


Brad as a dad:

Bath time comes with a built-in story in the Paisley household — ‘The Adventures of King Bonzo’ — aka Huck, as told by dad.

The peasantsline up outside the castle and await the news of the king’s bath. So Igive a play by play: Ladies and gentleman, I’m scrubbing his feet! I’m3/4 of the way done! And then when the king is clean, there’s a hugecelebration!

Listening over the baby monitor, Kim laughs,

Bath times are hilarious. Brad’s a great dad. It’s really fun to leavehim with Huck. No matter what happens, when I ask how it went, thefirst thing Brad says is, ‘Oh, we had a ball.’


Kim as a mom:

I knew Kim would make a good mom, but she’s 10 times better than I ever thought she’d be.

On Huck’s personality:

Kim says,

Huck’s like a happy Buddha. He’s happy just taking things in.

Brad adds,

He’s all boy. There’s nothing delicate about him. He’s a total guy andloves the remote control, so we’d stick the remote down and he’d makehis way to it.

He’s easier to handle now. If you put him down with a bucket of toys,he’ll amuse himself rather than looking at you for an hour. And that’skind of how it ought to be in life. He’ll need to explore a bit, andthen if he needs us, we’ll be there.

What not to wear:

We have to compromise on what he wears. I bought a French outfit withblack polka dots and red frills. Brad made me take that back! Too’girly!


Home life:

The couple built a log home in Franklin, TN, and raise their son there — without a nanny, they add — and pride themselves on being — well, normal. Sundays include walks around a farm to feed the horses, and rides into town for Starbucks coffee and browsing at Barnes & Noble.

Both of us are committed to not spoiling him. Everything should be earned and have a purpose.

Even their house is designed to conform to their ideals.

When we have another child, they’ll have to share a bathroom. And if we have more than two, they’ll share a room. It’s a big house, but we wanted it to be humble.


Source: People, Country issue, p. 38-45.

Thanks to CBB reader Lauren.

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Lauren22 on

Thanks so much for posting this! “Huck” is so darn cute!!! I’ve waited 8 long months to see a pic of him and could not wait to send this in the CBB!
LOVE the lil’ cowboy hat! 🙂

Paige on

He is a cutie pie. A very handsome boy like his daddy.

Nikki on

From what I can see…he doesnt look like either of them =P

Adorable cowboy in his cowboy hat!

gianna on

I can’t tell who he looks like too much in this pic, but I think more like his dad.

Kodie on

I was so excited when I read this. I always buy each issue of People and would have been so excited to see this special Country Edition on Friday. I’m a HUGE fan of every artist on the cover and cannot wait to read it. And I was just wondering the other day when I read something on here about Brad Paisley when they would show a picture of their son. He looks adorable!

CTBmom on

I can’t tell who he looks like in this pic, but he is a cutie! He looks like he’s full of energy and ready to get into something.:-)
I LOVE According to Jim, and I am a BIG Brad Paisley fan. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Thanks for posting.

Amber H. on

I have heard Brad and Kim refer to him as “Huck” and “Will” so who knows! 🙂 I can’t wait to get this issue!

Rachel on

YAY!!! I have wondered for SO long when we were going to see a picture of this little one :O)
He looks adorable and I LOVE the cowboy! I’m hoping to see his daddy in concert this month too!

Loralie on

I’ve heard that they started calling him Will but Brad’s band started calling him Huck and I think Brad says they call him Huck in Tennessee and Will when they are in California. If that’s the case, the poor kid is gonna have an identity crisis but he’s so cute! 🙂

Sarah on

awwwww!Huck is a cutie!!I wish i could see the picture better but I can still see daddy in that cute face

maggie on

hey all. im from ireland and im a big fan of kim and brad…im just wondering where can i see the entire brad and kim and will feature? is it online somewhere or will cbb be featuring an extended post? this family is soo cute. Brad and Kim are so well matched!

Tonka Truck Girl on

I adore this couple! What a cutie they have there. I’m wishing them many many years of happiness!

Annie-Kate on

They look like such a sweet little family! So cute with the matching hats. And what a gorgeous home!

Vanessa on

Love them! What a beautiful humble family! Just fabulous!

Michelle on

Wow, what a gorgeous baby. And they live in a beautiful log house! That is my dream home. As for the picture of Brad holding the baby up by the lifejacket – what a Dad thing to do! I would probably have my hubby’s head if he ever did that! That’s the difference I guess between moms and dads…

Pam on

They seem so normal, talking to their preacher, hanging at Barnes and Noble (I do it too). I love it. Huck is such a handsome boy and sounds like a lucky one to have such great parents.

And that house – gah! My dream! Look at the branches that make up the handrail on the wrap-around stairs. Maybe they’ll let me move in. 😉

The picture of Brad with the baby and the fish reminds me so much of something my husband would do.

gianna on

cute family

kiki on

I love this kid and I don’t even know him…It must be because I LOVEEEE his parents 😀

Clare on

I think this is by far one of the cutest and normalest couple in showbusiness. I hope they grow old together because they are so well suited and are so nice for each other. Their son is also very cute but that is to be expected from such beautiful people. I hope they have many more.

Harley on

I love this couple! I remember when they did a surprise wedding lol. It’s fantastic to watch 2 people I’ve loved since I was a youngin’ grow together and create a family 🙂 God bless them all

doeadear on

I may not be a country music fan, but I have to say that putting that little boy in a cowboy hat is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen! They look like such a happy couple, very grounded and in love, so it’s nice to see. And Kimberly looks so gorgeous in these photos! Many congratulations to them.

Mandy on

Look at the profiles in the first picture! That kid totally looks like his dad.

Avery on

He’s adorable and such a big boy. I really can’t tell who he resembles, but him with that hat is just too sweet for words.

Kelli on

I love love LOVE that fishing picture!! It seems to fit Brad’s personality (from what he portrays anyways). That will be one of those pictures that are cherished always. I also love their house…just beautiful! I think they are such a beautiful couple. They seem so grounded even though they have money out the ying yang 🙂

Amanda on

okay he’s a cute kid but I’m sorry what were his parents thinking giving him the middle name Huckleberry?

Demi on

Naaawww such a cutie!
did anyone think his dad was kinda handeling him the wrong way in the picture of him in the life jacket? Still a cuite tho.

Rosetta on

Well, he looks like a martian. At least, on the Good Housekeeping December issue, he does. Pfft, in these pictures they just hide his face.. But, I guess in these pictures he looks kinda cute. (He even looked cute in the martian picture, he just looked funny. So, I fell on the floor laughing for ten minutes.)

Randi on

Wow what a cutie-pie, He’s definetley has hid Daddy’s eyes from what i can tell, i mean those eyes wow. You should be good parents! Have fun with baby Huck!!

mel on

brad paisley is my fave country singer huck look sooo cute . kim and brad are a cute couple . little huck soooo cute

amy on

They All Are Cute! I Love Brad!!! Great Singer!! And Kim Is A Good Actor And Huck Well He Is The Cutest

mahalie boucher on

he is such a cutie you guys will raise such a nice family!

Donna on

I love Brad and Kim and of course that baby is beautiful…I watch Brads videos and of course Kim on According to Jim and little Huck is just as lucky to have them as they are to have him.